We all know that Sellbot HQ incident. People are talking about it and Skooby was getting called 5 times a day. Toons have also reported about a damaged skelecog flying through the air. We all know who that is. We enter Skooby's House while Skooby is getting interviewed by Flippy.

Chapter 1- An Average InterviewEdit

"Hey, Skooby!", Flippy said. "Hello, Flippy. Hows it going?", Skooby said. "It's going fine. Hows the Cog Crusher bussiness like?", Flippy asked. "Great!", Skooby said. "Now, I have a few questions to ask you.", Flippy said. "Okay, please hold.", Skooby said. While Flippy was on hold, Skooby groaned. He HATED interviews! "Back.", Skooby said. "Alright.", Flippy said.

"How did it feel?", Flippy asked. "It was scary.", Skooby replied. "How did you make it?", Flippy asked. "Thats classified information.", Skooby said. "Alright. Thats OK.", Flippy said. "Did you see a skelecog with no name?", Flippy asked Skooby. There was a silence for a moment. "Yes, why?", Skooby said. "The cog with no name has returned.", Flippy muttered. "Thats all I needed. Bye!", Flippy said. "Bye!" Skooby replied back.

Chapter 2- Digging For DataEdit

Skooby hang up and went on his computer. He searched, The Cog With No Name. Sure enough, he got results! He clicked on a website about him. "His cousin, a blue mouse is Zita The Sorcerer.", the website said. He searched for Zita The Sorcerer and got more results. He then found more about The Cog With No Name. "Cousin to the Cog With No Name (A.K.A The chairmans henchman) Zita is known for his power and the tale of his 12 lives tied to the 7 chairs.", this site said. Skooby now knew who he faced, the chairmans henchman. The cousin of Zita. He had to make several phone calls and alert The Cog Crushers whats going on. He sent every member of the cog crushers a message.

Chapter 3- Cog NationEdit

"My henchman, what has happened to you?", the chairman asked his henchman. "A toon named Skooby wrestled me to the ground. He and his friends threw me into a Trap Door.", The no-name cog said. "That Skooby? He is more powerful than I thought. He defeated my first life. I will have you fixed up in no time!", the chairman told his henchman. "While that is happening, I will tell you info I have found.", the henchman said. "Go on.", The Chairman said. "Skooby's SOS cards can defeat us. Luckily, I took them all. Skooby's twin sister is a black cat named Imma Dog.", the henchman said. "That Imma Dog?", the chairman asked. "Yes.", the henchman said, smiling.

Chapter 4- Another MeetingEdit

"Leaders. We should all talk about what happened.", Skooby said. Imma and Drew joined Skooby on the leaders platform. "Whos the girl?", people asked. "The girl is my twin sister, Imma.", Skooby said. The toons got quiet. "Last month, we went into the factory.", Drew said. "At the end, we met somebody you all may have heard about.", Imma said. "The Cog Who Has No Name.", Skooby said. Everybody in the room gasped. "Whos that?" ,Lightning, Ted and RRUD thought. "Incase you don't know, this cog is henchman to the chairman.", Skooby said. "Cousin to Zita.", Drew said. Everybody except Lightning, Ted and RRUD recognized this name. The toons started murrmering about Zita's other cousin.

"Zita is a sorcerer who has his lives tied to 7 chairs. Once they are all destroyed, Zita is destroyed.", Imma explained. "This is no more fun and games.", Drew said. "How do we know your telling the truth?", a toon asked. "I have footage.", Skooby said.

VIDEO 1: Zita's CousinEdit

SEE what happened the night Skooby, Imma and Drew encountered the chairman's henchman!


Back to the storyEdit

The toons gasped when they saw the 17 second long video. Skooby held up his hand and everybody got quiet. "In my opinion, this is scarier than the forgotton serise!", Skooby said. "Whats the forgotton serise?", Lightning asked. "Not many of us know. It seemed like it was a twist with a few documentrys, some scary random videos and the chairman's video blog.", Skooby replied. All the toons seemed to have a chill down their spine as if they were remembering the serise. "Meeting dissmissed.", Skooby and Drew said. "We have to show your footage to Clerk Phil.", Drew said. The toons went to dreamland.

Chapter 5- Clerk Phil Edit

"Hello, Skooby and Drew! Wait... whos that?", Clerk Phil said. "Thats Imma. my sister.", Skooby replied. "Ah, yes. I remember you two when you were 8 or so.", Clerk Phil said. "We are here to show you footage of what happened last month.", Drew said. Imma turned on the projector and inserted the TPhone in.

Once the video was over, Phil's eyes were big. Not from fear, though. From amazement. "That... was actually FOOTAGE of Zita's cousin. The no-namer....", Clerk Phil said. "Yes. It was dangerous.", Imma said. Skooby told Clerk Phil the story so far. "You guys have been through alot together.", Clerk Phil said. "Whoa! I'm getting signals of a huge cashbot army coming from Lullaby Lane!", Skooby reported. "Hurry! They cannot be defeated without the defeat of the mint! Grab your friends! It will take all of you to do it.", Clerk Phil said quickly.

Chapter 6- The Cashbot Raid Begins Edit

Skooby whsipered to RRUd, Ted and Lightning. They teleported quickly when they heard whats going on. "We must hurry! This attack is even bigger than the Sellbot wave!", Drew said. "Yes. We must go right now!", Skooby said. "You're not going anywhere!", a Money bags said. "MONEY MONEY MONEY!", a Robber Baron kept saying over and over. "Hm? Toons. I thought we destroyed them and made them our slaves.", a Loan Shark said. "Ah, recording?", the Money bags asked. "Y-y-yes sir.", Skooby said. "Well, I want all cogs to know this. Upload it and give me the link imediatly after i say my speech.", the Loan Shark replied.

"Us cashbots need a raise. We've worked this hard and we only get 100 cogbucks a month! Also, we want to get promoted. We want more jobs. We need TAX COLLECTORS!", the Loan Shark said. "Do any of us other cashbots agree?", he asked. Every single cashbot said "I.". "Now stop recording!", the Loan Shark told Skooby. Skooby stopped recording. "Now upload it and give me the link!", the Loan Shark demanded.

VIDEO 2: A Cashbot's DemandEdit

Cashbots want a raise because they are getting extremely underpaid. They also demand of a new Cashbot. Tax Collector. Will the cashbots get their demand?


Back To The StoryEdit

"I'll email the link to you. Whats your email?", Skooby said. "", the Loan Shark replied. "Emailed.", Skooby said. The Loan Shark inspected the video. "You started recording when Robber Baron shouted, Money Money Money?", the Loan Shark asked. "Yes. I did.", Skooby replied. "We'll give you 10 days to stop this invasion.", the Money Bags said. "Yes. If you don't we will overrun dreamland and make it into a new mint.", the Robber Baron added. "Now run away into our HQ to stop us before I lower the amount of days!", the Money Bags said. All the toons ran to CashbotHQ swiftly, avoiding every cog they saw. Was this going to be the rest of their life? Hiding from and fighting cogs? Every toon was asking this question.

Chapter 7- A Quick Look In Cog Nation Edit

"This is an outrage!", the Chairman shouted when he saw the video. "The Cashbots KNOW we can't support their raise!", the Chairman's henchman said. He was repaired and looked like any other Skelecog except for his head, which looked like the Chairman's head. "However, we can support their cog idea.", the Chairman said.

"Tax Collectors... Hmmm.", the Chairman's assistant wondered out loud. The Chairman searched up Tax Collectors. He found a website and opened it.

"A person who collects cash or jellybeans from cogs and/or toons.", the site said. "This is the best cog idea since Leroy made Epibots!", the Chairman said. "Yes. It will give us more money! ", the henchman said. The two cogs had a plan, now. They were going to tax the toons like mad. If they couldn't afford, they would get corrupted. "Message for the Chairman!", the CFO said.

"What is it?", the Chairman asked. "Toons are attacking Cashbot Headquarters.", the CFO said. "What are the toon's names?", the Chairman asked. "Skooby, Imma, Drew A. Blank, Real Random Uber Dog, Lightning Strike and Ted E. Bear.", the CFO replied. "We'll send you 46 Tax Collectors.", the Chairman said. "Thank you.", the CFO said. "No problem.", the Chairman replied. Then, the CFO hung up and the Chairman along with his henchman went to the cog production area.

"Produce 46 Tax Collectors!", the Chairman's henchman commanded. "Producing.", the machine said.

Chapter 8- Bullion MintEdit

It was cold, quiet and miserable in the Mint. Too quiet. Everybody was sure that the cogs were up to something. Nobody heard a boss cog's voice. This meant either two things

  1. The cogs were meeting in the CFO's personal office or
  2. Something bad was going on

The toons were sure it was probally #2 because they heard the sound of propellers over their heads and the sound of 23 cogs marching towards them. "What are those?", Drew asked himself. "New cashbots?", Skooby asked. "I guess so.", Imma replied.

When the cogs came into sight, the toons saw how they looked. The cog had the head of a Spin Doctor and the body of a Robber Baron. "Give us your jellybeans and we will let you pass.", one of the cogs said. "No.", Lightning Said. "Attack!" the cog said. "Collect what they owe!", the seemed to be leader said. "Tax Collectors!", Ted exclaimed. "They're all lvl10s!", RRUD noticed.

"Time to bring out my SOS card!", Skooby said excitedly. He put his hand into his pocket and pulled out all of his other cards. "Hm. Seems to be missing.", Skooby said after pulling out anything BUT his SOS card. The cogs were 1 foot away now. "CHARGE!", Drew yelled. The toons ran into the army of Tax Collectors which made them fall into holes in the floor that led to the goon caves. There were sounds of thuds, then goons finding what they thought wasn't a toon and 1000 large explosions that shook the mint. "Lets move on.", Imma said.

Chapter 9- The Goon CavesEdit

Skooby turned on his camera to record The Goon Caves. "Its so cold...", Imma said. "Well, we are deep underground", Drew said. "Chances of the cieling caving in on us is high.", Skooby said. "This is BAD...", RRUD said. "Yes.", Lightning said. "I hear noises!", Ted E. Bear said. Everybody got quiet and listened. "I do too...", RRUD replied in a whispered voice. "It's coming from the left.", Skooby said when he turned off the camera.

The toons went left and heard that the sound scource was getting closer to them. "What do we do!?", Imma asked. "We find it.", Skooby replied, turning back on the camera and running towards the sound. The other toons shrugged and ran after him. When they finaklly, saw what it was, they were astonished. It was a red goon! When the goon spotted them, he charged towards the toons at alarning speeds. Everybody moved just before they were rammed at. "Well, that was strange.", RRUD commented. Everybody else agreed. Skooby turned off the camera and went towards where he thought the exit was.

A mile later, the toons saw light! It was under a hole that had another ladder. When they came up, the toons saw The Cog With No Name.

Chapter 10- The Cog With No Name's Cashbot DomainEdit

"Funny running into you three everywhere!", the Henchman said when Skooby, Imma and Drew climbed out of the hole. "Who are you?", Lightning, Ted and RRUD asked. "Why, I'm the Chairman's Henchman!", the Henchman said.

"But... I... thought...", Skooby started to say. "But you thought what? You destroyed me? One thing you have to learn about the Chairman's close workers: We are invincible!", the Henchman told Skooby. Imma kicked the Henchman onto the ground. "You can't destroy me that way!", the Henchman said. He did look bruised but not enough to take him out. He got up and released a powerful shockwave that sent all the toons to fly backwards. "Tax Collectors! ATTACK!", the Henchan commanded. "Before you get destroyed, I want you to know this:

You may have destroyed my Sellbot Domain but this domain is more powerful! No matter what, my Cog Nation Domain is indesturctible!", the Henchman told the toons.

Chapter 11- Even More Tax CollectorsEdit

"Coward!", Skooby shouted. "Say all you want, fool! You can never defeat me!", the Henchman replied. Tax Collectors came from every open hole in the roof and as awkward skelecogs that were unfinished. "What do we do now?", everybody asked eachother. "Call the crazybots.", Ted sugessted. "If only ours werent destroyed.", Drew said. "The card trick.", Imma said in a whisper.

"Of course!", Skooby and Drew said. "Card trick? Whats that?", the unexperienced Cog Crushers said."Hey, uh Tax Collectors! Who likes cards?", Lightning asked. Imma stepped in and placed two types of cards on the table. "If you pick a gear, you wont blow up. If a TNT you will.", RRUD said in an unexperianced way. "Skooby, I put 23 TNTs on the top and 1 gear at the bottom!", Imma whispered. All the cogs blew up. "Very interesting.", the Henchman said.

Chapter 12- Day TwoEdit

The toons have stayed up for 24 hours straight. They wanted to sleep. "What? Tired?", the Henchman asked. "No.", Imma, Skooby and Drew said. "Well, your friends are.", the Henchman observed. "Looks like I'll need Zita!", the Henchman exclaimed. Everybody looked at eachother in horror.

A royal blue mouse appeared in the corner. "Hello, cuz.", Zita said. "Zita, can you destroy these toons?", the Henchman asked. "I'd be more than glad to!", Zita replied. Skooby checked his watch. It read 12:12. He started recording.

Chapter 13- ZitaEdit

"Cog crushers. This is gonna be a little hard.", Zita noticed. "How did you know?", Skooby asked. "I can just tell!", Zita replied. Zita laughed just like the chairman had. He blasted a powerful bolt right at Skooby which missed him only by inches. Skooby then realized there was a chair floating around Zita. If he could just destroy it. "Guys! A chair is rotating around Zita!", Skooby whispered to Drew and Imma. "He wont let us get near it. We tried.", Imma said. "Then, lets make Zita destroy it himself!", Drew said.

"So, you've noticed the 2nd chair?", Zita asked. "Yes, we have noticed The Chair Of The Present.", Skooby replied. "You know the exact name of it. You must have been spying. If only Leroy was smarter.", Zita said. Drew lunged for the chair just as it was in front of Zita. Zita shot a bolt at Drew when the chair legs were right in front of him. He howled in pain. Skooby noticed his right leg was broken.

"You do realize your just causing more trouble. My other cousin is much more powerful than me.", Zita said in pain. The Henchman shivered in the corner as if remembering Zita's other cousin. Skooby lunged for the chair and successfully got on, for the chair was behind Zita at the moment. Skooby pulled the chair down onto the ground which seemed to weaken Zita drasticly. Skooby broke off 2 of the chairs legs and flew backwards. Zita was REALLY weakened now.

"Stop it, fool! You are only awakening my other cousin who will wreck chaos everywhere!", Zita said in an annoyed tone. Imma pinned the chair down when it was right beside Zita and smashed it into tiny peices. When she did this, Zita started to dissapear. "You will regret your actions! I have 11 lives left and my cousin has 9!", Zita shouted. Once Zita was destroyed the other toons woke up as if they were in a sleeping curse. Skooby stopped recording.

Chapter 14- MeanwhileEdit

A royal blue cat was awakening. He was the true co-maker of the Epibot race so he was the second Corrupted Toon known. This awakening toon was Fireball Purpleboom. Just as Zita was destroyed, his eys popped open as if somebody tickled him awake. "Zita now has 11 lives? I must join him soon. We will wreck chaos everywhere and we will not fail.", Fireball said. "Hello, Fireball.", Leroy said. "You have been asleep for awhile. Like 10 years now.", Leroy continued. "Its been that long? I think I'll welcome to-", Fireball started "Toontown has been taken over by the other cogs. I am trying to make an agreement with the Chairman so that we could become allies. We HAVE helped them atleast TRY to take donalds dreamland.", Leroy inturrupted.

"Try to take dreamland? What happened?", Fireball asked. "Imma Dog got un-corrupted.", Leroy replied.

Chapter 15- The SupervisorEdit

"Supervisor! Battle these toons!", the Henchman commanded. A lvl55 Supervisor came along with lvl51 Robber Barons. "I thought cogs only went up to lvl50!", Drew said. "Me too.", the others agreed. "The CFO told me about you 3.", the Supervisor said. "Cogs! Attack!", the Supervisor commanded. The lvl51 cogs attacked Skooby and his friends.

Skooby went to attack the Supervisor while everybody else was fighting the lesser cogs. Imma went wtih Drew. RRUD went with Lightning and Ted. "Your good.", the Supervisor said doging a fatal Drap gag. "But not good enough!", The supervisor said. The Supervisor attacked with a Tax Collector attack- Tax.

Everything was happening so fast. Everybody destroyed the cogs except Skooby who was struggling to survive against the Supervisor. "Need help?", Imma asked. "Yes.", Skooby replied. "Don't gain overconfidence.", Skooby kept thinking. The Supervisor was starting to get overconfident that he'd win. The toons could tell. Skooby and Imma struggled to get their b-day cakes. They eventually got them and thre the cakes at the Super visor which caused him to come tumbling down into a hole. "And you!", Imma said. "Me and Skooby are gonna take care of you." "Lets not get in trouble, now toons.", the Henchman said. Before the toons could throw him into a cavernous hole, the Henchman flew away.

Chapter 16- Battle Of DreamlandEdit

"And the toons have returned.", the Loan Shark said. "Yes, we have!", Skooby said throwing Drap gags everywhere. "And your drapped!", Drew said. "Oh really?", the cogs said stepping forward. The cogs stepped on the pressure plates and the draps flung the cogs away to an unknown area. "That was easy.", Ted said.

Chapter 17- Looking Into Cog NationEdit

"I barely made it away.", the Henchman said. "I know how to stop cogs getting destroyed.", the Chairman said. "How!? Thats nearly impossible!", the Henchman said. "By teaming up with Leroy.", the Chairman said.

"So now Fireball Purpleboom and Zita The Sorcerer are on our side?", the Henchman asked. "Yep.", the Chairman replied.


We now know that Fireball Purpleboom and Zita are on their way to destroy Skooby, his friends and family. Can they survive?

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