None of these thoughts I had were put into the books because it would make the storyline all blah.

The original reunion of Lilly and SkoobyEdit

This was my first thought on how Lilly would remeet Skooby.

The Shockerbot raised his blade above his head and the blades of Skooby and the Shockerbot collided. The cogs surrounding them were attacking Drew and Imma.

"Youll never win", Shockerbot snarled.

"In the end, light will prevail.", Skooby responded.

As if on cue, Skoobys blade overpowered Shockerbots and Skooby sliced at the arms of the evil cog.

"I have tougher armor now.", Shockerbot said at Skooby with a smirk.

A flashback instantly hit Skooby- the last time Shockerbot was battling Skooby, it had been with the original team- Imma, Lilly, Drew, Skooby and a certain medic that Imma is quite fond of. Shockerbot had been in coginium- the strongest metal in the tooniverse.

"Thats impossible!", Skooby said. "You were in coginium."

"With the additions of the new world there will also be new metals.", Shockerbot responded with a smirk.

This was true. The new worlds did have new metals.

"Gravite...", Skooby muttered.

Gravite is a metal from the Aether.

"And the genius realizes the truth!", Shockerbot said.

Just then, a blade had been pushed all the way through Shockers body.

"A Gravite Blade.", Shockerbot said.

"Just as yours and Skoobys.", a voice said from behind Shockerbot.

Shockerbot fell down as quickly as he had stood up and Skooby realized who it was.

"Lilly?", Skooby asked.

"Obviously.", Lilly said with a smile.

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