Theres a legend... a very true legend. It is about a toon. A toon named Skooby. You see, Skooby wasn't just an normal toon... He defeated The Chairman. This all started with a postcard sent from The Chairman himself. It seemed like a challenge. It had something to do with the Gear Yards...



Chairman postcard


This book is about a toon named Skooby. As you read in the preview, the plot is basicily where he goes to defeat the chairman. There are multiple books in this serise. They are a mix of actiony-adverntury sutff.

BOOK 1- The Gear YardsEdit

Skooby has really gotten into major trouble this time! He accept's the Chairman's Challenge into going to the Gear Yards... Will he get out?

BOOK 2- The InvasionEdit

Oh no! Cogs are releasing the ultimate invasion! The cogs invading seem to be level 6-12! The Chairman is obviously behind this... But, how did he get to the gag supply?...

BOOK 3- Into Sellbot HQEdit

Sellbot HQ... Time to battle the foreman.

BOOK 4- The SupervisorEdit

Maybe Skooby can get info out of the Supervisor.

BOOK 5- Meet The ClerkEdit

Lawbot HQ is a very dangerous place...

BOOK 6- Golfing MaddnessEdit

The cogs have tons of reinforcements!

BOOK 7- Cog NationEdit

The last battle

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