Book 1- Uberman Starts The ReignEdit

When Uberman spills his secret plans to Skooby, the world goes into a chaotic twist, with grey skies! Uberman has started his reign...

Book 2- Seeking HelpEdit

Skooby goes to different worlds to seek help. Will he find his help?

Book 3- Team Terminate StrikesEdit

Zita, Fireball and Uberman team up and start "Team Terminate".

Book 4- Cog NationEdit

All of the Cog Crushers and the Toon Resistance go to Cog Nation to try and find a way to stop Team Terminate!

Book 5- Epibot HeadquartersEdit

The first battle against Uberman happens!

Book 6- The Final BattleEdit

The final battle against Uberman. Could this be the end of Team Terminate?

Video PreviewEdit

Video 1- A PreviewEdit

Uberman thinks he can destroy toontown!


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