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You may have heard the first story, The Gear Yards. This is the sequal. There is only one true fact right now: The Invasion has begun...

Chapter 1- The Dreamland BattleEdit

"Lets do this!", a few of the toons shouted. There were sounds of power trips, paradigm shifts and toons going sad everywhere.Skooby, RRUD and their friends came out of the Gag Shop and saw what was happening. "This can't be happening.", RRUD murmmered. Pianos were falling everywhere. Skooby decided to take on who seemed like the leader of the Dreamland attack. It was a Corrupted Toon V.0.3. Skooby was running out of toonups and he didnt have any restock soss or unites. Luckily, a toon used a Restock Toonup unite. But that wasnt enough. Skooby's friends and RRUD came in to help him. He was at 15 laff. He was tooned up to 54. Not enough. Then, he got 76. The Corrupted Toon attacked. This was the end of him, he knew it. everything went black to him. He couldnt see anything.

He was revived and looked at the surroundings around him. He was in Epibot HQ. He wasnt sad, though.

"We lost him...", Lightning said sorrowfully. Because of all their sorrow, they accepted their fate and went to the Gag Shop to get gags.

"Wheres Skooby?", Clerk Phil asked. "Never mind, I dont want to know. Heres some free gags.", He said before the toons could say anything. "Thanks....", RRUD said. "Wait a minute! I know where he is now!", Clerk Phil said joyfully

Skooby remembered he had his phone in his pocket and called Clerk Phil. "Clerk Phil!", Skooby said. "Where are you!?", RRUD asked. "Epibot HQ it looks like.", Skooby said. There was a long pause on the line. "What do you mean, Epibot HQ?", Clerk Phil asked. "It's a cog HQ. I discovered it. You dont wanna know how, though.", Skooby replied. "Then where did you find it?", Clerk Phil asked. "In the toontown dark realms...", Skooby said.

There was madness all around the Gag Shop. The Dark Realms were forbidden and were susposed to be under construction. "Well, looks like another adventure for us!", Ted E. Bear said. The toons went to Chip N' Dale's.

Chapter 2- The Dark RealmsEdit

"Chip N' Dales isnt how I remember it.", RRUD said. There were cogs everywhere. The toons decided to bust into The Dark Realms. BOOM! The tunnel went crashing down. All the cogs stopped walking and looked at the toons. "Hurry! Lets go!", Lightning said. They dashed into the darkness.

It was dark and gloomy. The toons were sure the cogs were following them. They ran to the closest hiding space they could find. Lightning (not the charecter) cackled and it started raining. The toons looked at the sign above them and it said:

Epibot HQ is 2 miles away!


What really scared them was the part that said, Beware. It felt like Bossbot HQ in the Dark Realms. Or maybe it was a Bossbot Golf Course? The toons went to sleep.

They woke back up at 6:00 feeling like they slept on a boulder. They were too weak to run, so they took a breif jog. They then saw Epibot HQ with cogs gaurding it. "Wait.... what are those....", RRUD asked. "I don't know and I don't want to find out!", Ted said. The toons ran swiftly inside to find Skooby.

Chapter 3- Epibot HQEdit

Skooby heard the noise of feet coming twords him. He thought it was cogs so he hid under a table. Instead, he saw his friends. "Hey.", he said with a smile. "Hi!!!", Skooby's friends replied happily at the sound of Skooby's voice. Skooby got up and walked towards his friends. "Now, lets get out of here!", Ted E. Bear said eager to get out. "Not so fast!", an Epic Face said. Skooby quickly threw a birthday cake at the cog. The cog attacked RRUD which luckily missed.

The toons finished off the cog by throwing a fruit pie at him. But he was a V.0.4! The Epic Face reformed into a lvl 6 skelecog. They dispatched the cog the same way. Then, an old worn out version of the cog appeared in the place of the brand new skelecog. Skooby threw his last birthday cake. Nobody had any fruit pies, so Lightning used a Cream Pie. The final form of the cog appeard. The transparent Epic Face ghost. Nobody had any birthday cakes left, so they were doomed.

Skooby threw a trigger out onto the battle ring and Ted asked, "Whats that?" "A Drap Gag.", Skooby replied luring the cog. KABOOM! A huge iron peice crushed the cog. The toons escaped Epibot HQ - barely.

Chapter 4- Back Into The WoodsEdit

When they got back into The Dark Realms, they were breathing hard. Everything went as a blur. Skooby lost a fight, the adventure to Epibot HQ and the adventure back to toontown. They all knew that toontown might've been taken over by now. The teleport hole has a radius. The Tooontown Dark Realms is not in that radius. They had to hurry. They dashed away from Epibot HQ and saw new stuff. They couldn't stop to sightsee. The time being was too dangerous.

When they made it back, there were lvl 20+ cogs...

Chapter 5- Acorn Acres BattleEdit

Chip and Dale were corrupted. There were tons of Crazybots, luckily. The 4 toons friended all the Crazybots they could. Once they defeated 10 cogs, chaos struck. The cogs were REGENERATING!!! "This can't be good.", Skooby said. "Maybe we should battle 4 cogs with 10 crazybots.", Ted E. Bear said. "If only that were possible.", Skooby started. "I'm not sure if you can fight cogs with cogs.", He finished. "But crazybots are nice to toons, they're V.0.3 cogs and they can toon us up when needed.", Lightning said. "Well, lets see what happens.", Skooby said. The toons called their crazybot friends who came almost the second they were called and attacked the other cogs. There were about 2 cogs left. Chip N' Dale. "Suprised?", the corrupted chip asked in a rude way. "You cannot defeat us! Just try.", Dale said.

Chapter 6- Chip N' Dale BattleEdit

Toons VS. Corrupted toons. Not a good match... The toons were being attacked and getting their laff points drained away, but they were trying not to get corrupted. "Just think happy thoughts.", Skooby kept saying to himself when he got scared. Skooby kept throwing Drap gags out into the battle. Luckily, they kept on working. The toons were giving up. Skooby threw his second to last Drap gag.

"That all you got?", the corrupted Chip said. Skooby looked as if he may blow up. He lured the corrupted toons which worked. He threw out his most powerful Drap gag which only he is known to carry. He let all the drops hit and lured them. The traps hit them like mad. The 2 corrupted toons ran to EBHQ, leaving the battle field clear except for the blown up cog parts.

"What was THAT!?!?!?!?!?", all the toons except Skooby seemed to yell. "That is a secret to the CC.", Skooby said.

Chapter 7- The CC meetingEdit

There was a beep on Skooby's device that he carried and left without warning. "Where are you going?", Lighting asked. "Hold on a second...", Skooby said suddendly. "Can lightning and RRUD join the CC?", Skooby asked the device. "Yes.", a toon saikd talking through the device. "RRUD. Lightning. Come here.", Skooby said as if he were leader of an army. "What about me?", Ted E. Bear asked. "Sorry... this is too dangerous for a women like you. In a month, youll be a part of this.", Skooby said. "Oh well...", Ted said.

Skooby, RRUD and Lightning were at a tall building. "587452564", Skooby said as if entering a password. The doors to the building opened, as if accepting the code. The toons went in the building and checked in at the front desk. "Hello, Skooby.Who are these toons?", the cat at the front desk asked. "These are new recruits to the CC.", Skooby told to the cat. "Head right along to floor 20.", the cat told Skooby. They went to the elevator and pressed the 20 button.

"Time to call roll.", Skooby said with a paper in his hands. After calling roll, Skooby started a serious conversation. "We all know whats going on.", Skooby said. "I was recently captured and taken to EBHQ....", Skooby started. All the toons gasped. "...Luckily, my friends rescued me.", Skooby finished. "Speaking of friends, you may have noticed 2 new names in the Roll List. RRUD and Lightning. There will soon be another 1 in a month when the next meeting is.", Skooby told all the toons cheerfully. "Meeting dissmissed.", Skooby said quickly.

"What was that?", RRUD asked Lightning "I don't know... but it seemed important.", Lightning replied. "Welcome to the Cog Crushers!", a black cat recognized as Drew A. Blank said.

Chapter 8- Spies Edit

"Hey, Drew A. Blank!", Skooby said. "Oh, hello! I was just meeting your friends.", Drew said. "Alright! Thats fine.", Skooby said. Skooby motioned for Drew to come closer to him.

"Drew, I have a feeling we're being spied on.", Skooby said. "I do also.", Drew responded. "We both know the same fact.", Skooby told Drew. "The Invasion has begun...", Drew murrmered. Suddendly, Cogs were surrounding RRUD and Lightning."We have to help them!", Drew said. "Yes! We should imediatly!", Skooby responded while running to confront the cogs. "What are those?", Drew said to himself. Drew joined Skooby in the battle to save RRUD and Lightning.

When Drew got closer, he noticed the cogs were Corrupted Crazybots. "Wow...", Skooby started. "I never thought Crazybots could get corrupted." Skooby ended. "I didnt either.", Drew replied. RRUD and Lightning started to get drained. It was terrible to see their laff get taken away. RRUD got knocked out right away. Lightning did on the next drain. "Whos next?", The corrupted flowerboy asked. "We are!", Skooby and Drew said together. The cogs were low on health so it was easy for them to be defeated. Skooby used an old time favorite to the CC.

Skooby got a table and put cards on it. "If you pick the gear, you wont be destroyed.", He said. Each cog picked a card from the stack and studied it. They all blew up in an explosion. The leaders then healed RRUD and Lightning.

Chapter 9- Back To DreamlandEdit

"RRUD and Lightning.", Skooby started. "Drew will be joining use to go back to Dreamland and end that battle.", He finished. "Yes, and we have multiple reports on toons going sad.", Drew told the toons. "What just happened...", Lightning asked. There was a long pause for a second. "Corrupted Crazybots raided the HQ.", one of the CC members replied. "We better go now! If toons are going sad, then they need our help NOW!", RRUD said quickly. "Let's go then!", Skooby said. "But first, we need to check on Ted!", Lightning said. The toons teleported to Ted E. Bear.

"What took you so long? And who is this black cat?", Ted asked. "Me and Drew will explain later. Now is the time to take back donalds dreamland!", Skooby said. The toons teleported to dreamland.

The battlefield from the day before was almost clear. However, there was more chaos. "Use the special!", Drew told Skooby. Skooby did the same trick he did with the cards. Every cog blew up except the Corrupted Toon Skooby had fought the day before. "Nice to see you again, lets start the battle.", the Corrupted Toon said.

The Corrupted Toon used to be a 76 laffer so they were using pixie dust all the time. When they got to the last version, the Corrupted Toon stole all of their toon-ups. Nobody had any SOSs so they were in trouble. Unless, of course the doodles work on the corrupted toon. The toons all used their doodles. "Jump!", they all said. The doodles werent maxxed, so they did 25. The next round, only 4 of them worked. 20 laff points added. The next round, 2 of them worked. 10 added. The next, none worked...

"What are we gonna do?!", RRUD panicked. "Why, call Clerk Phil of course!", Drew said with a smile. Skooby dialed Clerk Phil's number."Clerk Phil, can you drop 1 gallon of pixie dust onto the Corrupted Toon im fightning?", Skooby asked Clerk Phil. "Sure! Just wait a few seconds...", Clerk Phil said. There was a slience for a few seconds. "Ok, it should've fallen now.", Clerk Phil finnally said. No pixie dust had fallen. "Uh... Where did it get dropped?", Drew asked. "In EBHQ... Why?", Clerk Phil replied. "We're in dreamland....", Lightning said.

"Oh... that was the last of the pixie dust. Did you try using your doodles?", Clerk Phil said. "Yes, and they're all tired now.", Skooby replied. "Call crazybots!", Clerk Phil said. "Of course! Thanks Phil!", Skooby said. Skooby hung up. They called all their crazybot friends which tooned the Corrupted Toon up.

Chapter 10- Daisy's Gardens BattleEdit

The Un-Corrupted Toon smiled and said, "Thanks! I'm sorry what I did to you guys. I really owe you something." "Your... Imma Dog...", Skooby stammered. "Yes, that's me. Why?", the Black Cat asked. "Your my little sister.", Skooby replied. "Skooby?", Imma dog asked with tears in her eyes. "I cant believe its you...", Skooby said. "I have a SISTER!?", Drew said in astonishment. "Yes, shes older than you, but younger than me.", Skooby replied. "Guys, we should save toontown.", Lightning said. "Wait, what? Toontown is in danger?", Imma Dog asked. "Yes, just today we fought Corrupted Chip and Corrupted Dale.", RRUD said. "We better go to Daisy Gardens! Something BIG is happening there!", Imma said.

At Daisy Gardens, The skies were gloomy, the Gag Shop was an Attack Shop, and the Co-Foreman, a lvl8 skelecog was the leader of all this. "I'll fight with my brothers", Imma Dog said. "Sounds like the best idea ever!", Drew and Skooby both said. "Ok...", Lightning said. "You 3 can fight together, the cogs here won't get stronger than the Co-Foreman.", Skooby told Lightning, RRUD and Ted. "That's OK.", RRUD said. "Hey, Imma. did you know taking risks runs in our family?", Drew asked. "No, I didn't. No wonder I want to destroy the Co-Foreman!", Imma said.

The toons went off in seperate ways. Once they started defeating cogs, more came. "Its no use!", Skooby said. "We may have to stop the cog production.", Drew agreed. "This means, we have to fight in the factory.", Imma said. "RRUD! Ted! Lightning! Defeat that cog and meet us at the facotry!", Skooby said. "OK!", The toons responded.


So, you see? The adventure continues with more charecters. But wil they survive The Factory?

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