Lawbots were starting an office in the Brrrgh. It needs to be stopped. This is probobly the most dangerous thing any of the toons have ever done

Chapter 1- The Story So FarEdit

One day, Skooby got a strange postcard and showed it to Clerk Phil. After that, Skooby went to The Gear Yards. There, he rescued Real Random Uber Dog (RRUD). Later on, he was reunited with his best friends. The cogs decided to attack every single playground with a massive attack of atleast lvl13 cogs in the playgrounds.

Skooby and his friends fought cog attackers in Donalds Dreamland and Chip N' Dale's. After fighting in Chip N' Dales, RRUD and Lightning were introduced into a whole new world of secret societies. They also met a toon named Drew A. Blank.

When Skooby finally toons up the boss of the Donalds Dreamland attack, he finds out his sister got corrupted and forced to attack. The toons went to Daisy Gardens and realized that the cogs from Daisy Gardens couldn't be destroyed without the defeat of The Factory. When the toons ran to the factory, the gate closed just as Imma, Drew and Skooby got in. When they went into the factory, Imma figured out that she was Skooby's twin sister.

Later on, the toons entered the Central Silo and fought who they thought was the Foreman. Eventually, they found out that the mysterious cog they fought was Zita's cousin. The toons went and told Clerk Phil everything they found out so far. A massive attack of cashbots attacked Dreamland and told the toons that they'd be given 10 days to destroy the bullion mint.

In the mint, they were attacked by Tax Collectors. A new type of cashbot. They also were almost rammed by a goon! In the end, they fought Zita The Sorcerer. They successfully destroyed the chair and moved on. Soon, Skooby decided to live in Imma's house. On the third day of living there, epibots attacked. Fireball Purpleboom and Zita being the organizers.

The 3 family members destroyed Zita and Fireball with a boom- litterally!

Now, they're going to have to brave the Clerk. Not Clerk Phil, the lawbot Clerk...

Chapter 2- Meeting ThreeEdit

"Toons. Something bigger than fighting Zita's cousin has occured.", Drew said. "We fought...", Imma began "Zita The Sorcerer and Fireball Purpleboom", Skooby finished. The toons gasped in horror. Of course, Ted, RRUD and Lightning - Skooby's best friends had no idea what the leaders were talking about. "Nobobody tell anybody anything.", Drew said. "Why? Wouldn't the resistance want to know?", a toon asked. "They do know. They're the governing clan.", Skooby responded. "I do have videos but they'll have to wait.", Skooby told everybody.

"Also, we won't have meetings for awhile. Maybe we'll have a christmas meeting.", Imma said. "Yup. This is because we are going on a secret operation with the newest cog crushers!", Drew said. The toons sighed. They always wanted to go on an op with the leaders. "Meeting dissmissed.", Skooby said. "Lets go to LBHQ!", Drew whispered to Imma, Skooby, Lightning, Ted and RRUD.

Chapter 3- MeanwhileEdit

Fireball was making a new cog type. They were X-Trons. "X-trons! Bust through Zita's compartment and bring him to me!", Fireball comanded. The X-trons marched towards Zita's compartment and busted the door open. "You don't look like nomal epibots. Fireball must've made you!", Zita said when he saw the X-trons. The X-trons brought Zita to Fireball.

"What is our new plan?", Zita asked. "Destroy Leroy once and for all.", Fireball said. "What are these cogs, anyways?", Zita wondered aloud. "X-trons.", Fireball responded. "X-trons! Destroy the LCT!", Zita yelled at the X-trons. The X-trons marched away towards the LCT's base. Soon enough, the X-trons destroyed the LCT and returned to Fireball and Zita. "Alright, now we must destroy those escaped toons!", Fireball told the X-trons.

Chapter 4- Lawbot HQEdit

"What do we do here?",, Ted asked. "We fight the Clerk.", Skooby and Imma replied. RRUD and Lightning shivered. "Won't that be a little hard?", RRUD asked. "Nope.", Drew said. The toons walked through the big creeky door that led them to the offices.

Little did the toons notice, there was a security camera watching their every move. "Don't you guys have that feeling that your being watched?", Drew asked. "As a matter of fact, yes... I do.", Skooby replied. "This is creepy. My two brothers feel as if they're being watched!", Imma said. "Kind of.", Lightning said. "Yep.", Ted said. "Mm hm.", RRUD said. "Well, we might as well go into one of the DA offices.", Skooby said trying to change the subject. "Ok, but which one?", Drew asked. When all the toons looked up, they noticed a big elevator that was alined with gold.

"Maybe we should try that one.", Drew said. "Agreed.", everybody else said. "It looks like we're going to inturrupt a meeting.", Imma examined. "How can you tell?", RRUD asked. "This elevator only appears when theres a meeting going on.", Imma replied. "We might as well put on our cog suits.", Skooby said pulling out his cog disguise. Everybody else did likewise. "Lets go in.", Lightning said with a gulp. "Ok.", Ted said. Everybody went into the elevator.

Chapter 5- The Imperial Office EntranceEdit

The room was made out of gold. There were 10 floors- all very dangerous. Goons with transparent helmets encrusted with diamonds on it. The toons were astonished on how much gold there was. "Uh.... It's my day off.", Drew managed to say. "This is just... so... amazing...", Skooby said. "We better get moving.", Imma told everybody. "Alright.", everybody else said.

Ted E. Bear, Lightning Strike and RRUD started to feel tired. Everybody took a nice rest earlier that morning and it was only 12:00. Skooby, Imma and Drew didnt feel tired at all. "When are we gonna stop?", RRUD asked. "When we get to the meeting.", Skooby replied. "Are we there yet?", Lightning asked. "No.", Drew replied. "Why?", Ted asked. "Because, we're 10 feet away from the door that has a big sign on it saying ULTRA SUPER SECRET MEEETING ROOM.", Skooby replied.

Imma and Drew laughed like mad after that. Why would a cog be so obvious? Skooby remembered when he went to the gear yards. There was a big sign that said GEAR YARDS THIS WAY!. Could this one be a trap? There was only one way to find out. "Stop laughing. They might hear us.", Skooby said. "The boss cogs are so tall, they might just ask, 'what was that awkward laughter noise?'.", Drew said. "I'm lucky to have such funny brothers.", Imma said chuckling. Skooby just kept on going to the room.

"Will it be a trap? Will it really be a super secret meeting?", Skooby thought to himself. "Wait.", Skooby finally said out loud. "What is it THIS time?", RRUD asked annoyed. "We were being watched when we first entered. This is all a trap. There are tons of cogs in there awaiting our entry. However, they wont notice us when we're in a suit. Act like a cog. And just... be careful.", Skooby said. Everybody opened the door and walked in.

Chapter 6- Cog DisguisesEdit

"And s-", a Big Wig started as the door opened. "Oh, your cogs. Wait, why would a Cashbot be in lawbot HQ?",the Big Wig said. "Uh.... I thought this was Cashbot HQ!", Skooby said. "Yeah. We tried to tell him, but the Short Change kept on following us.", Drew played along. "Well, get out of here, Cashbot.", Lightning said. Skooby left the room but listened to the conversation through the door.

"Anyways, we thought that you were toons.", a cog said. "Oh.", the toons in disguise said. "Anyways, we mus-", the Big Wig started. "Must what? Eleminate us?", a familiar voice said. "Who is that?", Lightning asked. Drew just had his mouth hanging open. "Friends. Just when you need em.", Skooby said breaking the silence. "Toons!?", a cog yelped. "I don't remember a 2nd brown dog!", the Big Wig said. "Cog Crushers! Get out of your disguises!", Skooby comanded. The toons took off their disguises.

Chapter 7- Battle In The FoyerEdit

"This will be tougher than I thought!", the Big Wig mumbeled to himself. "Sir, they're cog crushers!", a cog cried. "The cog who cried Cog Crushers. Should be a book.", Skooby said to himself. "It's the 3rd founder!", Drew said. "Yes, indeed.", a girl brown dog said. "Clerk Phil is here also!", Clerk Phil said while running to the battle. "Oh, come on! A toon resistance member!?", a cog moaned. "Enough talking! How about we all dance?", Clerk Phil said. "Well then, ATTACK!", the Big Wig shouted.

Clerk Phil threw alot of cog-contact explosion TNT which wiped out one fourth of the cogs. Skooby quickly got a table, sculpted cards and played 'cards' with the cogs wiping out 10 cogs. Drew helped out Imma and the other new Cog Crushers. They successfully defeated 20 cogs. The girl brown dog destroyed about 10 more cogs. "Bah, we only have 35 cogs left!", the Big Wig complained. "Don't worry! There will be a big 0 in the end!", Skooby said. This is what made the cogs REAL annoyed.

Chapter 8- 65 Eleminated, 35 More To GoEdit

The cogs and toons clashed in battle. It was a battle between glower knife and empty pie foil. Everybody was doing their best to try and keep the cogs from touching them. The toons finally got back to back with another toon. "You shall fail.", the chairman had said. Skooby started to feel weak as if he would fail. He then remembered a quote he made. "Nothing is impossible. Just keep trying and youll eventually succeed." He used this quote to fend off the cogs. Drew and Imma were having a hard time also. When Skooby and the unrecognized female dog finished their cogs, they helped out everybody else.

Suddenly, the big wig was the only cog left. "Wow! I underestimated you guys!", the Big Wig admited. "Well give you mercy under one condition...", Imma said. Drew told the Big Wig the condition and walked off. "Dissagreed.", the Big Wig said. "Then what will you leave us alone for?", the brown female dog muttered. "Hostage of your friends.", the Big Wig said. "Dont do it...", Ted started to say. "Alright.", Imma said. "Fools!", the Big Wig taunted.

Chapter 9- Fools Only Call Others FoolsEdit

Skooby then remembered- he had a Cog Backpack. He quietly took it off and unzipped it. "Why, Imma!? WHY!?",RRUD said in confusion. "Im feeling fine!", Imma said with a wink. The toons soon to be in hostage got the plan. "Oh, please dont keep us in these dirty cages!", Lightning said to occupy the cogs. "Alright. I have a fire.", Skooby whispered to Imma and Drew. "What!? Thats impossible!", Drew whispered back. "No it isnt.", Imma said. "Infinite fires came with that backpack."

"We have another gift to give to you, cog!", Imma said. Skooby gave the cog a pink slip. "Aw, come on!", the Big Wig said. The big wig didnt go into a normal canon... he went into a black n' green cannon! It fired the cog into the nearest gear recycling area and the cog got turned into a pile of destroyed gears in seconds. The toons were speachless. "Interesting.", Skooby said moving on to the elevator.

Chapter 10- Elevator CrazinessEdit

The toons looked at all of the strange buttons in the elevator. "Why would they put a self destruct button right here!? What if a Flunky touches it!?", RRUD wondered aloud. The toons gasped in horror. "RRUD, are you feeling okay?", Skooby asked fidgeting. "Now that you mention it, I feel sad.", RRUD said. "Your getting corrupted!", Drew yelped. Everybody went crazy. RRUD was already getting red eyes! "Did you ever feel like you got bitten?", Imma asked. "No...", RRUD answered. "It must've been the Toon Plauge...", Imma murmered.

RRUD started snapping at Skooby instinctivly; like he knew what to do. "You too, Skooby will someday get corrupted...", RRUD said in a grim voice. "Go away, bad personality!", Drew screamed at the corrupted version of RRUD. "You do not know what your doing. You have awaken enemies stronger than the Chairman.", RRUD said in a dark, deep voice. "Skooby, you've been in situations like this... right?", Imma asked. "Yes, infact we both have.", Drew said. "Bah, Black cats! They always annoy me.", RRUD said in his corrupted form. "Take that back, Real Random Uber Dog!", Skooby screamed in anger. "Why should I?", RRUD said while bringing out a pure blue teleporter and teleported away. The toons finally reached up to the 10th floor button and went to the last floor...

Chapter 11- The Tenth Floor StartsEdit

"Who was that blue dog?", the brown dog asked. "Nobody important.", Skooby replied. Skooby looked confident on the outside. But in the inside, he felt like a tratior. "Invictabots!", Imma yelped, horrified. "I've only heard STORIES of those!", Drew said. "Everybody got gags?", Skooby asked. "Yes, we do.", everybody said. "Why is he acting so horrified, i mean they cant be THAT bad.", Lightning whispered to Drew. "You've never heard of Invictabots!?", Drew whispered back. "Nope. Neither have I.", Ted whispered.

The toons saw a cog with eyes as red as lava ran towards them. "Immortals!", the brown dog said. The toons looked on the ground below them and saw the Invictabot symbol- a giant, flaming X. "Attack!", the monsturous leader of the horde commanded. The Cog Immortals ran towards the Cog Crushers. "We'll put their name to the test.", Imma said.

Chapter 12- The Battle BeginsEdit

The Immortals were the first to attack, raging a fire onto the giant Invicta-X. "Skooby. You and me. ALONE!", the leader shouted pointing at Skooby. "Alright, sir.", Skooby replied. The other toons looked at Skooby like he was crazy. "Skooby! What are you doing!?", Drew said, mouth open. "Teaching this cog a lesson! Drew. Command the Cog Crushers right now!", Skooby replied. Drew ran to who seemed the Co-Leader of the attack and spoke the secret Cog Crusher language. "What are you doing, Drew? That language is forbidden! Don't you remember?", the girl brown dog said to Drew. "Drew! Please stop! You're freaking me out!", Lightning said. "What is going on with Drew...", Ted said. "He's speaking the language I still speak.", Skooby said.

"This is where we fight and where they explode!", Drew said. Skooby kept on dodging the blows of the Lead Immortal. "Skooby!", Imma said just as Skooby got peirced in the leg. "A little blood won't hurt him.", Drew said. "Now. Lets do this!", Lightning said, doing the salute. "ATTACK THOSE NON-IMMORTALS!", Drew comanded everybody. The toons all ran to seperate Immortals- awaiting to find out their secrets.

Chapter 13- At Cog NationEdit

"Sir! We dit it!", exclaimed an X-Tron to the Chairman. "Good. We have taken all of toontown!", the Chairman said. "You'll never get away with this!", Flippy said. The cogs laughed. Flippy's confident smile drifted away. "I have urgent news!", an Immortal said, bursting into the room. "What is it?", the Chairman said crossly. The Immortal told the Chairman on how 43 toons escaped and how 8 toons were in the DA's office. "But one of them got corrupted, you say?", the Chairman asked. "Affirmitive.", the Invictabot replied. The chairman got on the phone and talked to another cog. "There are 50 toons left. Send everything!", the Chairman said. "All 1,000,000?", the voice on the phone asked. "Yes.", the Chairman replied.

Chapter 14- Fighting ImmortalsEdit

"Look out!", the female brown dog warned Skooby. There were gears lying everywhere. 1/5 of the cogs had already exploded. 100 destroyed, 400 left. Most of the toons had gotten knocked out. Only Drew, the female brown dog, Lightning, and Skooby were left. "I now see why they're called immortals!", Lightning said. "Because they're almost completely immortal!", Drew finished.

The chairman's voice echoed in Skooby's ears. "We will not fail.", the voice had said. Skooby threw his last b-day cake straight into the Immortal's face. Mortality faded away. He soon saw when he first fought the VP. It turned out a failiure, but he tried his hardest. He didn't just give up when he had 18 laff left. His team eventually all went sad. There the VP was, laughing at Skooby, evilishly. Then Skooby went sad in the vision. He tried his hardest. Thats what he has to do. Mortality was suddenly brought back.

"About time our LEADER has woken up!", Clerk Phil said. Skooby looked all around him. There was a cage. It was just like his first V.P. he tried, but he failed. The toons gasped at what they saw next.

Chapter 15- Currently at EBHQEdit

Fireball was in his new lab. He created something called, the Sigma Virus. Once the Sigma Spray comes into contact with skin, the person who got into contact with the spray turns into Fireball's Minion. "Hello, Chairman. Mind if i borrow a flunky?", Fireball asked. "No, not at all. in fact, i sent you a few an hour ago.", the Chairman said. "Thanks. I was gonna give them some Sigma Spray.", Firenall said. "Sigma Spray?", the Chairman asked.

Fireball explained to the Chairman how the Sigma Spray worked. "Very interesting the Chairman said. There was a ring at the doorbell and 10 flunkies came in. "We're ready to get tested on.", all the flunkies said. "Oh. if the flunkies are there, i might as well hang up.", the Chairman said. Fireball put his phone back on the charger and told the flunkies they will become a Sigmabot. "Yay!", the flunkies said in delight. Fireball sprayed a fraction of Sigma Spray on the flunkies....

Chapter 16- The Clerk IntroductionEdit

"Superise!", Zita's Cousin said. "I have many jobs." "YOU! We destroyed you a million times!", Skooby stated. "Ah, but us cogs are never dead. Our parts are found and we're reproduced.", Zita's cousin replied. All of the toons seemed petrified at that statement. Not even Clerk Phil, a member of the Resistance could talk. Drew broke the silence. "Anybody like pie?", he asked. The girl brown dog sighed and facepalmed. Imma was trying to figure out a plan in her mind. She whispered to Skooby. Before she was finished, the Clerk threw a glower knife at the toons. "But... that's not a lawbot attack.", Clerk Phil said. "You see, I'm an Invictabot. I have all attacks. For I am a Ghost, Immortal and boss mixxed together.", the Clerk said.

Chapter 17- Battle Of The OfficesEdit

"So, even the HERO is dementing?", one of the big wigs snickered. Skooby grabbed an object and threw it. The cogs in the room disenagrated. A portal opened up. "So... we're not gonna be back for awhile....", Drew said. "Nope.", Imma replied. "Heres an infinite gag supply for everybody.", Clerk Phil said. "It's time.", the female brown dog said. They all jumped into the portal.


It is only the begginning.

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