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Last where we left off, Daisy Gardens was overrun by the cogs. They could not be stopped. The toons decided to go to The Factory...

Chapter 1- Inside Sellbot HQEdit

"We've... finnally... made... it...", Lightning said. The 2 other toons who were fighting along with Lightning felt the same way. "C'mon! Lets go factory!", Skooby said. "More walking? Oh boy.", Ted said. "Yeah... Isn't here a good resting place?", RRUD asked. "No, no, no. Cogs are everywhere!", Drew said. "For a little brother, you seem pretty smart.", Imma said. "we'll rest in the piperoom.", Skoooby said. RRUD, Lightning, and Ted groaned and started to walk to the factory while the 3 others ran to the gate.

Unexpectedly, the gate closed right as Skooby, Drew and Imma came in. the banging sound of the gate closing seemed to wake the 3 tired toons up. "WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY HOW!?!?!", RRUD shouted. The cogs noticed the toons who didnt make it and battled them. "You guys do the factory! We'll take down the population of cogs in here!", Lightning said. "If you say so.", Drew shrugged.

Chapter 2- The Factory CourtyardEdit

The courtyard to the factory was even more gloomy than usual. "I'm Scared.", Imma said clinging on to Skooby. "We all are.", Skooby said while trembling. "We better get a move on. The cogs could've taken toontown Central by now.", Drew Said. "Sorry, its just so cold in here.", Skooby said. But deep inside, he knew it wasn't because of the cold. He new that toontown could've been taken over completely by now. "No.", he thought. "That couldn't of happened already." The toons continued walking on, fearing the worst.

Suddendly, the floor that Imma was standing on started to crack. The toons ran away from the cracking floor so it could crumble. When it stopped breaking and the dust went away, they looked inside. "The Boiler Room!", Skooby said dancing. The toons jumped into the hole, not knowing if they could get back out.

Chapter 3- The Upgraded FactoryEdit

"Ah, I am glad to announce that the Upgraded Factory is now open!", the VP said. Now, Imma was really scared. Her eyes were big. It felt good to Skooby when Imma clung on to him. "It's alright.", Skooby kept saying. But he didnt know if it would be. "We have extended and strengthened it.", the VP said. "It goes all the way to under Daisy Gardens! The cogs who helped build this magnificent project will be promoted." "I have a bad feeling about this.", Drew said. "I hear whispering toons!", a Mr. Hollywood said. The toons hid in the jungle of pipes and boilers. "Come out, come out where ever you are...", the Hollywood said. The toons kept quiet. Skooby randomly threw a birthday cake at the cog. "What was that awkward booming noise?", the VP asked. "What banging noise?", the cogs asked. "Bah, I wish the chairman made sellbots have a better sense of sound.", the VP said grouchily.

Chapter 4- Twins?Edit

The toons ran away from the jungle of boilers. When they saw the warehouse, a chill went up their spine. "Mini-vps...", Skooby said astonished. "Let's go fight them.", Drew said. "Uh... nah.", Imma and Skooby said. "Man, Skooby. You and Imma act so much alike. I think your twins. "Heh heh.", Skooby said. "We are?", Imma asked. "Yeah. I was too afraid to tell you because you might've gone crazy.", Skooby replied. "Skooby, can we talk by ourselves when we get back to toontown?", Imma asked. "Of course.", Skooby said. Skooby and Imma hugged and walked to the mini-vps. Drew was jeleous right then. Why couldn't he have been Imma's twin brother? "Hey, Imma. Wanna be part of the Cog Crushers?", Skooby asked. "Of course I would", Imma smiled. "Great! You'll be the third leader. "Awesome!", Imma said joyfully.

Chapter 5- Battling Mini-vpsEdit

"Alright, heres your first Cog Crusher gag trick", Skooby told Imma. First, you take a table and set 2 types of cards on it. Gears and TNTs", Skooby said. "Okay.", Imma said writing everything down in her notebook. "Next you call all the cogs.", Skooby said. "Mini-vps! Who wants to play cards?", Skooby yelled. The mini-vps came scurrying to the table. "Pick 1 card. If you get a TNT, youll explode. If a gear, youll live.",Skooby told the mini-vps. The cogs all took a card. BOOM! 10 of them exploded with only 1 left. "Agh!", Skooby moaned. "Wow.", Imma said. "Need help?", Drew asked. "Sure.", Skooby replied. Drew and Skooby both used their Drop gags which destroyed the last mini-vp. "Amazing!", Imma said. "Here. I'll give you a maximum level warehouse.", Skooby said to Imma. Skooby, Imma and Drew ran to the silos.

Chapter 6- Being Spied OnEdit

While coming up on the elevator, it got stuck for a second. But it started moving again. "We must hope for the best.", Drew said. "And whats the best?", Imma asked. "That nobody spots us.", Drew said. Little did they know, the toons were being watched by a security camera.

"I knew toons were in the factory.", the VP said. "Hard to believe they made it this far. Wait a minute... Imma Dog is on that elevator? Hmm... I'll welcome her back with a suprise."

"Wait a second theres a security camera on the elevator!", Skooby exclaimed. "Oh no! This is a MAJOR problem!", Imma said fearful. She clung onto Skooby harder than ever before. Skooby was too afraid to say, "It's alright." He tried to move but it hurt too bad. He felt like he mas inside a block of ice! Then, he fell onto the floor, with Imma still in his hands.

Chapter 7- Skooby's DreamEdit

"Hello.", the Chairman said. "Didn't you know I can barge into dreams?", He asked. Skooby was too terrified to talk. "Oh what? Cog got your tounge? Oh, thats right! You can't talk in dreams!", He snickered. "You might as well know my plan because your not going to make it anyways!", The Chairman sneered. "I am going to release a massive attack onto toontown and take Toon Hall! The cogs shall not fail.", The chairman explained "I might as well send you back to the factory. But before I forget, look! Your friends are having a hard time. As for your twin and brother, I don't even know how they're black cats!", the chairman said. "Because my father is a Black Cat!", Skooby managed. "Oh, and your mother was a dog?", The chairman asked. "Wait, how did yo-" "Because shes trapped right here in Cog Nation!", the chairman inturrupted. Skooby saw his mom - Daphne Dog in a cage. "Skooby! Help me! I'm in the Chairman's Chambers!", Daphne Dog said. "I will send you back to toontown now!", the Chairman said. There was a blast of light and Skooby woke up again.

Chapter 8- West And East SiloEdit

Skooby noticed he was at the bottom of the elevator. When he joined the battle, he got a nice look at their levels. They were STRONG! There were two lvl11 minglers - The strongest cog attack wise! There was also one lvl12 Mr. Hollywood. "What happened while I was knocked out?", Skooby asked."Nothing much. We began the battle only a few seconds ago.", Imma said. "These minglers are STRONG!", Drew said. "Yes, that is because they are the strongest cog attack wise. Their Paradigm Shift can do 24 damage.", Skooby explained. Luckily, the toons had Drap gags which caused all the cogs to get defeated in one hit.

On the west silo, the cogs had the same levels only they were all Mr. Hollywoods. The toons eliminated the cogs the same way. Skooby and Imma went into the control room while Drew waited outside.

Chapter 9- Cogs In The Control RoomsEdit

There was one lvl12 cog and one lvl13 cog! Skooby quickly used a Drap Gag to eliminate the cogs. "What was that awkward explosion in the Control Room?", Drew asked himself. Imma and Skooby came out of the room with a scar on their right arm. "Why do you guys have scars?", Drew asked. "Follow us and youll see why.

"What the heck!?", Drew yelped when he saw the cogs in the control room. "We have to fight them.", Imma and Skooby said. They all went into the battle. "Look who inturrupted the party!", the lvl13 skelecog said with a grin. "Imma Dog!", said the lvl12 skelecog. "Leroy and Simon!", Imma exclaimed. "I defeated you two once and I'll destroy you again.", Imma yelled at the cogs. While Imma was distracting them, Skooby and Drew pulled off the biggest prank in toon history!

They put on their cog disguises and greeted Leroy and Simon. "Hello... uh, whats your name?", Simon asked. "My name is Mud!", Skooby said being a name dropper. "Mine is Bob.", Drew said with no other idea. "Hello Bob and Mud.", Leroy and Simon said. Now, it was Imma's turn of action. She took a table and got cards...

"Hey, Leroy and Simon! Wanna play cards?", Imma asked. "You know we love cards.", Simon said. "Simon says lets play cards!", Simon told Leroy. "If you pick up a gear, you wont blow up. If you pick up a TNT, you won't. "Interesting.", Leroy said picking up a card. The two cogs blew up instantly. "Thats my sis!", Skooby said smiling at Imma. "Now lets see about the Foreman.", Drew said excited.

Chapter 10- The Center SiloEdit

"Do we dare go in?", Drew asked. "Yes!", All the toons said at once. They went into the Centeral Silo, to face their fears...

"Toons? Here? Impossible! We took toontown central and now have them as our slaves!", The lvl45 Foreman said. He picked up a walky-talki and said, "Cogs! Toon intruders!" Level 42 cogs busted through the walls. "Ah, hello Imma.", a cog said. "Listen! Don't do anything to my bro and sis! Do something to me!", Skooby said filled with anger. He realized only when it was too late what he did wrong. He was knocked out again leaving his family to fight.... alone.

Chapter 11- Whats going on in Cog NationEdit

"Ah, nice of you to go to this dream world.", The Chairman said. "Wait so this place isn't real?", Skooby asked. "Not comepletely.", The Chairman answered. "Why are you helping me?", Skooby asked. The chairman laughed a really bad laugh. It sounded like a nail on a chalkboard."You ask too much questions.", he replied. Skooby said nothing. "Now, go. Go back to your real world. Im through with you... FOR NOW!", The chairman said. Right after he said it, the world spun around and Skooby was awake in a cleared cylynder.

Chapter 12- StuckEdit

Skooby couldn't get out. He couldn't talk, either. He knew his twin and brother needed him. When he tried to move, it hurt. The sound of the chairman's laff still filled his ears. It was horrible. "We shall not fail.", the chairman had said before in the first dream. "Yes you will.", Skooby kept thinking.

"Why does everything bad happen to Skooby!?", Imma cried. "Awww, miss your twin bro?", the cogs teased. "Hey, don't be mean. You know, he will get out, eventually....", Drew said. Drew knew he was telling the truth. "Skooby always makes it out!", he thought.

Skooby heard the noise of his family's voice. Imma crying. He wanted to come and say, "I'm right here!" but he couldn't. He started to cry. He was amazed that he could.

"Wait listen!", the Foreman said. "He's ALIVE?", a level 42 said astonished. "C'mon Skooby... You can make it out...", Drew kept saying to himself.

Skooby heard Drew saying that Skooby would make it. He tried to move. The pain was really bad, but he did. He busted out of the cylinder and made it out of the gears.

Chapter 13- The Battle Of Center Silo Edit

"Impossbile! How could he have gotten out!?", a lvl42 said. "Ah, 2 leaders and one toon I corrupted.", the Foreman said. Imma backed away. "Y-you. simon's older bro!", Imma exclaimed. "And the peices come together!", the Foreman then said. Skooby jumped ontop of the foreman to buy everybody else some time. "Get off of me, fool!",the foreman yelled at Skooby. "Okay, what do we do now?", Imma asked. "We trap the others.", Drew said.

Drew and Imma created trapdoors the cogs will fall in. They annoyed the cogs and the cogs fell in. The sound of metal hitting cement filled the Control Room. Skooby had finnally wrestled the cog onto the floor! "This guy was hard!", Skooby said. "He's getting back up!", Drew said in horror. Skooby looked at the skelecog and saw why.

The cog had busted his chest and lost his left arm. Sparks were flying from his head."You may have gotten me for now, but the chairman will repair me! I am invicible I tell you!", the Foreman said. "Oh no you don't escape!", Imma said while the foreman was trying to fly away. She grabbed his leg but he was still flying. "Help!", she said. Drew and Skooby held onto the leg and flung the Foreman into the trapdoor. They all heard the sound of explosions. The toons all looked at eachother and left the scene.

Chapter 14- Daisy Gardens BattleEdit

The toons met at SellbotHQ. All the cogs were gone. "Lets hurry! We must go destroy the Sellbot Forces!", Skooby said. "OK!", Lightning said. The 6 reunited toons teleported to Daisy Gardens.

"I just remembered! Our crazybots!", Ted E. Bear exclaimed. "Of course!", RRUD said. "We use the crazybots to attack the cogs while we fight the Co-Foreman!", Drew said. "What is going on... the rejected cogs are everywhere!", the Co-Foreman said. "Ah, toons!", he said. "Yes, thats correct and we're gonna crush you!", Skooby said. He threw a birthday cake at the cog which made him blow up. "That was too easy...", Drew said. "I know!", Imma added. Then, the first chairman life came to them.

"Nice to see you outside of your dream, Skooby!", the Chairman's first life said. "YOU!", Skooby said. "The chairman...", Imma and Drew said. "Imma and Drew! Nice to see you two outside of your dreams also!", the chairman said to Imma and Drew. "This battle won't last long.", RRUD said. "Of course it won't! Because I shall not fail!", The Chairman said. The toons threw everything they had at The Chairman. He dissapeard when RRUD threw his cupcake.

Chapter 15- One Month LaterEdit

Simon's brother was reforming. The gears went back into place. His body connected back together. He found his right arm which connected on touch. He found his legs and put them back on. His head was shattered. On his back, he had alot of holes showing red and blue wires. He flew to Cog Nation to get fixed.

"So, its been a month.", Ted said. "Yeah.", Skooby replied. "So what did you want to tell me?", Ted asked. "Do you want to join the Cog Crushers?", Skooby asked Ted. "Of course!", Ted E. Bear said.


Simon's brother really frightens me. I think hes the chairman's henchmen or something. All we currently know is that The cog who should have no name has returned.

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