After the way Imma and Skooby defeated the Supervisor together, they became closer. Skooby decided he'd want to live in Imma's house because Imma was Skooby's twin. Drew visited often. Whenever Drew visited, Skooby treated Drew really well. Little did they know, they were being watched.

Chapter 1- Imma's HouseEdit

It was a beautiful morning. The birds were singing, Skooby and Drew were having tea and Imma was waking up. "Good morning, Imma.", Skooby and Drew greeted Imma. "Good morning!", Imma replied. "I had a strange dream last night...", Skooby said. "What was it about?", Drew asked. "A royal blue cat named Fireball Purpleboom. He said he was cousin to Zita and that he would destroy me.", Skooby replied. "Did you just say Fireball Purpleboom?", Imma asked. "Yes, he did.", Drew said.

"So in other words, we have another enemy?", Drew asked. "Not just a. We have a full army of enemies now!", Imma replied. "I remember seeing a Fireball Purpleboom outside of my dreams...", Skooby said. "Me too.", Imma said. "I don't think I have.", Drew said. "Fireball wasn't too nice. And we all know where the mean toons are.", Skooby said. "Epibot HQ.", Imma said.

Chapter 2- AttackedEdit

All of a sudden, the sky turned grey. "Whats going on!?", Drew wondered aloud. "This is!", an Epibot said from outside the window. "You can't get out of this place you call home! Its locked.", the Epibot continued. "This is bad!", Imma whispered. "Bad!? This is toontown!", Skooby replied. "This is no time for jokes!", Drew said angerily. "Okay, fine.", Skooby said dissapointed. "YOU TOONS!", the Epibot shouted. "I have finnally recognized you all. Just to let you know, I have cogs coming here!"

Cogs came busting out from everywhere.

Chapter 3- Battle At 6:50 In The MorningEdit

It was too early for any other toon to be up. Skooby, Imma and RRUD had to fight the battle alone. The cogs were lvl60+. Soon enough, the whole first wave came in. It was big and dangerous. The toon's best hope was luck.

"ATTACK!", the first wave leader commanded. Skooby threw his most powerful Drap gags near the cogs. Some of them got destroyed by the draps. "We have to do this!", Skooby said. Eventually, the first wave was over and the second wave happened.

This wave mostly consisted of Armybots and Corrupted Toons. Skooby had to spray pixie dust everywhere. Regular toons started coming to help the CCTL destroy the wave. "Armybots are STRONG!", one of them said. Pies were falling everywhere and so were toons. The cogs used a tatic where they power tripped the toons toward the wall. A few of them got what they were doing and caked them out the window. Corrupted toons started coming in to join the fight. In the shadows, Skooby noticed Zita and Fireball Purpleboom! Skooby left the fight he was in and went to confront the Lead Corrupted Toons.

Chapter 4- Zita And Fireball Purpleboom at 7:30Edit

"So it is time.", Fireball said. "The hero has arrived.", Zita said. Almost all the battling stopped after Zita talked. Imma froze and dropped the pie she had. It got so quiet, you could here a cog exploding from 5 miles away. "Now that everything has quieted down, let me introduce myself. I am Fireball Purpleboom. Destroyer of Anchient Toontown.", Fireball said. "I feel the prescence of CCTL. Where are they?", Fireball demanded. "Right here!", Skooby shouted running to destroy the Corrupted Toon. Imma and Drew knew Skooby couldn't fight Zita and Fireball by himself.

"Two more are here.", Zita reported when he noticed Imma and Drew. Skooby saw a few chairs, but which one could be the one Zita has? "One of us has to destroy those chairs over there. I believe they would be called The Normal Chairs.", Skooby said. "I'll get it. Don't worry.", Drew said. Imma shrugged as if she were to say, "He wants to be a little more than the hero.".

Chapter 5- The Normal ChairsEdit

Drew was getting closer and closer. "Epic Faces! Attack!", Zita shouted. Epic Faces surrounded Drew. "I wish I had cards.", Drew said.

Skooby and Imma were running out of options. They were getting cornered. "Epic Faces! Attack us!", Skooby said trying to sound like Zita. Suprisingly, the Epic Faces did attack Zita and Fireball.

To Drew's suprise, the Epic Faces went away leaving him to destroy any chair he wanted to. "Hey, Drew!", Imma said. "What? But I thought that you were trying to defeat Fireball and Zita.", Drew said. "The Epic Faces started to attack them.", Skooby said. "Alright, then lets destroy the chairs!", Drew said.

They all went for different chairs. Skooby smashed them onto the floor but nothing happened to Zita. The others did the same but nothing happened.

Chapter 6- EscapeEdit

"We can't stay here much longer. We'll go sad if we do.", Imma said. "Where would you live then?", Skooby asked. "At my house, of course!", Drew replied. "Ill move there also. I don't want to live by myself after this.", Skooby said. "Lets escape!", Drew said. "Oh no you don't", Fireball said. There seemed to be broken epibot parts everywhere. "Attack, battle chair!", Zita commanded. A normal chair that seemed to just appear turned into a huge genourmous chair that could attack.

"I expected it to be easier than this!", Imma said. "Didnt we all?", Drew asked. "Yes.", Skooby responded. The chair lifted one of it's legs and swept the toons away. "How do we destroy that thing!?", Skooby wondered. "Easy. We use Zita to fight the chair.", Drew said. "We did that last time!", Imma said. "It'll be worth a try.", Skooby said.

"Hey, Zita! Are you a mouse or a rat? I think rat.", Drew yelled at Zita. "I am not a rat!", Zita said releasing fury. "Cousin. Hes just trying to make you angry.", Fireball said. "Well, its working!", Zita said in anger. Zita released a red shockwave that hit the chair. The chair started to break down, but it didnt effect Zita. "Oh, your a mouse.", Skooby said. "Yeah, I am.", Zita said. He was turning red now. He released all of his energy which sent Skooby, Drew and Imma flying. While they were flying, they didnt see Zita or Fireball at all.

Chapter 7- Flee To Epibot HQEdit

"You blew your fuse!", Fireball said annoyed. "Sorry.", Zita said. "Your lucky we didnt lose a life!", Fireball said. They looked around and saw that they were trapped in the remains of what used to be a great house. "We must go back to Epibot HQ.", Fireball said. They both teleported to the highest point in Epibot HQ.

"You were almost WHAT!?", the LCT shouted. "Yeah, we almost lost a life.", Zita said. "I'll have BOTH of you locked in your factory station for 3 months!", the LCT replied. "Well, we wont see eachother for a while.", Fireball said sadly.

Chapter 8- Drew's HouseEdit

"May I use the phone?", Skooby asked. "Of course!", Drew responded. When Skooby got on the phone, he dialed Clarrebelles number. "Hello, Skooby! What would you like today?", Clarrebelle asked. "A cog backpack.", Skooby responded. "Youll get it right away.", Clarrebelle said. "Bye!", Skooby said. He hung up. Then, he heard the sound of a mail truck delivering something.

He dashed out of Drew's house and put on his new prize. He grew fond of his new backpack right away. He smiled. "I love this already!", Skooby said. From that day on, he carried that backpack.


So now Skooby, Imma and Drew all live in the same house. All comfort zones are gone.

  • I have a bad feeling about Zita and Fireball. Something tells me they broke out...

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