The SickBots are masters of all kinds of infectious diseases.Edit

(Note: No offence intended to be caused)

1-6. Influenza

2-7. Measles

3-8. Mumps

4-9. Malaria

5-10. Dengue Fever

6-11. Cholera

7-12. Ebola Virus

8-13. Pnuemonia

9-14. Cancer

10-15. Tuberculosis

11-16. HIV/AIDS

12-17. Ischemic HD

BOSS: The Grim Reaper


  • ===Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and Ischemic HD can do attacks over 50 damage-52, 55 and 57 respectively.===
  • ===Ischemic HD is the strongest SickBot, doing a max of 57 damage.===
  • ===Ebola Virus has the most attacks, with 6.===
  • ===Dengue Fever has 5 attacks.===
  • ===Malaria, Dengue Fever, Cholera and Ebola are the only SickBots that can do group attack.===
  • ===Dengue Fever and Ebola Virus do the highest damage on their group attacks.===
    • Coincidently both Dengue Fever and Ebola Virus have two signature moves.
  • ===SickBots are 60% more likely to join each other in battle.===
  • ===SickBot HQ is in Anti-ToonTown.===
  • ===SickBot invasions are known as 'outbreaks', and multiple outbreaks can occur at the same time. This once happened in Pink Galaxy's Planetarium, when there was an 'outbreak' of both Dengue Fever and Ebola at the same time.===
  • ===After a SickBot defeats a toon, the toon becomes 'infected' and must go home to rest.===
  • ===Due to the Ebola outbreak, Ebola Virus' attacks have a damage multiplier of 1.25.===

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