As we take place to the sellbot towers little violet pinkerbumble is seen drinking soda.

Little Violet Pinkerbumble:Wow! what a hot day! time to get going.

(VP comes up that she is drinking soda).

VP:What are you drinking?

Little violet pinkerbumble:I'm drinking some soda.

VP:Hey you can't drink that!

(Takes soda).

Little violet pinkerbumble:Hey how did you-

VP:Shut up you can't have any!

(Gives her a bucket of water).

Little violet pinkerbumble:Wait that's-(Gets dirrareha)...Uh oh!

The mingler:She's gonna blow!

(Little violet pinkerbumble drinks a bucket of water).

VP: Uh???

Little violet pinkerbumble:I think I'm gonna watch TV.

VP:Wait is that the random toon show?

Little violet pinkerbumble:Uh.....yeah.

VP:I'm gonna watch football.

(Gets up and turns on TV.)


TV Announcer:Here he goes and inside the line and...OH! then we caught the football!

(At the main lobby skooby was standing next to the CJ).

Skooby:Uh why are we standing here?

CJ:Nah were just waiting for the VP to come.


(Little violet pinkerbumble walks up).

Little violet pinkerbumble:Hi guys what are you up to?

Skooby:Were waiting for the VP.

Little violet pinkerbumble:Oh! well...can I stand with you?

CJ:Yeah go ahead.

(Little violet pinkerbumble stands next to them).

Little violet pinkerbumble:So what's new?


Little violet pinkerbumble:Oh are you waiting for someone?

CJ:Yeah were waiting for the VP.

(As they wait then VP comes).

VP:Hey bold boys!

CJ:Hah! VP!

Little violet pinkerbumble:We were waiting for you!

Skooby:Let's go to the carnival!

(As they all go to the carnival as the episode ends).


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