Sharp Edges

Sharp Edges is the second cog on the Warbot Corporate Ladder. They have moderate attacks.

Phrases Edit

"Did I mention I know The Commander?"

"Danger - be careful around sharp surfaces"

"You thought flankers were a challenge?"

"Be careful, my edges are very sharp"

"The Commander wants me after you"

"The calculated trajectory states you will loose"

Attacks Edit

Sharp Edges, unlike Flankers, are rather strong for their position on the corporate ladder. Their attacks include Pike, which does 7 damage at level 2, steadily increasing to 17 damage at level 6. This attack is infamous for being able to take out new toons instantly. They also have the attacks stab and sword throw, however they are more powerful when used by this cog. Stab does 5 damage at level 2, rising to 13 at level 6. Sword Throw starts with 7 damage and does 11 damage at level 6. Unlike other cogs, these cogs actually aim for the weakest toon, taking into account current laff and gags.

History Edit


An original version of Sharp Edges was The Sharpener, however this was considered to be me no more than "A muscular pencil pusher" so it was updated accordingly. A picture of this version can be found here.

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