Secondary ToonTasks are toontasks that are not required to complete the game 100%, though it is recommended you do them. If a toontask is secondary, it will be stated similar to a "Just for Fun!" but say "Secondary!" None of the Secondary ToonTasks are where you have to visit a toon in a building. They start appearing after you reach The Brrrgh. They may appear if you have completed the neighborhood or Donald's Dreamland part.


  1. ^ means that it only appears at the end of the game, or by Donald's Dreamland.
  • 100 Gag Pack^
  • Carry 300 Jellybeans^
  • Carry 500 Jellybeans ("Carry 300 Jellybeans" Required)^
  • 1 point Laff Boost (2 ToonTasks)
  • 2 Point Laff Boost (2 ToonTasks)
  • 3 Point Laff Boost (2 ToonTasks)
  • 4 Point Laff Boost (2 ToonTasks)
  • Training for the 7th gag track (16 Toontasks)^
  • 30 Fish Bucket


  • This update brings up the max laff to 157.

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