Skooby is walking down the sidewalk and he meets a toon named Mr. Waffle. Skooby doesn't recognize the name and eventually becomes friends with Mr. Waffle.


While Skooby was looking for toons to fight the Chairman with him and the other Cog Crushers, he spot a toon he thought was worthy. He was a blue cat with green eyes. Skooby walked up to him. "Whoa! A celebirty!", the toon exclaimed when he saw Skooby. "Hello. I'd like to know you're name.", Skooby said. "Mr. Waffle, sir.", the toon said.

"Alright, Mr. Waffle... Would you like to be a Cog Crusher?", Skooby asked. "Why sure!", Mr. Waffle said, excitedly. "Good. Now let me interview you.", Skooby said in secretish way. When Skooby was done interviewing, he said, "Alright. The- whoa you got approved imediatly!" "We should be friends.", Mr. Waffle said. Skooby friended Mr. Waffle and looked for more toons to join.


This is also a preview for the upcoming Cog Nation in Skooby's Quest! In Cog Nation, you'll get to SEE Skooby interview Mr. Waffle!

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