Prolouge (A parallel world)Edit

Skooby was having a hard time slepping. He was breathing quickly, muscles tense. He was dreaming a nightmare... About a parallel world.

"The Great hero is watching us now. He will be our pawn.", a loud voice said.

"Whats going on....,", Skooby heard himself say. Except he didnt say it.

"This is just like my dream.", the Skooby in Skooby's dream said.

"Ah. Dreamsssssssss. They can become a reality, you know," A snake-like voice hissed.

And finally, knowing he wasn't going to like it, the dreaming Skooby looked at the scene. It was horrible. Only 3 toons remained- Imma, Drew and Skooby.

They were all wounded deeply. But wait- the female brown dog was there also.

"Skooby...", the female brown dog started.

She was inchng close to Skooby. When the female brown dog got close enough, she whispered a seceret. Then, Skooby woke up, breathing hard, sweat drenched all over him.

Chapter 1- Getting ReinforcementsEdit

Skooby gt up and put on his clothes- a yellow uniform. This symbolized he was a Cog Crusher. As if on cue, Skooby's Alarm Clock went off.

"Ughhhhhhh", Skooby moaned.

He was tired. But soon, Skooby got a cup of hot choco, watched The Random Toon Show and felt like a new person. Skooby used his wrist-watch to contact every Cog Crusher. Skooby teleported to Green Land- A place scraped off of the world, thousands of years ago.

"Imma. Lead this one for me.", Skooby told Imma.

"But... I'm not even a founder...", Imma began to sob.

"It's ok. I'll be back.", Skooby said, trying to calm Imma down.

"Good luck, bro.", Imma said, eyes red from crying.

"See ya, sis.", Skooby called out.

While Skooby was looking for toons to fight the Chairman with him and the other Cog Crushers, he spot a toon he thought was worthy. He was a blue cat with green eyes. Skooby walked up to him.

"Whoa! A celebirty!", the toon exclaimed when he saw Skooby.

"Hello. I'd like to know you're name.", Skooby said.

"Mr. Waffle, sir.", the toon said.

"Alright, Mr. Waffle... Would you like to be a Cog Crusher?", Skooby asked.

"Why sure!", Mr. Waffle said, excitedly.

"Good. Now let me interview you.", Skooby said in secretish way.

When Skooby was done interviewing, he said, "Alright. The- whoa you got approved imediatly!"

"We should be friends.", Mr. Waffle said.

Skooby friended Mr. Waffle and looked for more toons to join. Skooby found more and more toons. They all passed. As a total there were 50 cog crushers.

"Wait a minute... 50 toons.... The only toons left.", Skooby muttered to himself.

Skooby busted through the CC inc. doors.

"50 toons!", he blurted out.

Chapter 2- The DebateEdit

"Why should we go!? We are completely unorganized due to our 'leader'!", Drew proclaimed.

He was jelous of Imma.

"Don't talk mean about our brother! It's just that... he treats me like i'm his BEST friend in te world!", Imma fought back.

"Just because hes your twin!? I liked it better WITHOUT YOU!", Drew yelled.

"Calm down, Drew.", Skooby started.

"I like you equally. I just seem to have more time to talk to Imma than I do you."

"We all live at the same house.", Drew stated.

"You get up at 9:00.", Skooby fought back.

"Stop fighting! Both of you!", Imma said angrily.

"Fine.", both Skooby and Drew replied.

"Imma is actually right. If tensions grow between us, one of us would switch sides.", Skooby said.

"I'm moving.", drew moaned to himself.

"The Cog Crushers has gone too far. See you all when the chairman wins.", Drew called from behind his shouder.

Chapter 3- Parallel Worlds Come To HelpEdit

It was beginning. Even Green Land had grey skies. The strongest cogs were coming forth. Epibot HQ was becoming much more active. With new cogs produced every day. It looked bad for the toons. Raids happened everyday. One day, a green light was shimmering through the windows of Epibot HQ. Skooby and Mr. Waffle went to check it out. Smog filled the air. The once not moving pillers were moving like mad, bringing up a new building, flooded with Invictabots. Before they got spotted, Skooby and Mr. Waffle fled into EBHQ. Or so they thought they weren't spotted.

Spiders dangled from the roof.

"This somehow reminds me about Minecraft.", Skooby said to himself.

"You play that game, too?", Mr. Waffle asked, hopefully.

"Shh... I'll tell you later.", Skooby said, as a Spider had shot it's eyes right in their direction.

Luckily, the spider didn't trigger the alarms. The two toons continued walking to the main room.

"The cogs are getting help from mobs?", Skooby asked himself in his brain.

"Yesss.", Zita The Scorcerer said aloud.

Red eyes blared all around the room. The sound of walking feet echoed. The red of Zita's eyes were visable. But wait, didn't Zita have lighter eyes?

"F-f-fireball?", Skooby's voice quivered.

"Ah, and the possible hero learns it isnt really Zita.", Fireball said.

Fireball's eyes were glowing redder by the second.

Chapter 4- AnswersEdit

"Now, before I defeat you, I will tell you what is happening.", Fireball started.

Skooby and Mr. Waffle stared at eachother and shrugged.

"I have opened up a portal that has released monsters from different worlds. These portals will allow me to go into them and corrupt or bring the inhabitants here to toontown!"

Fireball leaned over to a button and pressed it.

"I hope you don't plan on telling anybody- We will toonnap Imma!", Fireball yelled.

A gas flew into the room.

"Gold?", Mr. Waffle asked.

"Ah, yes. The stench that makes you tired.", Fireball said with a smile.

Skooby still stood up strong, even though he felt dizzy.

"Thats what happened in the mint!", Skooby said aloud.

"The stench of bullion may be your demise.", Fireball said as the vision began to be hazy.

Skooby and Mr. Waffle collapsed onto the floor and teleported away.

"Skooby...", a voice called out from a different planet.

Skooby's vision became clearer and he realized he was lying on a soft area- Skooby was lying on a sofa. Sofas didnt wear clothes, though. It was Imma. She had found Skooby on the the ground laying hopeless. Imma brought Skooby in and gave him some nice warm tea.

Chapter 5- The Start Of The EndEdit

"Toons. Iam leaving office.", Flippy said, sorrowfully

Unhappily, the toons sighed.

"But I am giving Skooby Bustsomegears the posistion! He has won the election against the chairman! *cough* obviously *cough*"

The toons cheered as Skooby stepped onto the stage.

"Toons. I am aware everybody knows we are in dark times. Many of you were just awoken by the C.C., or Cog Crushers. It is no secret society anymore. I am sorry to say this, but my younger brother Drew A. Blank has lost faith in our cause. I have not heard from him in a month. I now fear the worst. But, we will succeed. How? I don't know yet. Some of us remember the war. Flippy was in his early 20s- me being ten years younger than him meant i was 15. Now I am 35. The cogs won the war, but the battle has not yet been won. We are the deciders of who wins. And the kids- you are all future govervment leaders. There is potential in every one of you. Let's go back to the main subject. The cogs. Recently, we were all attacked by a group of Corrupted Toons. We have found their previous leader, now uncorrupted. Their new leader- Fireball Purpleboom is creatig new cogs everyday. It must be stopped. So, whos with me!?", Skooby spoke.

The toons cheered in agreement. The lights went dark all of a sudden.

"Hahahha! Fools!", creaked a cackly voice.

"Your new leader will be your destruction! *cough*", it continued.

The hologram of an invictabot-epibot hybrid cog stepped out from the bushes.

"The cog with no name!", a random toon yelled.

There were gasps everywhere.

"Give up. We have sent many troops over here and we arent giving up!", the cog said.

"Haha.... Good joke. Take off the mask, Drew.", Skooby said.

"You mean this corrupted toon?", the cog geustered to a corrupted black cat.

"Uh oh.", Skooby said, unsurely

Chapter 6- The AttackEdit

"Corrupts! Attack", the cog commanded.

Skooby charged and tried to attack the leader but everything missed.

"What?!", Skooby yelled in astonishment.

"Use Drap!", Imma whispered.

Skooby used the biggest Drap he had- The Bustsomegears.

As the other cogs were attacking other toons, skooby pushed the bustsomegears towards the target. It hit and defeated him- for once and for all. On effect to defeat, most of the corrupted toon's morale increased and turned happy.

"Team terminate is coming!", shouted a familiar voice.

"Uberman and Zita are regaining power!", the voice said.

"Who are you?", asked Flippy.

"Fireball Purpleboom.", the voice said.

"Wait, what?", Flippy said.

No response.

Chapter 7- OP: Drew A. BlankEdit

"Drew!", Fireball called.

"Yes, sir?", the corrupted Drew asled.

"They're coming.", fireball replied.

"Don't worry. From your descriptions they sound patheticly weak.", corrupted Drew snickered.

The cog Crushers had made it into the cogtroplis below EBHQ, alerting all epibots and portaled enemies to the underground.

"Toons!", Zita said.

"GET THEM!", a random epibot shouted.

"Skooby. We can only massivly raid this area by destroying both main parts of EBHQ.", Imma reported.

"Then well fight Zita first.", Skooby replied.

Skooby threw a lever on to a wall and powered it. A gap appeared in the wall and the toons walked through it.

"Well, well. The cog crushers gang.", Zita said

"And Ziita too!", Skooby said as he uncorrupted Zita The Sorcerer.

"Oh, gosh. What got into me?", Zita asked.

Skooby explained that he was corrupted and that 2 of his friends also got corrupted.

"Gosh... I kinda miss RRUD.", Teddy said.

"Me too...", Lightning said.

"Don't mention his name.", Skooby said.

"Well now we fight Fireball Purpleboom.", Imma said, trying to change the conversation.

"But hes my best friend!",Zita said.

"HHe was corrupted, also.", Skooby told Zita.

Chapter 8- Fireball's Blazing FuryEdit

"Zita. Act like you're taking us to be corrupted.", Mr. Waffle said.

The 51 toons entered Fireball's Arena.

"Ah, Zita. you have captured the entire Cog Crushers.", Fireball said.

Fireball quickly noted Zita's eyes werent red and shut down all of the gates.

"F-f-fieball.... I thought we were friends.",Zita stuttered.

"Not this time.", Fireball replied.

Fireball started to punch in a code:


Once fireball pressed enter, 10 enderdragons came from the ceiling. Skooby placed 64 tnt down on fireball's control panel and lighted it.

Not the computer!", Fireball said and started to jump out of the pedestool but was too late.

The tnt blew up and destroyed the computer and blasted fireball all the way into the cement ground.

"No mercy yet?", Skooby asked.

"Not even close.", Fireball said pressing a button.

The stench of gold filled the room again.

"We have to plug the holes!", Imma said.

"Zita! You can survive this. plug the holes with corks before we're all knocked out!", Skooby told Zita.

"Don't listen to them Zita! Listen to me, your friend fireball.", Fireball said nervously.

"Not anymore!", Zita said as he plugged in the last hole and turned on regular air.

Fireball fell for the last time... forever. Epibot HQ started to stop altogether as corrupted toons uncorrupted and the doodles were normal again. The enderdragons fell to the ground and incinerated. everything turned quiet.

"Lets find Drew.", Lightning said breaking the silence.

"No need! Hes right there!", a random toon said.

"Drew!", Imma and Skooby said as they ran up to him.

"Guys... I'm sorry. I didnt know THIS would happen. Let's go home now.", Drew said.

A purple portal appeared in the corner of the room.

"Not just yet.", Skooby said as he jumped into the portal.

The rest of the cog crushers followed him in/

Chapter 9- We're Back In This Gear YardEdit

The toons jumped out of an identical portal, leading them inside Cog Nation.

"None of the other toons came.", reported Imma.

"It's a trio.", Skooby said.

"Sorry for raging on you guys. I was just so mad.", Drew said.

"That doesn't matter now, look!", Skooby said, pointing at a machine with cogs pouring out of it.

"If we destroy that, the entire cog process will be haulted, allowing us to kill off the final cogs in toontown.", Imma said.

"When did you get brainy?", Drew said, rolling his eyes.

Imma giggled.

"A few minutes ago.", Imma said.

Goons were everywhere.

"A creeper?...", Drew noticed.

"I thought we killed them off!", Skooby said, frightend.

"You did, but for a second.", a booming voice said.

"The chairman!", all three toons said at once.

"You won't make it an hour in here.", the chairman said.

"I made it through the gearyards!", skooby fought back.

"But that was earlier. You will never see the light of day again. In here, not even the sun of toontown may penetrate the dark.", the chairman said.

"This is bad.", Drew said.

No response from the chairman.

"We must make it to his castle.", Skooby said.

"If we survive this, lets make a new hq out of this.", Imma thought.

The toons shared the ideas on the HQ, continuing to the castle.

Chapter 10- The CastleEdit

The toons walked up to the towering grey castle, it was made of old cog parts, discarded ones.

"Is that part of... no it cant be.", Skooby started to say to himself

He saw parts of the cog that has no name. The toons could feel like every eye in the whole castle was watching them like security cameras.

"So you have made it?", said the chairman over the intercom.

"Yes. Now show yourself!", Imma said.

"I can't if I'm not in my castle!", the chairman replied.

"Then how are you on the intercom?", Drew asked.

"I have already said too much!- Go into the castle!", the chairman said.

Chapter 11- The FactoryEdit

The toons walked into the castle, believing the chairman had misleaded them and into a giant white factory room. The doors locked behind the toons.

"Darn it!", Drew said.

"Guys...", Skooby said.

"What?", Drew and Imma asked.

But then they saw it. The machine! It was creating a cog, from metal scraps. It went over to the cog testing area. The cog was rejected.

"I think I'll call that cog type that got rejected Crazybot.", Imma said.

Skooby and Drew nodded in agreement.

"Sad how cogs are judged on the way they act.", Drew said.

"I hear of toons breaking into Cog Nation", a factory worker said to his co-worker.

"Preposterous!", another cog said.

"Cog nation is heavily gaurded by EBHQ!"

"Some toons destroyed it.", the first cog said.

"Now your making stuff up again, Bill!", the second one said again.

"Whats taking you guys so long! Create more cogs!", a cog who seemed to be their boss commanded.

"Sheesh. Alright.", the first cog mumbled to himself.

He pressed a button ad a new cog was in proggress.

"That was close.", Skooby whispered.

Chapter 12- Spotted Yet AgainEdit

"Toons!", one of the cogs shouted.

"GET THEM!", the boss commanded.

The cogs jumped up from their stations and started fighting the 3 toons.

"Uh oh.", Imma said.

"Invictabots!", Drew yelped.

"More like cog hybrids.... I can't tell between what, though.", Skooby said.

"I'll call it Nationbots, cogs that are only found in Cog Nation", Imma said.

"Less talk. More fight!", one cog said.

Once the 2 nationbots were destroyed, the boss fled.

"I am sick of this!", the boss said as he dissapeared in a purple flash.

"...Only Uberman can do that... But hes a corrupted toon...", Skooby said in a confused manner.

"The cogs made one like him?'", Drew wondered.

"No. That is VERY old material.... Older than the chairman.", Imma replied.

"Wasn't the chairman the first cog ever made?", Drew asked.

"That's what pete tells you.", Imma replied.

Chapter 13- The Truth RevaledEdit

" Way long before the chairman had been made and Gyro had found the machine, the machine ran by its self. The cogs made were capable of teleporting away in a blast of purple sparks. The nationbots, cogs only found in cog nation had a boss who was capable of doing this. He disguised himself as a toon, using his victim's body, due to his ability to drain the laff away from a toon. The cogs had built a city of greystone, the dullest of stone. One time when the boss of nationbots was trying to destroy a toon, the toon fled. As he fled, the cog's ability to drain laff became reversed and all toons he drained came back to life and they saw what had become of the cog. In fear, the toons ran away. The cog looked like it had been 1,000 years old, though it had been only 5. Parts of his skelecog were showing and were weathered. He now resides in the chairman's factory, trying to make the perfect new body for himslef, but he just can't make one that teleports. "

Chapter 14- National Cog DominiumEdit

"Alright. Let's try to kill it!", Drew said.

The 3 toons went onto the elevator and went up to the NCD.

"Well, well. Cog crushers.", a severely damaged cog said.

"But you have 0 health left...", Imma said.

"Thats what you think.", the nation bot said.

The nationbot ripped off it's suit and he turned into a hideous skelecog.

"Do you see what they did to me?", the cogs voice creaked.

The cog boss grabbed two blades and started to slash at the toons.

"I am invincable!", the cog creaked.

Skooby threw a cream pie at the cog, but it just teleported away.

"HAHA!", the cog squeaked.

The nationbot threw a blade at Skooby.

"WHOA!", Skooby said as he hastily dodged.

The blade flew back to the cog.

"Grrrr.", The cog growled.

"Bet you can't find me!", the cog squealed as he multiplied.

Skooby grabbed himself 2 blades and threw one at a holographic light. The cog creaked as he weakened and half of the duplicates incinerated.

Imma grabbed her own blade and threw it at a holographic light.

"What!?", Imma asked as her throw did nothing.

"I think only toontown's hero can destroy the lights drew said.

"But theres 2 more lights and I only have sword.", Skooby said.

The cog threw his sword agin at Skooby.

"Gosh!", skooby said, dodging.

"Wait... thats it!", Skooby said, jumping into combat against the leader of nationbots.

Skooby jumped near a holographic light and the boss threw his sword at Skooby.

"Ha!", Skooby said dodging.

Then, Skooby threw his sword.

"....Short.... Crcuiting...", the cog squealed.

The leader of the nationbots dissolved into dust and Skooby picked up his sword.

"Could prove useful.", Skooby said.

Imma and Drew were just staring, mouth opened wide.

Chapter 15- The ChairmanEdit

"How did you do that?", Drew asked as the toons boarded the elevator.

"To be honest, I don't know.", Skooby replied.

"Look out!", Imma yelped.

The elevator dropped down fast. Once the toons fell to the basement, it hurt like mad.

"I think I broke my growth plate.", Imma said.

"Me too...", Drew moaned.

"Don't worry. You both are already fully grown. doesn't atter.", Skooby said with just a cut and his torn uniform with his backpack.

"Guys, I forgot about my backpack!", Skooby said.

"So we could've been firing them the whole time?", Drew said angerily

"Yup.", Imma replied

"Let's light this!", Skooby said lighting soe TNT not too far off.

"Toons!", many cogs said.

The lights turned on.

"Well, well well. What do we have here?", the chairman snickered.

"Leave this area, cogs!", the chairman commanded.

The cogs flew away.

"Theres 1 more, too!", Skooby said as the female brown dog teleported.

"Missed me, metalchunk?", the female brown dog taunted,

"Shame shame shame.", the chairman said as he threw the toons onto the ground.

A creeper came in and hissed at Skooby.

"The Great hero is watching us now. He will be our pawn.", the chairman said.

"Whats going on....,", Skooby said.

"This is just like my dream.", Skooby said.

"Ah. Dreamsssssssss. They can become a reality, you know," The creeper hissed.

"Skooby...", the female brown dog started.

"I love you...", she whispered into Skooby's ears.

"Me too...", Skooby told the female brown dog back.

"Lovebirds.", Drew smirked.

"Shut up.", Imma said.

"I will give you one last chance...", the chairman began to say as Skooby jumped up and grabbed his new sword.

Skooby slashed the chains on the other toons bodies and was ready for combat

Chapter 16- The Final BattleEdit

Skooby jumped up into the air and stabbed the chairman. The chairman then threw Skooby onto the ground in the process.

"I feel your sting", Skooby started. "But it doesn't hurt me."

"But this will!", the chairman said.

The chairman stuck Skoobys sword into where his heart is. Skooby stepped back a little, sort of falling but he regained his balance, cut a creeper in half and jumped back into combat.

"How is that even possible!?", the chairman wondered.

Skooby threw some TNT into a hole under the chairman. The chairman fell into the hole and created a pile of gears and blasted rubble. Imma heared intense breathing under rubble from a cat. Thinking she was hearing things, she left it alone.

"Lets go back to toontown.", Skooby said.

"Agreed." All of the other toons said.

The toons teleported back to toontown central, now heroes.

1 Day LaterEdit

The new cogs were digging in the rubble of which the chairman had been destroyed in. They then found a light blue cat buried alive.

"Hey boss.", one nationbot said.

"Yes?", another asked.

"I think I've found something.", the first nationbot said.


Okay, first of all. Mousei let me use his charecters for my stories. Second of all. This is the last SQ- The Chairman story. The New Cogs first book will be started in 5 minutes. Thank you readers, for sticking along with this series. It was a good one.

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