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When Skooby was younger, he dreamed of being a book author. However, he had no clue on what to write about. His favourite book really inspired him to write a book. This book was FABLEHAVEN.

By this time, Skooby knew EXACTLY what to write about. But, his handwriting was extremely bad and he didnt want to write a bunch of letters on a blank peice of paper. A few months later, he had an idea: Instead of writing a book, how about I make a movie? He had ideas, but in the end, they were all faliures! He decided to become a toontown blogger instead of a moviemaker, then.

He decided he would be Clerk Phil. Before he created his new channel, he searched any videos about Clerk Phil incase somebody already chose him. He was in luck! Nobody had chosen Clerk Phil yet. So, he created a new channel and called it, TheToontownClerkPhil which he still has to this day. After he created his first lesson, (which even he thought stunk) he decided to retry the whole movie.

It had maybe the smallest improvments. On this attempt, he searched for Toontown Wikia which he knew had the chairman photo because Operation: Storm Toontown thanked Toontown Wikia for the Chairman photo. He found it and put it into his movie. Before he lft the site, he checked the homepage. While he was on the homepage, he saw the Affliterations panel.

He then saw the "Toontown Fanfiction" link. he clicked on it and he was brought to this very site, where he started making Skooby's Quest - The Book Serise. He also created "Drap Gags" and "Epibots" which is basicly just a new cog type.

On all hallows eve, Skooby created The Tale Of Halloween; A toontown story of how toons discovered halloween .

This article will be updated often.

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