The cogs were as strong as ever now. Shockerbot was leading tons of cogs. The Incinerator was in the second lead.

"DESTROY TOONTOWN!", they all chanted.

Toons ran away from them in fear. They were all wondering- had they done the right thing to vote Skooby out of mayor? /he was good at handling these kind of situations. Skooby, Lilly and Imma better come- fast.

Chapter 1- All Cog Nation Breaks LooseEdit

The cogs were running out of their HQ, screaming death threats to the toons. Skooby looked at his sword and saw his reflection one last time. The cogs were approaching Toontown Central.

"TO TOONTOWN CENTRAL!", Lilly commanded.

The few cog crushers telported in a battlefield. The end has begun.

"I hear creepers!", Drew warned.

The creepers blew up the barricades and the cogs were making their way to Skoobys use-to-be office.

"It's Skooby!", one toon said.

"Yes. It is me.", Skooby said.

Toons ran over begging them to forgive him.

"There are more important matters! Look!", Skooby said.

The Shockerbot 3 aproached the toon headquarters.

"Skooby... You will not win this time.", Shockerbot said in the same deep voice.

"Or will I?", Skooby said holding his sword in the remaining light.

"Haha.", Shocker said blasting a laser at Skooby.

Skooby backfired it with his sword.

"Your blade is a bit more powerful than I thought.", Shocker said grinning.

"Toons of the world, UNITE!", Skooby shouted.

Everybody did the toons unite.

"Still have good influence, I see.", Shocker said smirking.

Shocker started to swipe at the cog crushers but they just dodged and Shocker hit himself in the face.

"Cogs! GET THEM!", Shocker commanded.

A load of cogs of different types flew out.

"Don't try to name any, Drew.", Skooby said.

"I'll deal with you two.", Shocker said to Skooby and Lilly.

Chapter 2- V.0.4Edit

"You can't beat me this time, toons!", the Shockerbot sneered.

"How do you suppose that?", Skooby asked spinning his sword.

"I'm a V.0.4.", Shockerbot said.

"Thats not even possible.", Lilly said, frightened.

"Thats what you said when I was V.0.3", the Shockerbot said.

"Thats what you said when I was...", Skooby started to say another word but a tear got caught in his eye.

"It happened to me, Skooby...", Lilly said trying to assure everything was going to be alright

"Corrupted.", Skooby finished.

"And his greatest secret is revealed!", Shockerbot said.

Lilly didnt look freaked out or anything infact she made it seem like it was normal.

"Ok? It happened to me also.", Lilly said.

"Nothing to be ashamed of.", she continued.

Skooby grabbed out his sword.

"This sword.", he started

"Is made from your gears collected by the Nationbot President, smelted and turned into a blade all cogs fear.", Skooby finished

Even Shockerbot looked scared.

"Oh my gosh.", Lilly said once she looked at the Toontown Central battlefield.

Chapter 3- A Mile Of GearsEdit

Even the Shockerbot looked amazed at the destroyed cogs and stuff.

"Theres even a leader Flunky...", Lilly said.

"Haha. Funny thing bout that.", Skooby said remembering when he supposedy melted the leader flunky.

"Alright Shocker. We're ready to-", Lilly said before she realized Shockerbot was gone.

"I guess hes leading his troops.", Skooby said.

"I'd love to see you in action.", Lilly said giggling.

"Alright.", Skooby said rushing towards a big mob of cogs that he tore threw like paper.

"Theres more coming.", Lilly said.

"How do you know?",Skooby asked.

"Well, destroying a leader cog gives you a special sense. Kinda like how the nationbot boss gave you immortality.", Lilly replied.

"I see.", Skooby replied while he looked at the battlefield.

"A mile of gears, I'd say.", Lilly said.

"Let's do this!", Skooby said spinning his sword.

The toons ran towards the mob of cogs, using attacks that would kill them immediatly.

Chapter 4- Big FlunkyEdit

Eventually, Skooby met the leader Flunky.

"A Cog Crusher?", Flunky asked.

"Yes. I am a cog crusher. Do you understand?", Skooby said going as slow as he could.

"Your mean.", flunky said angrily.

"Yes, I am.", Skooby replied.

"Stop it.", Flunky said angrily.

"When I feel like it.", Skooby said throwing a pie in the flunkys face.

"Mmm. I like pie.", the flunky said.

"Oh my gosh.", a toon said looking at the flunky.

"Is that apple?", he asked.

"Yeah...", Skooby replied.

The flunky was eating the pie like crazy. Every bite, he grew a foot.

"Oh my gosh.", Skooby said once the flunky was 10 feet tall.

"Now you will die.", the flunky said smashing his hand down.

"What do cogs hate other than throw? Charged throw!", Skooby thought.

Skooby threw a giant charged Apple Pie at the cogs.

"Ow!", the flunky yelped as he flew back a few yards.

The flunky threw giant clip tie.

"Whoa.", Skooby said barely dodging the attack.

The giant Flunky charged at Skooby like a bull but Skooby just stepped aside.

"Wow. That was a big explosion.", Skooby said walking over to his next opponent.

Chapter 5- I Declare Your Name Is MUDEdit

Skooby walked up to a giant Name Dropper.

"Your name is Mud, toon.", the cog said.

"No, actually it's Skooby.",Skooby said taking out his blade.

The Name Dropper looked at the blade as if remembering something horrible.

"It's on.", the Name Dropper said.

Skooby jumped up and sliced off the Name Droppers suit.

"Now I'm a Skeledropper! I can't have lunch like this!", the name dropper said angrily.

Skooby sliced at the Name Droppers health meter.

"Your name is Mud.", Skooby said as the cogs health meter turned dark.

Skooby glanced over at where Lilly was. Two Skelecogs were trying to corner her. Skooby ran to aid Lilly.

Chapter 6- Skelecogs Before HalloweenEdit

"Skooby!",Lilly yelled.

"These are Skelecog bosses. Mind helping out a little?", Lilly continued.

"Thats what I came here for.", Skooby said.

"Their names appear to be... Jack O' Lantern and... Bob?...", Lilly reported.

"It's not halloween yet.", Skooby said to himself as he walked over to the Skelecogs.

"Another! Get him!", a cog named Jack O' Lantern said.

"So, I suspect your Bob?", Skooby said.

"Yeah. Nice day aint it?", Bob replied.

"If only these clouds would clear.", Skooby said.

Right after Skooby had said that, he slashed at the Skelecog.

Skooby managed to slash in the leg. Gears started pouring out.

"We were having a good conversation.", Bob said.

Bob then fell down and exploded.

"I can help you now!", Skooby said.

"No need.", Lilly replied as she walked to Skooby.

"We should stick together now.", Skooby said.

Chapter 7- HealerEdit

"Uh oh.", Skooby said as he saw a cog he saw once before.

"What?", Lilly asked.

But then she saw IT.

"Muahaha!", the nationbot boss said as he spun around attacking toons with one of his two swords.

"Skooby.", Lilly said.

"What is THAT?", Lilly asked

"The nationbot boss.", Skooby replied

"Cog Crushers.", the cog said once he saw Skooby.

The nationbot leader slashed at any toon in his way for a clear path to Skooby.

"You will lose.", Skooby said.

"Will I?", the nationbot boss said as he grabbed another sword.

It was nicknamed Healer.

Before the nationbot boss could do anything, Lilly took it from him.

"The sword is mine.", Lilly said looking at it.

Skooby hit the nationbot boss in the leg with his sword.

"Not that easy this time.", the nationbot said as the hole patched itself.

"Uh oh.", Skooby said.

"The healing sword eh?", Lilly said after she was done studying her sword.

Chapter 8- Nationbot PresidentEdit

Lilly stabbed Skooby and herself in the leg.

"What was that for?", Skooby asked.

"It lets us heal ourselves.", Lilly replied.

"Well, okay.", Skooby said charging at the nationbot leader.

Skooby lodged Shocker into the presidents knee and pulled it out.

"Your wasting your time.", the President warned.

"Hurry! Prevent him from healing himself! Get the water!", Lilly said.

It was too late. The president had already healed himself.

"Haha.", the President said.

"Bucket of water.", Lilly thought she heard Skooby say.

Skooby pulled out a chest with purple sparkles around it and used it to pull out water.

"Nice.", Lilly said.

Skooby tossed the bucket to Lilly.

"Here goes nothing.", Skooby said slicing off one of the presidents arms.

"That kinda hurt.", the President said.

Lilly put some water on the nationbots wound.

There were sounds of metal clanking. The wound sizzled.


The cog did not heal. Infact, the cog was just starting to fall apart as if it was going out of history.

A giant hole swallowed the nationbot president and turned back into level ground.

Chapter 9- JamesEdit

"Skooby and Lilly. Such nice to see you again!", a familiar voice said.

Skooby and Lilly looked behind themselves. They saw James. He didnt look corrupted at all.

"But... The...", Lilly started.

"That was a different James.", James replied.

"Oh.", Skooby said.

"Sad your rep. got ruined, Skooby.", James said.

"I would like to help you regain it.", James continued.

"Sure!", Skooby replied.

"Lets start by defeating Shockerbot 3.", Lilly said.

"Did somebody say my name?", Shockerbot 3 said behind the toons.

"This won't end good.", Skooby said.

Chapter 10- Shockerbot 3Edit

"Miss me?", Shockerbot asked with a smrik.

"No. And we've got a member back.", Skooby replied.

"Hey.", James said.

"Oh boy. Medicboy is back.", Shocker said sarcasticly.

"Imma! Drew! We need you!", Lilly called out.

"Ha. No need.", Shocker said swinging the Imma and Drew onto toon headquarters.

James ran and healed Imma and Drew.

"You are going to be destroyed.", Skooby said.

"You are the worst metal humk ever.", Lilly agreed.

Skooby tore out his sword and the battle began.

"Your skills are no match for mine!", Shocker said trying to spin Skooby to cut himself.

"Think so? Well no!", Skooby replied back.

Skooby slashed down at the knee and up at the arms. They were his weak points.

"Skooby!" Give me a wepon!", Lilly said while Skooby was fighting.

Skooby tossed down a gear he had collected from the chairman. Lilly tore threw Shockers metal like it was tearing threw paper.

"Mercy!", Shocker groaned afer a devestating hit from Lilly.

"No mercy. I thought you were a 'No mercy' person.", Skooby said as he used a squirting flower on the Shockerbot. Yet again, the cog malfunctioned and was destroyed.

"I hate invictabots.", Skooby said.

"Wait.", Lilly said.

"What?", Skooby asked.

"Hes a V.0.4...", Lilly replied.

"WE GOTTA GET OUT!", Skooby yelled.

"Imma. Drew. James. Get to Cog Nation NOW!", Skooby commanded.

"I'm going back where it ALL started.", Skooby said.


Their journey continues. Back to the Gear Yards Skooby goes.

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