This page was made for the rejected ideas i have never put in my book. While some of it will never fit into the story line some may be put in the newest book and i will take it off of the page. After i put the rejected idea in the book i will explain why this didn't put this in.

After Toontown IdeasEdit

King, King Fritz and Cheetah all walked to the Brrrgh and looked at the torn land. "Wow.." King said looking to the ground. "I never thought that the cogs would ever be able to destroy Toontown this much." Cheetah agreed saying "Neither did i.." The three walked to the lab that was in the background. King with the parts of the Chairman and the Crystamaster over his shoulder threw the parts into the lab and stared blankly into the darkness he turned to head out of the lab but bounced off and hit the ground. "What the heck?" King yelled Cheetah kissed him on the cheek and said "I'm sorry King but we have to make you stay in here." King confused turned to Cheetah and King Fritz. He heard Jazzy yell "No! Don't!" But it was too late King Fritz raised his staff and King was stuck in the ice. "Why did you do that?!" Jazzy yelled to the other two. "We could of just put lots of guards here!!" King Fritz and Cheetah turned and walked away. "Jerks..." Jazzy mumbled. She turned to the frozen lab and with tears in her eyes walked away.

Why This Idea Didn't Make It Edit

This idea didn't ever leave my head and my notebook because this would imply that Cheetah didn't try to stop this nor did she mourn over the loss of her friend. Jazzy would have been the only character to care and that is not how Cheetah was meant to be portrayed. Also in the second book King would have been mad at Cheetah to start.

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