Quarter BackEdit

The Quarter Back is the first Sportsbot. its levels range from 2-6, and is almost always seen in the Cog Nation Stadium.

Starting phrases:

"You new to the team?"

"Hey, i'm the star of the team, not you!"

"When did they let you in?"

"I gotta practice.. on you!"

When not to battle, special phrase:

"I'm late for practice."

Name Phrase(s)

Lvl 2

(12 HP)

Lvl 3

(20 HP)

Lvl 4

(30 HP)

Lvl 5

(42 HP)

Lvl 6

(56 HP)

Play Action

"I'ts coming your way!"

"Heads up!"


"Why don't you "catch" this?

"Toons can't catch, everyone knows that!"

"Keep your eye on the ball."

3 5 7 8 11
Tee Off


"I'm getting teed off".

"Mind if I play through?"

"Watch the birdie."

"You toons stink at golf!"


5 8 11 11 12

"I need this, but YOU need it more!"

"Care for a drink?"

"Whats the matter, its just water."

"Hope your colors don't run."

"Step away from that water!"

2 4 6 8 10
Field Goal

"Heres the kick..."

"This is aimed at you, not the goal."

"Watch out, or else..."

"It's for the win, dont mess it up!"

"Its good!"


  • A Quarterback is the football player who throws all the passes, and is considered a symbol for their team, like Aaron Rodgers for the Green Bay Packers.
  • They're gag weakness is a whistle, because they get confused with toons and the referee.

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