Phineas and Ferb fought the sellbot VP last time. Now they have 3 bosses to go through. "I hope the transformation isn't complete," said Phineas, looking in a mirror. Donut said, "Well, i'm gonna use hypno goggles. You, Phin, use a traintrack." The two did so. Candace used a birthday cake, Ferb used a TNT, and Vannesa used a High Dive. After the waiter part, they put on their waiter suits, and fed all the bossbots. After the demotion, they went and defeated the CFO. Now they defeated the CJ. Then, BOOM! The transformation was complete. Phineas, Ferb and Candace only spoke speedchat now. They lost all their memories. Donut asked, "Are you OK?" Phineas said, "I can't understand you. Use the speedchat." Oh no! Donut thought. The transformation is complete! 5 years later, the transformed got speedchat plus. "Remember you built somethings!" Donut hoped. "we never built anything were toons not ppl do u thank we r ppl" Phineas said.

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