Paint is a gag track created by Dialgaofpower.


  • Paints the cog any color except white, brown, grey, or black.
  • Used after Toon-Up, and before Trap.
  • Is weaker than squirt, but stonger than sound.


  • Always hits, no matter what.
  • Power doubles if used by two toons, triples if three toons, and quadruples if four toons.
  • Easy to get higher level gags
  • Can have a lot more with you at a time than usual gags
  • Does not unlure the target unless hit three times with paint.


  • You get this late in the game
  • Does not do knockback damage.


Gag chart
Gag Damage
Crayon 4
Paintbrush 7
Small Spray Can 11
Spray Can 18
Large Spray Can 26
Paint Bucket 65
Paint Overload 97 to all cogs

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