CEO: Hello?


CEO: Mr. Chairman!

Chairman: You dope! We had another meeting today! I sent Goal Keepers after you!

CEO: How nice of you, sir. A search party? For ME? With Goal Keepers?!?

Chairman: Of course! We had another accident!

CEO: Two Face accident?

Chairman: WORSE!! Toons were disguised as Cogs and they took the Cog Nation boxes!

CEO: Sir? Those were the VP's doughnuts.

Chairman: Oh, I see. So he will be angry in 3...2...


Chairman: 1.

CEO: Gotta go, sir!

Chairman: NOT YET, YOU AREN'T!!!

CEO: Why? I gotta go take a bolt.

Chairman: I have the best plan for destroying Toons.

CEO: And what is this... Oh, NO, NO, NO!!

Chairman: Oh, yes, yes, yes! HE used it!

CEO: He DIED because of it, sir! He melted along with that weasel!

Chairman: It's the only way, Cheif. Besides, we can revive them!

CEO: I don't like this plan, but fine.

Chairman: Do you know what we will be using?

CEO: The...

Chairman: Right! THE DIP!


Flippy: Yes, I know about the passwords! Please hold! Yes, I know about Clarabelle's Cattlelog! It's cool! Please hold! Hello? Yes, I'm very busy! Please make this quick!

Honey Haha: Sir? I got very... I'll return later.

Flippy: Can you Toon-Mail me, please? I've got 56 people on hold! Make that 99 people on hold! 200!

Flippy: NO MORE CALLS! I'm taking the rest of the day off! HONEY!

Honey Haha: Yes, sir?

Flippy: I'm taking the rest of the day off. I got 200 Toons on hold.

Honey Haha: TWO HUNDRED?!?

Flippy: I know, right? I got a headache from it.

Flippy walks out of the office.

To be continiued.


I'm sorry for not putting the words " Part 1" at the top.

The Goal Keepers are my fanmade cogs. Somehow, I got the idea from Penny Pinchers.

I'm also giving you a sneak peek of Part 2. :D

Sir Blendymouse: You think so?

Poppy: Yeah. Flippy never has taken a day off before.

Sir Blendymouse: Well, he did on April Toon's Day.

Poppy: He seemed angry, though. As if he was just ticked off or something.

Sir Blendymouse: I think he's mentaly challenged with phone calls.

?: Your right.

Both Toons turn around to see their friend, Mac Weaselsnout.

Mac Weaselsnout: Honey Haha is answering phone calls left and right.

Poppy: Well, she is the secretary of Toon Hall, after all. Hey, I made a rhyme! LOL!

Sir Blendymouse is my Toon on ToonTown Online, and Poppy and Mac WeaselSnout are my real friends online, too.

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