Nutty is a toon in "The End of Toontown". His brother is Sparx, the main character in the series. He starts off in the story caged up with his friends and sister, Violet, but later Sparx rescues them. He is very good with Goonswatters, and made the first extra-strength Goonswatter (out of a toontanic).


  • Nutty was trapped for apparently 5 months, but he was with friends within one month.
  • Nutty is the current co-owner of "Cog Fighters Unite!", his parent's old building. Sparx is the owner.
  • Although "Nutty" is one of the Make-a-Toon names, it was written in the creative toon names.
  • His dad gave him a spot on the Toon Council, but he'll get it after the story.
  • He also gets an opposite color trigger box, that can call any gag.. even gags that aren't official gags.

    My brother Nutty

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