Chapter 2Edit

Not Alone

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With the disguise, Sparx found some advantages, like Flunky glasses can zoom in and out, and could take pictures, but no film was inside. Just then a Head Hunter level 8 V 2.0 was scanning the area. "No toons detected". But as he was leaving, he heard a noise in the bushes.

"?" he said. Sparx hurried in putting on the suit, just in time. "Hey you! Whats the V.P password?"

"Uh....." he knew he was going to get caught and killed and Nutty would be trapped forever, but the most unexpected thing happened.

The head popped off and a TOON came out! "XD a toon!?" pushing the head off of the Flunky impersonator.

":O, quick, to my house!" Sparx used his teleport hole, which leads to a bunch of holes that leads everywhere in Toontown. "Happy the cogs haven't found this," he thought.

Fog Horn

Giant goons from Lawbot HQ had swarmed and invaded Sparx's shared estate. "hmm... I GOT IT!" he thought. Sparx snuck through the attic door, and just in time. One of the goons was following his every move, but didn't spot him. Cogs have tried to break into Sparx's place, but never have.

Fog Horn

Nameless Toon teleported. "Hi, Sparx."

"Whats going on? I thought I was the only toon still wondering around." said Sparx, a bit confused and a bit surprised.

"Alright, but first, have this. I stole it from a Skelecog when he wasn't looking." Nameless Toon pulled out a Cog Hall map, which showed its height, length, and The Bot aka The Chairman, but the face was missing. "I don't know if you already know this, but, here it goes anyway."

Fog Horn

"About 7 months ago, the cogs began to notice something beyond the streets: the playground. They has been planning something that Toon Resistance members didn't even hear about it."

"My parents set out to find..."

"Cog Nation?" Nameless Toon interrupted. "Yea, your parents, Tom & Tracy had 3 kids: you, Nutty, and Violet, the youngest."

"Wait...." said Sparx confused. "I have a SISTER!?"

"Yep. Your parents were the best cog fighters toontown had ever seen.. they could combine gags, make locked on throw gags, and even extremely perfect-accuarcy drop gags. You and your brother and sister have abilities you never thought you knew.

Note: some stuff isn't the same in the comic, the foghorns and stuff.

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