Newsbots are one of the many cog types.

They have appeared in some fanfictions, notably Gears: The Legend of Toontown.


  • Dirt Digger (When you're looking for stuff, physical or said, to harm a person's reputation, you're "digging up dirt" on that person.)
  • Shutterbug (Person who takes pictures for a newspaper, like Peter Parker does for the Daily Bugle in Spider-Man.)
  • Mudslinger (If you're saying or writing stuff to discredit someone, you're "slinging mud.")
  • Gadfly (A critic who is persistent and annoying, much like the insect of the same name.)
  • Word-Twister (Not sure if this is the correct term, but someone who takes what a person says and switches the context, giving it a whole new meaning.)
  • Media Hound (Person who chases high profile people/stories, like a dog chasing a car.)
  • Headliner (Biggest story on the front newspaper, often with a big and bold title. Can also refer to "tonight's top story" on news programs.)
  • Anchorman  (Guy who reports the news on TV.)

   Boss: EIC (Editor in Chief)

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