• PLEASE NOTE! I know tat Herobrine is not real. Neiter are most of my villains!"


"I am a friend.", a voice said.

"How do i know?", Skooby asked.

"Sounds like your dealing with the Enderdragon.", EpicFailiure said.

"The cogs are in minecraft?",Lilly asked.

"Somehow.", Skooby responded.

"I warned you...", the endermans voice said behind skooby.


Chapter 1- A Problem In The NetherEdit

EpicFailiure was walking cautiously to destroy the spawners creating the cogs. The Nether was getting to strong of cogs for the minecraftians to handle.

"Hello.", a voice said behind EpicFailiure.

EpicFaiiliure turned around and saw the one person he feared. It was Herobrine.

"Herobrine? What are you doing here?", EpicFailiure asked.

"Claiming what was once mine.", Herobrine replied looking at EpicFailiures sword.

"You lost the duel... I won.", EpicFailiure replied.

"I am on your side.", Herobrine said in a nice tone.

"No you arent.", EpicFailiure said starting to swing his sword at Herobrine.

"You fool. You know i can teleport away." Herobrine said smirking.

"Your terms?", EpicFailiure asked.

"Give me the sword and you won't be jailed.", Herobrine replied.

"And if I don't?", EpicFailiure asked.

"You will be stuck in the nether.", Herobrine replied.

"Herobrine... I must admit... This is a duplicate. The real one is in the hands of Skooby Bustsomegears.", EpicFailiure admitted.

"How am i to believe you?", Herobrine asked.

"This one doesnt have your name encrusted.", EpicFailiure replied.

"I see.", Herobrine replied after looking upon the sword.

"Where is this Skooby?", Herobrine asked.

"The alternate world.", EpicFailiure replied.

"You fool. He must be your friend. You know what I'll do to him.", Herobrine said with an evil grin.

Herobrine teleported away and left EpicFailiure trapped in the Nether.

"Why did I do that...", EpicFailiure said to himself as the lava started to rise.

Chapter 2- Night FrightEdit

A knocking occured on the door. Skooby pulled out his diamond sword.

"Huh? Whats that?", Lilly asked.

"Just a zombie.", Skooby replied.

Skooby opened the door to realize that it was not a zombie. It was Herobrine.

"Give the sword to me.", Herobrine said.

"Why should I?", Skooby asked.

"Ah, Skooby who is that?", Lilly asked.

"I am Herobrine.", Herobrine replied.

"You should give my sword because it is truly mine,", Herobrine said replied to Skooby.

"EF won it. Fair and sqaure.", Skooby replied.

"If you don't give it to me,you will die.", Herobrine said.

"And I'll go down fighting.", Skooby replied.

Lilly wa just confused.

"How long did you know it was my sword?", Herobrine asked.

"The second I got it.", Skooby replied.

"Now.Give me the sword and I will lift your curse.", Herobrine said.

"How did you know of that curse?", Skooby asked rasing the sword.

Chapter 3- HerobrineEdit

"You don't know what I'm capable of.", Herobrine said.

Skooby used his sword on Herobrine.

"Now let me equal that damage to you.", Herobrine said.

Herobrine charged at Skooby and pushed him against a wall and used drain.

Skooby fell to the ground almost unconcious. Herobrine teleported away, knowing Skooby isn't much in good condition.

"Is he gone?", Skooby asked still on the ground and coughing.

"Yes... We will get that noob...", Lilly promised.

The toons spent the next few weeks trying to find him.

A few toons called.

"Guys, can we be your apprentices?", one of them asked.

"Sure.", Skooby replied.

"Alright. We have news for ya.", another toon said.

"The news?", Lilly asked.

"We've found Herobrine.", the first toon said.

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