Natural Satellite is the second cog on the corporate ladder, with levels ranging from two to six.


"I'm in a moony mood today."

"I can make duplicates of myself."

"So many, so many!"

"Hand me the dust pan or you'll be in it."

"A thunderstorm of space."

"I'm not orbiting no sun."


Power Orbit (signature) - Natural Satellite will spin its finger, then gradually spin its full body very quickly. Rings will fly out and hit the toon, making s/he recoil and fall to the ground.

Space Ribbon - Natural Satellite will release a perwinkle ribbon, and spin it around whilst levitating. Then, the cog will lash the ribbon at the toon and float back down. The toon will stumble around, trapped in the ribbon, before the ribbon eventually fades away.

Moon Dust - Natural Satellite will rub its fingers together, releasing a white powder that gives the toon a white colour and recoil, then return back to normal.

Space Ray - The cog will blast a ray at the toon, making it recoil and stumble.


  • Natural Satellite's weaknesses are lure and sound because they don't like it when you blow them away from their orbiting point.
  • Power Orbit was originally designed for a higher level cog, but the idea was scrapped after a short recall.

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