Nameless toonEdit


Namless toon

Toon Species



Head Hunter level 8 v2.0


Sparx, Nutty, and the other toons


Goons, cogs, and when the Chairman showers.. yea, its not pleasent.

Namless toon is a toon in "The End of Toontown." He met Sparx on accident when he was pretending to search for toons... eh, not pretending, more hoping to find any sign of a toon. He's also got a unique talent for hacking (not tt hacking) into cogs computers and figuring out their most top secret passwords. The reason cogs do this is because they've learned not to trust a cog suit.. but toons don't know these.. until now.


  • Nameless toon is called this because he was never given a name.
  • He gave Sparx a Cog Hall map, which he got from a skelecog when he wasn't looking.
  • The Cog Resistance password is: Toon, Die, Toon, Die. Don't ask why.
  • He had Nutty's trigger box before Nutty had it again... he thought it was a dud because only members of Sparx's family can use it.

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