Mr. California is the counterpart of the existing cog Mr. Hollywood. It is the highest cog up the corporate ladder and it has 6-7 attacks. He has, again, like The Charmer, slightly more health than usual Level 9-12 cogs. A usual Level 12 cog will have 200 health points, but Mr. California has 230 (+30 health points). To take him down, a toon would have to use the Organic Railroad, leaving Mr. California with 16 health points, and then a rake or something that takes away 16 or more health.

Appearance Edit

Mr. California is a Cashbot and wears the ordinary Cashbot suit. His skin colour is like a Yesman's but a bit towards a light peach colour. He has short brown hair which is not very visible when approaching from the front. His shoes look like church shoes and he is probably the only cog not wearing the standard cog shoes. He doesn't usually smile and he usually has a sly straight face for most of the time. You can usually find them in Donald's Dreamland.  

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