Monty has gotten corrupted by a hacked Epicbot!


Ah, snow. I love snow. Monty was wandering around the Lawbot HQ one day looking for the CJ, but when he arrives at the CJ entrance (where his friend would originally be), his friend, Princess has turned corrupted! Even worse, this Corrupted Toon has been hacked to a level 1,000,000,000,000, so it would corrupt a toon FOREVER. He got into a battle when WHAT? Ladybug was corrupted TOO?! "I've had enough of this!" said Monty. This made him pass. Then UH-OH. "You can't dodge this." said Ladybug as she was attacking. She had used Drain? "You can't dodge this." said Princess as she was attacking. SHE CORRUPTED MONTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody panic... I liked helping Toons.

We are at Monty's house, and Monty had been corrupted, but he wasn't turning into a Cog yet! That's because the transformation is just beginning. When he closed his eyes that night, he STILL hadn't turned into a Cog, but what happens midnight? He wakes up and feels the urge to get on the streets and destroy some Toons. What? At least Popcorn Beangargle was there for him! He had super-locked the doors and windows with his locking powers so that he couldn't say yes to the urge. Then he just HAD to look in the mirror. He turned on the light for the mirror room, and AAH! I see a Cog instead of Monty. Patsy dog on the head, it turns into a cog, alright? This dog's owner patsy dog on the head! Actually, it's a mouse, so back there is a metaphor.

Now we go back to Lawbot HQ with his new 15 laff susbitute: Doggy Doo. Literally a dog this time... Well, in real life, his name was rejected, so his name was changed to Prof.? Von Megastink, or Megastink for short. So it's 1:37 AM (weird, because there are 137 toons there), and Megastink is helping a couple toons do the CJ - which those Toons go CORRUPTED WHEN THEY GET TO THE CANNON PART? AGAIN? I am SICK AND TIRED OF CORRUPTED TOONS TODAY! The boss comes in, and accepts the little corrupted toons, but the other Toons still need to launch themselves to jury. Looks like Megastink got lucky.

Now we're at Monty's house, where a Mingler is making Beangargle go sad (darn it!) which means the locks are undone, and now Princess and Ladybug are here to welcome Monty to the Cog army. TO BE CONTINUED