Access to ToonTown 3.0Edit

  1. Visit Talkative Tom in Talking Time on Apple Acres
  2. Defeat 50 Number Crunchers in ToonTown 1.0
  3. Return to Talkative Tom
  4. Return to ToonTown 1.0
  5. Go to Daisy Gardens
  6. Visit Coach Zuchinni
  7. Defeat 5 Epicbots in Epicbot HQ
  8. Return to Coach Z
  9. Return to ToonTown 2.0
  10. Return to Talkative Tom
  11. Defeat a 3+ story Lawbot building in Monty's Electroland or ToonTown 1.0
  12. Return to Talkative Tom
  13. Return to Coach Z
  14. Go to Toon HQ anywhere
  15. You now have access to ToonTown 3.0!

9 Toons in Make-A-Toon PanelEdit

  1. Go to ToonTown 3.0
  2. Visit Ellie "Golding" in Ellie's Gold on Punchline Place in ToonTown Central (there's another which will give a harder ToonTask given by Coach Z)

Ellie "Golding"Edit

  1. Defeat a Mr. Hollywood
  2. Return to Ellie
  3. Defeat 3 Lvl. 6+ Cogs
  4. Return to Ellie
  5. Help a Toon with less than 26 Laff defeat a lawbot field office (in ToonTown 2.0, there's a new kind of field office with lawbots on both the Mover Maze and the Executive Suite)
  6. Return to Ellie
  7. You can now have up to 9 toons at once!

Coach ZEdit

  1. Defeat 2 Mr. Hollywoods
  2. Return to Coach Z
  3. Defeat 6 Lvl. 7+ Cogs
  4. Return to Coach Z
  5. Help a Toon with less than 20 Laff defeat a 3+ story Cog Building
  6. Return to Coach Z - After he finishes talking, a Cog takes over the building and turns it into a 5 story Cog Building
  7. Save Coach Z
  8. Go inside to see your special thank-you gift - make sure to talk to Coach Z as well!
  9. You can now have up to 9 Toons at once!This article or Fanfiction is a stub. You can help Toontown Fanon Wiki by expanding it , remember to ask permission before editing a Fanfiction!

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