Monty's Electroland

Minimum Cog Level:


Maximum Cog Level:

8 (9*)

Minimum Cog Building Stories/Cog Levels:

2 Stories Level 4

Maximum Cog Building Stories/Cog Levels:

4 Stories Level 9

Playground NPC:

Boy: Finn the Human(50- laff)

    Gumball Watterson(+50 laff)

Girl: Princess Bubblegum(50- laff)

     Nicole Watterson(+50 laff)
Monty's Electroland is a neighborhood found where Minnie's Melodyland goes after you beat Toontown itself and allowed to enter Toontown 2.0.


The theme is an electronic land... full of giant electronics.


Apple Acres - leads to Epicbot HQ

PC Place - leads to Toontown Central

Hard Drive - leads to Tyson's Bubbletown

Wire Walk - leads to Carlos's Sportworld

Goofy Speedway Tunnel 2 - just another tunnel to Goofy Speedway


  • Thanks to Epicbot HQ, Monty's Electroland is the only neighborhood with 5 streets.
  • The joke on the street Hard Drive is the hard drive for a computer.
  • The joke on the street Apple Acres is a Macintosh.
  • The joke on the street PC Place is Microsoft.
  • The joke on the street Wire Walk are the wires for an electronic that make it work.

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