Mindbots are one of the cog types.

  • Bird Brain (Level 1-5)- Egg Toss
  • Brain Food (Level 2-6)- Forks and Knives
  • Lightheaded (3-7)- Giant Flash
  • Headstrong (4-8)- Weight a Minute
  • Skull Head (5-9)- Hypnosis
  • Illusionist (6-10)- Illusion
  • Headache (7-11)- Hypnosis
  • Brain Freeze (8-12) - Ice You Up
  • Boss: The Pharapist

Once you max all of the cog HQ's, you will have a task assigned to you. You must go to Cleff and bring him three wedding cakes. Then, he'll give you a package to deliver to Postmaster Pete. In return he'll give you a ticket. You need to get 10,000 jellybeans and the ticket to unlock a new area in Goofy Speedway. Get the 10,000 jellybeans then go inside the building in Goofy Speedway. Once you give it to Phil Erup he will press a button and a bunch of stairs will construct. Walk up the stairs, and there's the headquarters.

You need to collect broken cranium pieces of a skull. Once you have enough pieces you can come to fight The Pharapist.

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