The Math Gag Track puts what Toons learn from Professor Pete at the Toontown School House into action. It works differently from other gags in that it can only ever affect one cog at a time, even if the level is level 7. This is because math equations can only usually be written on A4 pages in small writing, and only one Cog at a time will be able to read the small writing. The Math gag track works differently from other gag tracks in that it can not be thrown at Cogs like most other gags, and Lure cannot be used to make the Cogs read the math, either. To use the Math gag track, the Toon using it has to take the risk to walk up to the Cogs with the math. Should the gag succeed, the Cog becomes boggled for a turn and become damaged attempting to find out a solution. Should the gag fail, however, the Toon attempting to use the gag loses a fixed -10 laff instead, as the Cog is made angry by the Toon trying to confuse them.

Gags in the Math Gag TrackEdit

Level Name of Gag Damage
Level 1 Simple addition and subtraction worksheet 6-10 damage + stun to one Cog
Level 2 Simple division and multiplication worksheet 11-15 damage + stun to one Cog
Level 3 Worksheet on decimals and fractions 21-30 damage + stun to one Cog
Level 4 Pre-Algebra worksheet 45-60 damage + stun to one Cog
Level 5 Algebra textbook 65-120 damage + stun to one Cog
Level 6 Trigonometry textbook 125-175 damage + stun to one Cog
Level 7 Multivariable calculus textbook Instantly destroys a cog


  • Can do a lot of damage to a Cog.
  • Stuns Cogs if they didn't already get destroyed.
  • Medium accuracy - 80% hit chance on average.
  • Rare chance to do critical (double) damage due to some Cogs not being skilled at math


  • Can damage a Toon if it misses.
  • Requires patience to train.
  • There is no gag affecting all Cogs.
  • Cannot be grown on Gag Trees due to its power (and being made of paper).
  • Cannot be used on lured/stunned cogs.

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