Full Name

Marco Exodin Ollivander

Toon Type


Toon Color



Polo, Flippy, New Toon Resistance, Phil


Cogs (except Phil)

Marco is the main character in the fanfiction Broken.

Marco's PersonalityEdit

Marco is usually happy and easygoing, but also very emotional and doesn't forget a grudge.

Marco's Doodle, PoloEdit

Marco got Polo two years before the first bomb went off. Polo is a blue doodle with floppy ears and no tail.


"Do you know what this means, Polo? There are toons left after all!"

"I'm a cog! Hurr hurr hurr! Don't touch those papers! It's my day off!"

"Polo! What did I tell you about licking feet?"

"Um, isn't that kind of ironic?"

"Now we just play the waiting game."

"Uhm, you're kinda leavin' me in the dark here: what power?"

Marco in casual clothing.


Marco in full New Toon Resistance uniform. Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.

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