Maneaters are the third ranked cog on the cinemabot corporate ladder. Maneaters range from Level 3 to Level 7. Maneaters are commonly found on Ragged Road, Cinemabot HQ and its Editing Rooms. You'll also find alot in the Manager Battle.

Maneaters is a new term for scary horror-movie writers. Maneaters are one of the medium-sized muscular cogs almost exact same size as the Name Dropper. These are pretty strong and powerful cogs as they're attacks are doubled on Halloween.

Maneater cbio

Starting PhrasesEdit

  • "Let the horror begin!"
  • "There's a 100% chance of you saying: AHHHH!"
  • "Ahhhahahahaha!"
  • "I'm a Man-Eater, you know."
  • "Let me get out my fangs."
  • "Let me sharpen my fangs."
  • "Well-Well-Well, if it isn't a toon."
  • "I'll take your laff, tonight."
  • "I am going to give you a real-scare!"
  • "Prepare yourself, It's Halloween Month and I'm twice as powerful!" (only in October)
  • "Why, hallow there."
  • "It's Halloween! So Be Prepared!"(Halloween)
  • "I'll sure to give you a fright or TWO."
  • "Grim Grinning Ghosts come out to socialize! Know that song?" (only in October)


Razzle Dazzle Edit

  • Level 3: 2-5 (4, 10 in October)
  • Level 4: 6-7 (12, 14 in October)
  • Level 5: 13 (26 in October)
  • Level 6: 15 (30 in October)
  • Level 7: 18 (36 in October)


  • "I'm going wow you."
  • "How about these chompers?"
  • "I'm going to cap this off."
  • "This will be a dazzling scare-scene!"
  • "Hard to believe these aren't real."
  • "I floss after every meal."
  • "You've been DAZZLED."
  • "Blinding aren't they?"
  • "Read my bloody lips."
  • "Don't be alarmed, these aren't vampire-teeth yet!"

Vampire-Teeth (an occasional attack)Edit

Animation: The vampire-themed music comes on and vampire sharp teeth comes out of a purple mouth with blood coming out of it on a stick (like a horrorish Razzle Dazzle)

  • Level 3: 5 (10 in October)
  • Level 4: 7 (14 in October)
  • Level 5: 13 (26 in October)
  • Level 6: 15 (30 in October)
  • Level 7: 18 (36 in October)


  • "This'll bring you doooooooooown."
  • "You'll need to lie down now."
  • "There's a little blood, too."
  • "Here, comes the vampire-teeth."
  • "Heheheh." (weird cog sound)


  • Level 3: 4
  • Level 4: 6
  • Level 5: 8
  • Level 6: 9
  • Level 7: 10 (20 in October)

  • "Look out, I have these for a reason."
  • "I'm going to chomp you up."


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