Skooby, Imma Dog, Drew A. Blank and James


Cog Crushers


Shockerbot, Zita The Sorcerer, The Chairman, Epibots, and Mobs


Leader Corrupted Toon



Lily is Skoobys' wife. Lilly first met Skooby when he became a celebirty in Skooby The Cog Crusher, the first story in The Cog Crushers series. Later on, Lilly invited Skooby to her house and they created a new type of gags- Drap Gags. They were a combonation of Drop and Trap, so they were the strongest gags in all of toontown. Little people knew of them, however. It was a secret between the two. Eventually, Skooby brings Lily to Flippy and Lily and Skooby are married. Lily is also permited to start doing tasks.The two live a happy life together, until the main enemy of Skooby and Lily. arrive. They successfully kill him and move on with their lives. In Vengence, Skooby is having hallucinations of Shockerbot and Lily is by his side, helping Skooby through it. Lillys' help is successful and Skooby conquers the hallucinations. In Wrath, Lily must help Skooby destroy all of Shockerbot cogs and Shockerbot himself. They do not success here. Envy starts where Wrath left off. Skooby and Lily must kill the Shockerbot before its too late. Before Skooby knows it, Lily is taken away from him and must fight alone. Later on, during the Skooby's Quest series, Lily returns during an invasion that happened in the new base Skooby built after he went "Solitary". Lily killed Santa Cogs with the Bustsomegears, a symbol of Lily and Skoobys' friendship. Theyreunite and bust some cogs together. When Lily hearsthe name of Skoobys' sword uttered, she gasps and recalls she wanted to tell Skooby the terrible news of how the Shockerbot is back. The two find him, supposedly kill him yet again and kill the rest of his army. In the last book n Skooby's Quest, Skooby and Lily finally banish the Shockerbot to the pits of Cog Nation.


"I love you."

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