Life of the CEO

By Sonic767

CEO: I told you that I wanted a large oil drink! This is an extra Large!

The CEO yelled. He is very concerned for his weight because he needs to be able to golf.

Cog Waiter: It was just a mistake CEO. Shouldn't cogs like you be happy that you got an extra large and paid for only a large?

CEO: Never!

The CEO then whacks the Cog Waiter outside of the castle and into the courtyard.

Cog #1: uh.. Sir. That was your General.

CEO: Aw....... shoot!

Scene 2

Toon #1: Alright people or Toons! Today we will stand and fight the CEO!

Toon #2: But how will we find the Bossbot HQ?

Toon #1: All you have to do is look at the big signs that say: THIS SIGN DOES NOT LEAD TO BOSSBOT HQ WHERE THE CEO IS AT.

Toon #2: Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scene 3

CEO: Cog!............... Cog!...................Cog!

The CEO was on his couch watching the news.

Cog: What is it sir?

CEO: The remote is not working!

The Cog then takes the remote.

Cog: Uh, sir the batteries are out.

CEO: Go get some new ones!

Cog: I can't

CEO: Why?

Cog: Because you said that we could not handle batteries without a set of special gloves. They cost 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999 merits!

CEO: So?

Cog: Nobody can buy that except for the Mr. Hollywood.

CEO: So?

The cog then leaves.

Scene 4

The CEO decides to call Tech Support

Tech Cog: Welcome to Tech support where we charge 9,000 merits a minute! How can I help you?

CEO: Uh, my remote is not working.

Tech Cog: I am sorry but you are on hold.

CEO: Why are you still talking to me then?


CEO: ........................................................

Scene 5

Toon #1: Its over CEO you are out of cogs and out of ice cream!

CEO: Why are we out of ice cream?

Toon #1: Because Buddy ate the whole 10 ton ice cream bowl in one serving!

CEO: Oh, is there a way to fix my remote?

Toon #1: Whats wrong with it?

CEO: Its out of batteries.

Toon #1: Yeah you should call Tech support...... After I destroy you!

CEO: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

The CEO blowes up and is then demoted back to a Flunky

Then, a new CEO steps up and the story starts ALL over again.



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