As you fly to Toontown Central, you pass over horrible areas of color and whimsy, and the mere sight of them makes you feel like you are going to explode! Suddenly, a translucent image of the VP appears in the center of your vision. "Be careful!" He says. "You are close to laughing. When toons play pranks on you, they will try to get you to laugh. With enough pranks, you will. Laughing will cause you to explode, so be careful! Every promotion you get will increase your seriousness, and therefore your resistance to fun. Before I go, I'll upload a picture of paperwork to your vision, to refill your seriousness. VP out." The image of the VP disappears, and is replaced by a translucent picture of charts and graphs. You love it, and instantly feel better.

You land in Toontown Central and start patrolling. Within time, you see an orange monkey running around! You go up to battle it.

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