Writer's discalemer: I did not come up with this idea. This is from

Launch is an idea for a new gag track.

These gags take so much away from cogs that you can't plant them in your garden.
Launch Gags

The Launch gags

Accuracy: HighSmall SlingshotDamage: 20You Can Carry: 7 Max RockDamage: 40You Can Carry: 6 Max Big SlingshotDamage: 60 You Can Carry: 5 Max Rotten AppleDamage: 80You Can Carry: 4 Max Gag GunDamage: 100You Can Carry: 3 Max Huge SlingshotDamage: 120You Can Carry: 2 Max CannonDamage: 160You Can Carry: 1 Max Toontasks For Getting All 20 Training Frames:1 Visit Sandy, Sandman's Sandwiches2 Deliver five sandwiches to Professor Pete3 Visit Sandy, Sandman's Sandwiches4 Deliver one tuna sandwich to Professor Pete5 Defeat 100 cogs in Toontown Central6 Visit Professor Pete7 Choose (The Gag Track You Could Have Had Before), or Launch Training Frame 1Defeat 5 Version 1.3 Cogs in The Editing RoomTraining Frame 2Defeat 80 Flunkies Training Frame 3Defeat 80 Bottom Feeders Training Frame 4Defeat 80 Short ChangesTraining Frame 5Defeat 80 Cold Callers Training Frame 6Defeat 80 The Rewrite Men Training Frame 7Defeat 20 Directors in Editing Room D


Training Frame 8

Defeat The Manager Training Frame 9Defeat a Cog in Cog Nation Training Frame 101 Visit Flippy, Toon Hall2 Fish for 2 Clown Fish3 Visit Flippy, Toon Hall4 Fish for 1 Catfish5 Visit Flippy, Toon Hall6 Fish for 1 Dogfish7 Visit Flippy, Toon Hall8 Defeat 4 10%ers6 Visit Flippy, Toon Hall Training Frame 11Defeat a Maneater Training Frame 12Defeat a The Stickler Training Frame 13Defeat a The Outsourcer Training Frame 14Defeat a The Flak Training Frame 15Defeat a Starmaker Training Frame 16Defeat a The Top Man Training Frame 17Defeat a Mr. Hollywood Training Frame 18Defeat a The Big Cheese Training Frame 19Defeat a Robber Baron Training Frame 201 Visit Professor Pete, Toontown Schoolhouse2 Defeat a Big Wig3 Visit Professor Pete, Toontown Schoolhouse4 Deliver a Wedding Cake to Nancy Gas, Whoopie Sofa Cushions5 Visit Professor Pete, Toontown Schoolhouse6 Defeat 20 Maneaters using only Launch Gags (Or the kind of gag you picked instead of Launch gags)7 Visit Professor Pete, Toontown Schoolhouse

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