King Barney Twiddlephooey's StatsEdit

King has the ability to go Monster Mode along with Final Mode and the Elemental Suit he is quick at blocking moves and does not lose easily

Slash's StatsEdit

Slash can go Monster Mode and is a fast toon. He can use anything around him to fight his opponents. He has died and come back to life so he has emmense power to unleash

The BattleEdit

Slash and King walk into an empty feild. Slash laughs "You think that you can take me?" Slash says. King looks up at him and says "Of course i can. I took down King Fritz. How hard can it be to take down you?" Slash draws his weapon and laughs. "Lets do this." King and Slash charge forward at eachother. Slash swings down at King. King blocks it and swings at him. Slash blocks it and King pushes Slash back. Slash falls onto the ground and jumps back up. Slash runs forward and King blocks it. Slash jumps back along with King and the two staring eachother down and go Monster Mode. They run at eachother and smack their swords together. They both swing at the same time each time blocking eachother's attacks. Still in Monster Mode King rolls backward and his Elemental Suit appears on him. White stripes appear across his body. He is in Ultimate Mode. "Rarrrghhh!!!!!!!" King yells. Slash backs up. "What the.. How?" Slash says. King laughs and says "Well im much more powerfull than you are and im sorry to say that i have to finish this." Slash backs up and scoots back. He draws his sword and rolls out of the way of his attacks. Slash goes behind King and jumps up. King sees that Slash is getting ready to attack and King yells "Explosive Clone!" He yells. A clone of King jumps up and explodes. After the dust clears King is on the ground knocked out. Slash stands up and stumbles over to King and sees if he is awake. Slash sits down and sighs. "Dang... This.. was a hard battle......"


In the end Slash was the victor. Slash was only the victor because when King goes into modes it is hard for him to control himself. Slash was able to outsmart King and get King to use a move that would ultimately mean King's own end. I calculated this about ten or so times on the anything goes. Slash won about 7 times due to out smarting King. 

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