Joshua is the father and creator of the legendary Toon known as Freckleslam. He wanted Freckleslam to be called "Slam", but after arguing with his wife, Rebecca, who wanted the name to be "Freckles", they decided to name him "Freckleslam". He has drawn Freckleslam on Rebecca's birthday.


  • Just like in Theevina's Gears, in this story Toons are also born by drawing them.


Joshua was one of the first Toons in Toontown, just like Rebecca. They were both kids those days, and one day when they were a bit older and were playing at the Funny Farm... BOOM. Love. When they became Adults they married. One day, on Rebecca's birthday, Joshua had drawn a son for Rebecca and himself to make her a pleasure. Soon they named the son "Freckleslam".

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