Invictabots are cogs created by Fireball Purpleboom and Zita The Sorcerer. These cogs are called Invictabots due to their high health and being a V.0.3



Click on the link below to find out about their HQ!

Click on the link below to find out how to get a Invictabot promotion!


Normal TypesEdit

180-200 = X-trons

150-200 = Super

200-250 = ????

250-300 = ????

300-350 = ????

350-400 = ????

1337+ = Cog Immortals

Boss: The Chairman

Searching for new cog ideas!

Special TypesEdit

The Ghost (Skelecog form of Invictabots)


  • "Invicta" is a boss from The Lord Of Ranges Cape. He's almost invincable!
  • The cog, "Cog Immortals" comes from an enemy rank the move 300. "Lets put that name to the test!"


Skooby's Quest

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