Her Majesty is the GovBot boss who resides in Cogingham Palace. However, she appears in Cogliament during the GovBot HQ battle.


"How's my bill going?"

"Huh? Toons?"

"Do get out of one's seat and greet me!"

"Aide! Where is my aide?"


"You stupid Toons! You really get on one's nerves."

"We are not amused."

"Fun? One's heart aches at the sight of 'fun'".




"It's the Tower for you!"




"Her Majesty Has Disconnected." (Said by Skelecog Royal Guard)

"I hate losing!"


RAIGquit-When Her Majesty is going to be defeated, she throws a devastating RAIG Table at all the toons that takes away 70 laff, which can sadden a toon on the verge of victory.

Royal Pain-Her Majesty points her sceptor at a toon and red lasers target the toon, taking away between 10-46 laff.

Divine Right-A lightning bolt strikes the toon, taking away 17-54 laff.

Beheaded-Her Majesty throws an axe at the toon taking away 15-62 laff.

Lions-Her Majesty's Lions, Regnum and Regina, can take away up to 52 laff.

Sceptor Swipe-Her Majesty swipes and hits a toon, taking away 20-75 laff, making it stronger than the RAIGquit.

Shock Jump-Her Majesty takes a huge leap, taking away 57-85 laff.



When Lions Are Defeated-575

When Her Crown Is Knocked Off-370

Victory Animation:

Her Majesty will use a victory phrase, jump up and down (like she's having a Jubilee) and order 2 skelecogs to escort the defeated toons to the Tower of London, where they will meet their un-toonly deaths.

Defeat Animation:

Her Majesty will use a defeat phrase, throw her RAIG table and disconnect. Almost simultaneously the other cogs in Parliament will also rage and explode. If the Lions are still around they will roar and explode too.

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