Bos sbot

Head Hunters are a kind of Bossbot. They are sixth on the Bossbot corporate ladder. They don't have any simalarities of any other Cog, but are known to be pretty intimidating to low Toons because of their size. Also, Head Hunters are almost the same size as a The Big Cheese. Their levels range from 6 to 10. They can be one of the v2.0 cogs as well.

Information respectively from Toontown Wiki.

In FanfictionsEdit

Head Hunters appear in some fanfictions and one of the most notable appearances is in Gears: The Legend of Toontown a fanfiction by Evina. A Head Hunter named Mr. Recnhja appears in the second episode of Cog Argue Show called A Head Hunter Loses his Head. Some Head Hunters also appear in Flappy Generation and minorly appear in Toontown Football fan-made video-game.

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