Hammerheads are special lawbots that are only found in elite parts of United Cog Nation (UCN). Hammerheads have a face as two gavels facing opposite direction of each other. They are obviously based on animals like Legal Eagle, Loan Sharks. They're body is skinny, but slightly taller than a Spin Doctor. Hammerheads are one of the most powerful special-lawbots in entire cog history as they are upgraded cogs and newly-added cogs with system operations from The Chairman. Hammerheads also can be v4.0 at Level 19-20 sometimes and if a toon gets hit by it's gavel, it turns into dust.

Starting PhrasesEdit

  • "You better knock off!"
  • "Tonight you'll be the main course."
  • "You're in sharky waters now."
  • "Boys and gills, this will be your last sentence under the law."
  • "Two hammers. Which to use...
  • "I will sure to knock your head off."
  • "You'll surely regret this."
  • "You better swim away!"
  • "Stop, looking at me!"
  • "Oh look, a new case to solve."
  • "Oh, look a toon. Easy as gravel gavel-pudding."
  • "You think, you're strong? Try a gavel on for size."


Name Phrase(s)

Lvl 16
(500 HP)

Lvl 17
(558 HP)

Lvl 18
(613 HP)

Lvl 19
(710 HP)

Lvl 20
(788 HP)g


"Wackity Wang!"

"I'm not afraid to use this on you."

"It comes out of the blue and wam your dead"

"This case is seized or should say SEASED!"

"Knock it off!"

"Enough of this!"

"Take this!"

"Where's my table to use this on, wait I'll just use it on you."

Hmm, you look like you need a bang in your system.

"How about that?"

"Well, don't yell at the jury members!"

"Jury in session!" "Goodbye." (Upgraded Phrase)

"Heheh. Bye." (Upgraded Phrase)

"That'll do some damage on your toony brain"

"Let me just bang this up on you, ok?"

"Don't worry, this will just do slight damage."

45-50 63-70 75 89 95

"Chomp, chomp, chomp!

"Mmm, you'll taste good in my mouth"

"These will hurt more than those Loan Shark's chomp"

"I'm going to have you for dinner"

"I love to feed on toons!"

"Why don't you chomp on this?"

16-20 25 30 39-43 48

"I can bite you if I want!"

"Boy, am I hungry!"

"Oh look, it"s lunch time!"

"Yum, you look good!"

13 15 24 30-34 37


"Do you feel that?"

"I am told I am one jumpy hammerhead!"

"Let me just quake up this case."

"Say what you say?"

4 5 6 7 8

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