Half-lit is the third cog on the Dark Cog corporate ladder, ranging from levels three to seven. Its face is half Yesman, and the other half is a mix between a Dark Skelecog and a Yesman. They have small muscular bodies. Half-lits also have a 25% chance to heal the target instead of damage it.

Starting Phrases Edit

  • "I can't decide whether to sadden you or not."
  • "Insane? I'm not insane! What are you talking about?..."
  • "It loves me, it loves me not..."
  • "I just want to be loved - hated - loved!"
  • "Say, do you hear that? That's the sound of sadness!"
  • "They tell me I'm special."
  • "What's that behind you?"

Attacks Edit

(Signature) Kamicrazy: Half-lit explodes, dealing damage to everything in the battle. This is only used at red light or lower.

  • 15 damage at level 3
  • 25 damage at level 4
  • 37 damage at level 5
  • 45 damage at level 6
  • 60 damage at level 7

(Signature) Spreading Insanity: Half-lit sprinkles a purple and black powder on a toon that causes it to function like it is on the cogs' side. This lasts for:

  • 3 turns at level 3
  • 3 turns + 7 damage at level 4
  • 4 turns + 7 damage at level 5
  • 4 turns + 10 damage at level 6
  • 6 turns + 15 damage at level 7

(Type Signature) Shifting Shadows: Half-lit cloaks itself in shadows and transforms into another cog of its level.

Shake: Half-lit stomps on the ground, causing a tremor.

  • 2 damage at level 3
  • 4 damage at level 4
  • 6 damage at level 5
  • 9 damage at level 6
  • 12 damage at level 7

Evil Eye: Half-lit takes a look at a toon, a red eye grows out of its head, and it flies towards the toon.

  • 5 damage at level 3
  • 7 damage at level 4
  • 12 damage at level 5
  • 17 damage at level 6
  • 21 damage at level 7

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