The Govbots/Legeslatibots (Name TBD) are a cog-type that consists of various government-like cogs.

Cogs Edit

  • Pundit
  • Carpetbagger
  • Lame Duck
  • Firebrand
  • Dark Horse
  • Gerrymander
  • Backbencher
  • Whip

The Cog Boss is undetermined, I originally wanted to use "President" but it seems to close to the Sellbot Vice President, so I am currently deciding between "Prime Minister", "Commander-in-Chief", and "Speaker/Speaker of the House."

Cog Headquarters Edit

The Cog HQ contains a "Factory" and a Boss fight. The factory is the "Congressional Offices", and is one layout and non-linear, like the Sellbot factory, but with 3 levels, like some DA Offices. It is the office building and the workplace of the various congressmen. The Boss fight takes place in "The Capitol", similar to the US's capitol building, during the state of the union address. The Boss (The President) will be giving the address from the podium as the seats in the semi-circle room are filled with various congressmen, a handful of carpetbaggers, a few Lame Ducks, a lot of Firebrands, some Dark Horses, and a TON of Backbenchers, as well as two Whips, one for each party, with lots of Pundits on the raised level above for audience members, as well as some members of the other cog types. 9 Big Wig Lawbots will also be in the audience, representing the 9 Supreme Court Justices. Toons will start by fighting all the congressmen and some of the members of the audience who will fly down and have to defeat them all before moving onto two special high level skelecogs (Level 50) who are behind The President, each one facing one group of four toons, the VEEP and the Speaker. Finally, after defeating them, the toons will get to face the President himself. (I have yet to decide how this combat will work).

Notes Edit

  • I originally had decided upon "Govbots" only to realize that there was already a page with that name, two of the cog names being identical to mine (Carpetbagger and Dark Horse, though in different positions than mine. I came up with all this independently.

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