Tons of Flippy Who episodes (2003-2005) have been lost due to TBC's (Toontown Broadcasting Company) tape policy, that it was cheaper to clear out a tape of a recorded episode, rather than keep it for reruns, the tape policy expired in 2006, most of the lost episodes are the black and white episodes with the First and Second Flippy,while the coloured episodes only have 30 episodes lost, when the BW episodes have 55 lost episodes, some have been recovered, most lost  episodes are episodes with Tooneks, the Toonek episodes are EXTREMELY rare, as nearly every copy of them were destroyed except those who didn't make it to the Video Wiper, fans had recorded the audio with mics, some of the episodes that weren't destroyed or lost in anyway were either on Toontube or Toonflix, some of the Rebooted Flippy Who episodes makes references to the old Flippy Who, the only Toonek episode that the video wasn't wiped out or destroyed was The Toonek's Destiny, which was called the worst ever due to the TBC having Jellybean Cuts from The Toonek's Genesis.

TBC has put a note on the ClassicFlippy website, it said




the phone number cannot be showned, as TBC will sue you for puting phone numbers on a different site.

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