Flippy Doggenbottom is the mayor of Toontown. He is located in Toontown Central, Mickey Toon Hall. He 

Toontown Online Flippy

appears in lots of fanfictions.

Throughout many fanfictions, his personality, his reputation, and background story comes in many varieties.

Flappy GenerationEdit

In the fanfiction series, Flappy Generation, the story describes the history of Flippy, but the story is not official. Flippy isn't a prominent character in the series until Flappy Generation 3: Gocs VS. Silly Meter.

Super ToonsEdit

He is also a recurring character in the Super Toons Series.

Doctor Tricky SagaEdit

In Doctor Tricky's Shorts, his main enemy is Doctor Tricky Bumblefish, and he ends up getting kicked out of Toon Council. In this series, he is weird and crazy, unlike the real Flippy who is nice and normal. 

In Toontown's Ending, he encounters a CyToon version of Captain Skids Lemongoose and ends up becoming a CyToon himself.

The Playground WarsEdit

In the dystopian novel series, Flippy is the cold-hearted ruler of Toontown. He forms an alliance with the cogs and destroys Minnie's Melodyland, killing its inhabits and symbolizing the start of the war.

In the beginning of the novel, he captures Oswald's squad, leaving Oswald to save his friends while being hunted by Flippy.

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