This story is another sequel of Flappy Generation, following Flappy Generation 2: Reign of Titanium. It is written by FlappyWildbumper. If you are confused with the dates, read the timeline.

If you have not read the first or second stories of this trilogy, you should do so because it would be difficult to understand this fanfiction.

This fanfiction is currently incomplete. Check back for more chapters.

Chapter 1: InaugurationEdit

"As you all know," said Mr. Storm, "I am very old, and I cannot stay as President of Toontown forever. Therefore, our newly elected president will be my grandson, Flippy!"

Everyone clapped. Flippy stepped up to the stage.

"Thank you all for coming here on this day and electing me as president! I promise that I will take good care of our country," said Flippy.

Fleppy and Dew walked towards Flippy.

"Well son, you did it!" exclaimed Fleppy.

"I'm so proud of you," said Dew.

"Thanks Mom and Dad!" exclaimed Flippy.

"Let the party begin!" exclaimed Mr. Storm.

Everybody cheered and moved to the party area. Flippy, Mr. Storm, Fleppy, and Dew followed.

Fleppy and Mr. Storm took a slice of cake. Flippy sipped his soda. Dew drank dew from her bottle of dew filled and covered with dew. There was deafening music everywhere. Some Toons sat down and talked. Other Toons stood up and started dancing. Flippy kicked back and looked into the sky. The sky was all clear except for a few small clouds. Flippy squinted. He saw a small gray dot.

"What in the world is that?" asked Flippy.

Fleppy and Dew looked up.

"What?" asked Fleppy.

Suddenly the dot grew bigger and formed the shape of a cog.

"AHHH!" yelled Dew, "It's a cog!"

"I'll take care of it!" said Fleppy.

Fleppy flew up in the air. He slammed a cream pie into the cog. The cog shook it off.

"It's a goc," said Fleppy, "and a powerful one too."

Fleppy was about to slam another cream pie into the goc, but the goc took out a bottle of super glue and splattered it all over Fleppy. Fleppy couldn't move at all. He fell back down towards the ground.

"Ugh," said Fleppy, "They don't call this stuff super glue for nothing."

Before Fleppy hit the ground, the goc took out a laser and shot it towards Fleppy.

"FLEPPY LOOK OUT!!!" yelled Flippy.

The laser shot through Fleppy's heart. Fleppy fell onto the ground motionless. Flippy and Dew ran over to Fleppy.

"Dad? DAD? SAY SOMETHING!!!" yelled Flippy.

Fleppy didn't budge. Blood spilled all over Fleppy's shirt.

"He's.... really.... gone?" sobbed Dew.

Flippy grew extremely angry. He looked up. The goc already flew away.

"I'm going to get you for this!!!" yelled Flippy.

"You can't defeat all those gocs alone," said Mr. Storm.

"You're right... but I can't just stand here," said Flippy, "In the meantime, you can stay as president for a little while longer."

A blue cat and an old, purple rabbit walked over to Flippy.

"Professor Pete! Lil Oldman!" exclaimed Flippy.

"Is.... that... Fleppy?" asked Professor Pete.

"Yes...." said Flippy, "and I need to find some help to defeat the gocs once and for all."

"Well," said Lil Oldman, "Pete and I have been working on the silly meter. It's not anywhere near complete. In the meantime, maybe we should find the remaining members of the Noot Squad."

"That would take forever!" said Flippy.

"Be patient," said Professor Pete, "We already have three members from the original Noot Squad."

Professor Pete glanced at Lil Oldman and Dew and then winked at Flippy.

"You're right!" exclaimed Flippy, "Who do we find next?"

"We should search for Swimmy and Wave," said Professor Pete.

"Who's Swimmy and Wave?" asked Flippy.

"They're your father's uncle and cousin," said Pete.

"So I'm not the last Noot after all!" exclaimed Flippy.

"That's right!" exclaimed Lil Oldman.

"Off to Swimmy and Wave!" exclaimed Flippy.

Chapter 2: The New GirlEdit

"Where is Swimmy and Wave's house again?" asked Flippy as he used the Hose Technique to soar across mountains and forests.

"I think it was on the tip of a mountain," said Lil Oldman.

"No," said Professor Pete, "That was their old house. It was destroyed remember?"

"Oh right," said Lil Oldman, "I'm too old for this."

"We're not exactly babies either," said Dew.

"The house is near the river by the side of the mountain that they used to live on," said Pete.

"Right," said Flippy, "Let's go down."

The four of them swooped down to the ground. There was no house. Instead, there appeared to be a whole bunch of rubble.

"This doesn't look good," said Flippy.

A young, adult, female, red mouse walked by them while carrying groceries. She looked at the four members of the Noot Squad and dropped her groceries.

"EEEEK!!!!" shrieked the mouse.

Flippy walked up to the mouse. The mouse backed off.

"Who are you?" asked the mouse.

"My name is Flippy," said Flippy, "I mean you no harm."

"Wow! Are you a Toon or Noot?" asked the mouse, "I've never seen one in my life other than my older brother and parents."

"Yup," said Dew, "We're all Toons except Flippy, who has some Noot blood inside of him."

The rest of the current Noot Squad introduced themselves.

"It's nice to meet all of you," said the mouse, "My name is Candy."

"Candy?" asked Pete, "Isn't that Swimmy's daughter?"

"You know my dad?" asked Candy.

"Of course we do!" exclaimed Pete.

"I don't know much about him," said Candy, "Our house had an accident eighteen years ago. My brother saved me from the accident, but my parents weren't very lucky."

"That's impossible!" exclaimed Pete, "Swimmy is dead!?!?!"

"Yeah," said Candy, "I'll tell you more of the story back at home. Let's go!"

Candy picked up her groceries and walked towards her house. The Noot Squad followed.

"So who's your brother?" asked Pete.

"His name is Wave," said Candy.

"AH HAH!" exclaimed Pete, "I knew it! This is great! He's still alive."

"Yup!" exclaimed Candy.

They reached a small shack after a few minutes of walking.

"Here we are!" exclaimed Candy.

Candy opened the door and walked inside. The Noot Squad walked in afterwards.

"CANDY!" yelled a deep voice, "Did you buy the potatoes!?!? I'M STARVING!"

"YES!" yelled Candy, "You can come and cook it yourself if you don't like my style Wave. By the way, we have guests today."

"WE DO!?!?!" yelled the voice as he walked towards the main entrance.

He was a purple duck. He seemed very tall and tough. He looked at the Noot Squad.

"He must be Wave," said Flippy.

"CANDY!" yelled Wave, "Haven't I told you not to talk to strangers!?!?!"

"Yeah yeah," said Candy, "I don't have to listen to you anymore. I'm already twenty-one years old..."

"Hey that's my age!" exclaimed Flippy..

"Who are you weaklings anyways?" asked Wave.

"You know us," said Flippy, "I'm Fleppy's son, Flippy."

"I'm Bunny," said Lil Oldman.

"I'm Pete," said Professor Pete.

"I'm Dew... and I'm Fleppy's wife," said Dew.

"Oh right," said Wave, "I was at your wedding."

"You remember us then?" asked Pete.

"Of course I do," said Wave, "You guys aren't welcome here."

"Why not?" asked Flippy.

"Because I said so," said Wave, "Wait... if Dew and Flippy are here, then where is Fleppy?"

"That's why we came here," said Flippy, "He was killed by the gocs. We need you to join the Noot Squad again and fight the gocs with us."

"Hmmm...." said Wave, "Sounds fun. I'm in.... and so is Candy."

"WHAT!?!?!" yelled Candy, "Those robots are absolutely terrifying!"

"Listen," said Wave, "I'm not going to leave you here alone. Understand!?!?"

"Fine," said Candy.

"Cool," said Flippy, "Two more members to the Noot Squad! Who do we find now?"

"Well...." said Pete, "The last person to find... would be your grandfather, Flappy!"

Chapter 3: The Old Hero is BackEdit

The Noot Squad flew over to the supposed place of Flappy's home. They looked around and found a wooden cottage. They landed back on the ground and knocked on the door. An old, green duck opened the door.

"Hello there!" exclaimed the duck.

"Grandfather? Is that you?" asked Flippy.

"I have a grandson?" asked the duck, "Who are all of you anyways?"

"You really can't remember us?" asked Professor Pete.

"I'd recognize you guys anywhere," said the duck, "Pete, Dew, Bunny! Long time no see!"

"We recognize you too, Flappy," said Lil Oldman, "You're getting kind of old yourself."

"Look who's talking!" exclaimed Flappy, "Wait a second... who are you two?"

Flappy looked over at Wave and Candy.

"I knew you wouldn't recognize me," said Wave, "You're as ignorant as ever. You don't deserve to be alive you old bird."

"Oh my gosh," said Flappy, "Can it be? You're Swimmy! Wait... Swimmy is red... then.... that's impossible! You're his son, Wave?"

"Of course I am you idiot," said Wave.

"Woah... the first time I saw you, you were a little toddler," said Flappy.

"Yeah yeah. Whatever," said Wave, "This is my little sister, Candy."

"Hello," said Candy.

"That's a relief. She doesn't have your temper!" exclaimed Flappy.

"Shut up," said Wave.

"Wait a second. Where is Fleppy and Swimmy anyways?" asked Flappy.

"They're.... dead," said Flippy.

"That can't be!" yelled Flappy, "Who are you anyways?"

"I'm your grandson, Flippy," said Flippy, "We've come to ask you to join to Noot Squad again to avenge my father's death."

"Of course I will!" exclaimed Flappy.

Suddenly, the sky grew dark, and three skelecogs flew down.

"Skelecogs!" exclaimed Wave, "I'll take care of them."

"What if they're skelegocs?" asked Candy.

"There is no such thing," said Flappy, "The cogs and gocs aren't that smart yet."

Wave threw a birthday cake at maximum strength at one of the skelecogs. It brushed the cake off.

"WHAT!?!?!" yelled Dew, "That skelecog just survived a birthday cake at maximum strength from Wave... they must be skelegocs. Even gocs can't survive that."

"Uh oh," said Flappy, "WATCH OUT WAVE!"

The skelegocs threw several needles at Wave. The needles glimmered with poison.

"LEAVE MY UNCLE ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A tall brown cat jumped into the battle with a wedding cake and slammed it down while in the form of a Mega Noot. The skelegocs all exploded.

Chapter 4: The Traveler of the FutureEdit

"Wow... he's strong," said Candy.

"No kidding," said Flippy, "Who is he?"

"No idea," said Flappy.

The cat walked over to Flippy and the rest of the Noot Squad.

"Uh oh," said Dew, "He wants to kill us!"

"Hi!" said the cat.

Everyone sighed.

"Hi," said Flippy, "Do you mind telling us who you are?"

The cat smiled, "My name is Flurpy. I'm your son."

"MY SON!?!?!" exclaimed Flippy, "I don't recall having children."

"That's because I'm from twenty-five years into the future," said Flurpy.

Everybody gasped at once, "THE FUTURE!?!?!?!"

"That's impossible," said Professor Pete, "We can't even figure out how to build the silly meter."

"Actually," said Flurpy, "You were the one who built this machine."

"Wow," said Flappy, "Pete, you must be really smart."

Flippy looked over at Flurpy.

"Wait a second," said Flippy, "Who do I end up marrying?"

"You end up marrying her," said Flurpy.

He pointed at Candy. Flippy and Candy looked at each other and then blushed.

"No wonder you're so powerful," said Flappy, "You have Noot genes all over you. I thought I was the only Mega Noot."

"Okay. I didn't come here just to tell you who I am. I have something urgent to tell you guys," said Flurpy.

"Go on," said Flippy.

"In ten years, I'll be born. The gocs will be stronger than ever because they have finished developing the Mega Gocs," said Flurpy in a serious manner, "In twelve years, Flappy will die from a duck disease while Lil Oldman will die from old age. In fifteen years, the gocs invade Toontown. Professor Pete discovers how to complete the silly meter to save us. Unfortunately, one major material can only be found from a rare plant that went extinct when Flappy was about three years old. In twenty years, the gocs will destroy everything and kill every Toon except the ones that hide in the secret Toon and Noot camp. Swimmy and Wave will go to search for survivors and be killed along the way. In twenty-five years, Professor Pete will finish the time machine. At the same moment, the gocs find the secret hideout. At the last second, I flew here, and the rest of them supposedly died."

"That's some story," said Flappy.

"I don't believe it one bit," said Wave, "He's a liar."

"You're just jealous of my awesome power," said Flurpy.

"Shut up," said Wave.

"By the way," said Flurpy, "Where is Swimmy?"

"He's.... dead," said Candy.

"No he isn't," said Flurpy.

"HE'S NOT!?!?!" exclaimed Candy.

"Nope," said Flurpy.

"I'm sure that we'll see him soon," said Flappy, "Oh yeah, I'm going to die from a duck disease... isn't there a way to fix that?"

"Right," said Flurpy.

Flurpy handed Flappy a pill.

"This will heal your disease," said Flurpy, "Don't eat it now. Eat it when you actually catch the disease."

Flurpy handed a small bottle of liquid to Lil Oldman.

"Drink this," said Flurpy, "You'll become about fifteen years younger."

"I get to be Flappy's age?" asked Lil Oldman, "That's cool."

He drank the liquid and gagged. Instantly, Lil Oldman appeared to be several years younger.

"Okay let's go," said Dew.

"Wait. Why did you come here if that plant is already extinct?" asked Flappy.

"You'll need the plant at this time. Don't worry. I have some extra seats in the time machine," said Flurpy.

The Noot Squad followed Flurpy to the time machine. It was a large, round, ball-shaped ship with several chairs inside. They sat down on the chairs.

"This is really fancy," said Dew.

"Hold on tight!"

Dew and Candy screamed. The time machine blasted through the fourth dimension.

Chapter 5: Historical EventsEdit

"I'm not entirely sure that we're going to the right time. There's only one way to find out," said Flurpy.

No one could reply. They were all too surprised. The time machine slowed down to a sudden halt. The door opened. Flurpy looked outside.

"We seem to be in the middle of the forest," said Flurpy, "We should fly over to Toontown Central."

They were about to leave to the exit until they were interrupted by Flurpy.

"No wait," said Flurpy, "I'll fly the time machine over there. It'll save us the time of flying back if we're in the wrong time."

Everyone sat back down. Flurpy got the rocket boosters starting. They flew over towards Toontown Central. After an hour of flying, Dew looked out the window.

"Read his laff level!"

"His laff 781!!!!!!!"

Dew looked closely at the ground. It appeared that a younger version of herself was falling from the sky. A young cat caught her.

"Good job Fleppy!"

"Uh... Hi! I'm Fleppy."

"Um... hi.... I'm Princess Dew. Thank you for saving me!"


The young Dew and Fleppy looked up.

"Wow!" exclaimed young Fleppy, "I guess we're not the only ones who can fly."

Dew looked over to Flurpy.

"Hey Flurpy," said Dew, "Take us back in time some more. We're not there yet. I shouldn't even be born."

Okay sure," said Flurpy.

Flurpy flipped a switch and flew back in time a little more.

When they landed, there were nobody at the parade site.

"I guess this was before that parade," said Flappy.

They flew towards the direction of Toontown Central. After another hour, they arrived at Chip'n'Dale's Acorn Acres. This time, everybody looked out the window. There were two children. One of them was a green duck and the other was a brown cat.

"Hi! I'm Flappy. What's your name?"

"My name is Flower."

"Flour? I love to eat flour. I eat several loaves of bread a day!"

"NO YOU IDIOT! I meant the type of plant that's pretty and smells delightful. I'm sorry. I have a very bad temper."

"Yeah... no kidding."


"Uhh.... nothing. Maybe you should come with me if you have nothing else to do."



"WHAT CAN YOU DO! You're only thirteen years old."

"Watch this!"

"Wow... you're strong!"

Flappy sighed.

"Those were the good days," said Flappy, "Now Flower is resting in peace."

"I still don't think that this is back far enough," said Dew.

"Fine whatever," said Flurpy.

Flurpy brought the time machine back another few years. When they arrived, there was a little brown cat picking flowers from Chip'n'Dale's Acorn Acres.

"That must be Flower!" exclaimed Flappy.

"Wow," said Flippy, "Grandma looks really young and small."

Flurpy flew the time machine towards Toontown Central. Upon arrival, several toons looked up amazed. There were three Toons who were wearing special outfits while walking out of the Toon Headquarters. They were a bunny, a cat, and a pig.

"Hey Fish. Do you think we're ready to take down the bullion mint?"

"Yeah why not!"

"I'm coming too."

"Sally. It's too dangerous. You could get killed."

"I'm part of this squad too. Let me come."

"Let her come Bunny. She wants to be with you."

"Fine. Be careful though."

"Wow is that me? I forgot how young I looked," said Lil Oldman.

"Hey my dad's alive!" exclaimed Professor Pete, "I have to say hi!"

"No Pete," said Flurpy, "Don't do it."

"Sally is alive too," said Lil Oldman, "This was the mission that she died to complete. It was the mission that changed my life in a horrible way until I met Flappy the next day."

The time machine flew a little further and landed near Flappy's house. It was night time already. The Noot Squad walked outside and peered through the window.

"So Flappy, what would you like to have for a bedtime story?"

"I know! Can you tell me the story about my father? I think that it's about time that I should know about him."

Flappy turned towards Flurpy.

"We need to go back farther," said Flappy.

"Right," said Flurpy.

The Noot Squad ran back into the time machine. They flew back through time again and landed a few years earlier.

Chapter 6: Flappy's FatherEdit

The Noot Squad landed in the middle of nowhere. There were only rocks and grass for miles.

"There's.... nobody... here," said Flippy.

"Hmm," said Flurpy, "That plant is somewhere in the Great Cog Desert."

"The Great Cog Desert!?!?!" yelled Dew, "That stretches for thousands of miles!"

"I guess we're going there!" exclaimed Flurpy.

Flurpy closed the doors and windows and flew towards the direction of the Great Cog Desert.

"You know, I don't understand why there is a huge desert between Toontown and Cog Nation," said Flappy.

"Who knows!" exclaimed Dew, "That must have formed a hundred years ago."

"We pretty much flew back a hundred years," said Candy.

As the time machine flew closer to the area of the Great Cog Desert, the Noot Squad looked out the window, and to their surprise, there was actually a large city rather than a desert. The city looked a lot like Toontown Central.

"Do you guys see what I'm seeing?" asked Dew.

"Yeah...." said Flippy.

The time machine landed in the middle of the city. The door opened, and the Noot Squad walked outside. Everyone stared at them and ran away.

"I wonder why everyone is acting like that," said Flippy.

"Hmph," said Wave, "They're scared."

"Oh.. they're just Noots," yelled a voice.

A small, red duck walked forward. He appeared to be seven years old or less.

"You shouldn't be here," said the duck, "The gocs are planning to attack us tomorrow."

"Something strange is going on... where are we anyways?" asked Flappy.

"Oh... you don't know? This is Noottown... I thought all Noots lived here," said the red duck.

"Noottown?" asked Flippy, "Wasn't Noottown destroyed around a hundred years ago by the gocs?"

"Uh oh," said Flappy, "That means Noottown will be destroyed tomorrow! By the way, what's your name little duck?"

The duck smiled, "My name is Swimmy."

Wave looked up.

"Swimmy? That's the same name as our father," said Candy.

"Wait," said Wave, "What if he is our father?"

"Me?" asked Swimmy, "I'm just a little kid though."

"Hmmm," said Flappy, "Where are your parents?"

"Follow me," said Swimmy.

The Noot Squad followed Swimmy. After a minute of walking, they noticed someone yelling.


"That's the one!" exclaimed Flurpy, "I'm going to go for it."

"Sure," said Flippy, "Let's go."

"I think I'll follow Swimmy," said Flappy.

"Me too," said Wave.

"Be careful then!" exclaimed Candy.

Flappy and Wave followed Swimmy. He led them into a small house. There were two Noots arguing and a baby, green duck in a baby carriage. One of the Noots was green and looked a lot like Flappy. The other Noot was red and looked a lot like Swimmy.

"Floppy!" yelled the red duck, "You are a weakling. We are sending you to Toontown because you can't destroy anybody stronger.

"Killing Toons is a bad idea," said the green duck, "They're like us. Why are you acting like this? You're my brother."

"Our country will be destroyed by tommorow, and we need a new place to stay," said the red duck.

"Listen to me, Splash," said the green duck, "It doesn't matter anymore. If I leave, my son and I will be the only ones left alive.

"Don't worry," said the red duck, "I'll still be alive. Trust me."

"Dad! I'm back," said Swimmy.

"Oh. Who are those Noots with you?" asked the red duck.

"I don't know their names yet, but they wanted to see you," said Swimmy.

"Oh sorry," said Flappy, "My name is Flappy, and this is Wave."

"Flappy?" asked the green duck, "You have the same name as my son! You're kind of old though."

"It's nice to meet you Flappy," said the red duck, "My name is Splash, and this is my incredibly weak brother, Floppy."

"Stop saying that," said Floppy.

Flappy and Wave looked at each other.

"Wow," said Flappy, "They died ages ago, and both of them are standing right here. They're even younger than you!"

"Hmmm... I've never heard about my grandfather before," said Wave.

"Grandfather?" asked Splash, "Your grandfather must be dead by now."

"Uh..." said Wave, "He's actually standing right here."

Flappy threw a cream pie at Wave. Wave fell over.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?!?!?" yelled Wave.

"You need to learn how to be quiet yourself," said Flappy.

"Hmph," said Wave as he wiped off the cream.

Floppy looked over at Splash, "Fine. I'll do it."

Floppy took his wife and son and walked into a Nootcopter. They flew towards the Noot Squad's landing site.

"I think I'll follow them," said Flappy as he took out his fire hose.

"Ill go back and catch up with the others," said Wave.

Flappy jumped and flew behind his own family.

Chapter 7: Struggle for the PlantEdit

The Noot Squad walked toward the Noot yelling for customers. Wave landed next to them and rejoined with them.

"Oh... welcome back, Wave," said Dew.

"Whatever," said Wave, "Hey Candy."

"Yeah?" asked Candy.

"You wouldn't believe it," said Wave, "but I met our father and grandfather."

"GRANDFATHER!?!?!?" everyone yelled at once.

"Dad never told us about his father..." said Candy.

"Come on guys. We need the magical gear plant," said Flurpy.

They walked up to the merchant.

"Hey. Are you guys interested in the last magical gear plant?" asked the merchant.

"Yeah!" exclaimed Flurpy.

"Well... okay," said the merchant, "I'll give it to you for ten thousand jellybeans."

"TEN THOUSAND!?!?!?!" yelled Flurpy.

"I don't think that we'll have enough jellybeans even if we combine our life savings," said Dew.

"Hmmm," said the merchant, "I'll tell you what. If nobody else can pay full price for it for the rest of the day, you can have it for whatever amount of jellybeans that you do have."

"Great!" exclaimed Flurpy.

"Where are we going to stay?" asked Candy.

"Let's go to that inn over there," said Lil Oldman.

"How do you know that that's an inn?" asked Professor Pete.

"Come on..." said Lil Oldman, "When you're as old as me, you practically recognize everything."

"Uh..." said Flippy, "Let's check it out."

They walked over to the building.

"Wait a second," said Flippy, "Where's my grandfather?"

"He followed his family," said Wave.

"I thought I was his family," said Flippy.

"I meant his parents," said Wave.

"PARENTS!?!?!?!" everyone yelled.

"Come on," said Flurpy, "It's the past."

"Oh yeah," said Dew.

They walked inside the building. There was a horse behind the counter.

"Hello," said the horse, "Will you be checking into this inn?"

"Wow," said Professor Pete, "You were right, Bunny."

"Haha..." said Lil Oldman, "Told you so!"

They payed some jellybeans for the rooms and went inside. There was a clean bathroom with anything that a Toon or Noot might need. The beds looked very comfortable. Lil Oldman and Professor Pete shared one room. Dew, Flippy, and Flurpy shared another room. Wave and Candy shared the third room. They all fell asleep as soon as possible.


"So this is Toontown?" asked Floppy.

"Don't ask me!" exclaimed his wife.

"I think we should rest here," said Floppy.

Floppy landed the Nootcopter down in the grass near Flappy's first house location. Floppy took out a miniature house from his pocket and threw it on the ground. It instantly popped into a house. The house looked exactly the same as Flappy's first house.

Several hours later...

"Time to wake up!!!" yelled Dew.

Everybody jumped out of bed.

"Don't yell loudly," said Flippy, "You're going to break our eardrums, Mom!"

"Let's go see if that plant is ours!" said Flurpy.

They ran outside. Everybody was screaming and running around.

"Why are they panicking?" asked Flippy.

"It must be the gocs!" exclaimed Wave.

"Where did the Noot who was selling the plant go off to?" asked Flurpy.

"There he is!" exclaimed Professor Pete as he pointed at a Noot that was running away with a glowing plant.

"Quick! Let's catch up to him!" exclaimed Flurpy.

They ran towards the merchant. Gocs flew into the city from every direction.

"Oh it's you guys!" exclaimed the merchant, "Here, take the plant for free! I don't want it!"

The merchant handed the plant to Flurpy and tried to run away. A goc flew over and shot a laser through the merchant's head.

"Oh no..." said Flippy.

"Quick! Let's get back to the ship!" yelled Flurpy.

"WAIT!" yelled Dew, "What about Flappy?"

"Let's get into the ship first. We can fly to him," said Flurpy.

"You're right," said Dew, "Let's go."

Chapter 8: The Destruction of NoottownEdit

The Noot Squad ran over in the direction of the time machine. There were explosions everywhere. Happy Noot buildings were becoming sad goc buildings. As soon as they arrived at the time machine, it was blown up by a group of gocs.

"Oh no!" yelled Flurpy, "There's no way to get back to our original timeline anymore!"

"WHAT!?!?!?" yelled Candy, "I don't want to be stuck here forever!"

"LOOK OUT!" yelled Professor Pete.

A goc laughed as he fired Lil Oldman. Lil Oldman's legs became heavily burned.

"OUCH!" yelled Lil Oldman, "I'm going to have to live in The Brrrgh for the rest of my life if I want to cool down my burns."

Lil Oldman fell down, unable to walk.

"We have to fight," said Flippy.

"Hehe," said Wave, "Come get a piece of me, gocs!"

Wave transformed himself into a Mega Noot and started throwing gags at the gocs with the maximum power limit.

"Since when could you transform, Wave?" asked Flippy.

"Very recently. You have no idea how much suffering I went through to achieve this ability," said Wave.

Dew, Professor Pete, and Candy crowded up next to Lil Oldman to try and stay safe. Flippy and Flurpy tried to protect them. Wave appeared to be defeating the gocs, but the stream of gocs seemed endless. His laff slowly diminished.

"I can't fight them for much longer," said Wave.

"I'll help you!" yelled Flippy.

"No! You'll get in the way. Your laff is only slightly above ten thousand," said Wave, "I have 1,370,000 laff... it's a large difference."

"Then let me help you," said Flurpy.

"Your laff isn't very impressive either," said Wave.

"Watch this," said Flurpy.

Flurpy fired up his inner laughing power. Everyone stared at him. Wave turned to look at him. The nearby gocs stopped moving to look at him. In no time, Flurpy also became a Mega Noot. Flippy's jaw dropped.

"You're... a MEGA NOOT!?!?!" exclaimed Flippy, "but... but... you're not even an adult yet."

"I have my experiences," said Flurpy.

Flurpy blasted up to help Wave.

"I have to learn how to do that..." said Flippy.

"Yeah," said Dew, "Maybe your father and I will beat it into you."

"Dad isn't even alive," said Flippy.

Dew sighed. The amount of gocs never seemed to end. Flurpy and Wave were worn out.

"This isn't working," said Flurpy.

As soon as Flurpy and Wave were about to fall over due to lack of laff, there was a huge explosion. In the middle of the explosion was an old red duck. The gocs retreated, but the Noot Squad knew that they were coming back.

"I wonder how that happened," said Flippy.

"It was my father," said Wave.

"Swimmy?" asked Dew, "How in the world could he have gotten here?"

"I don't know," said Wave, "but it certainly was him. He sacrificed himself for us."

Wave and Candy put up a frown on their faces. A lightbulb popped above Flurpy's head.

"Wait!" exclaimed Flurpy, "If Swimmy was able to come to this timeline, that must mean that he has a time machine!"

"Yay! Freedom!" exclaimed Dew.

Flurpy and Wave calmed down. They transformed back to their original form. Suddenly, a strange robot landed next to the Noot Squad. He appeared to be the leader of the gocs, but he didn't look like one himself. Flurpy and Wave immediately turned back into Mega Noots.

"What do you want?" asked Flippy.

"I want..." said the robot, "to kill all of you."

Chapter 9: The Noot Possessing MachineEdit

"Eeek!" screamed Candy.

"Don't worry," said Flippy, "Flurpy and Wave will protect all of us."

"Who are you?" asked Flurpy.

"You can call me Gloc. I came from outer space, and I took over the leadership of the gocs," said the robot.

Flippy ran over to Wave and Flurpy and grabbed his Noot Juggling Prisms. Wave and Flurpy were immediately brought back to full laff.

"Hehe," said Wave, "You're weak. You're no match for us."

"You're right," said Gloc, "There is no way that I can beat the both of you, as you both have VERY high laff. Then again, maybe I can shift the odds in my favor."

Everyone stared at Gloc.

"What in the world do you mean?" asked Flurpy.

Gloc stuck out his hand. He pointed it at Wave. Wave flew up in the air with the hose technique and took out a pie to defend himself. A tiny gadget popped out of Gloc's arm, and shot a translucent and somewhat loud beam at Wave. It went through the pie and hit Wave in the chest.

"No!" yelled Candy, "Wave!"

Wave yelled and screamed at the top of his lungs. It looked like he was going to explode. Flurpy backed up. After a few long minutes of torture, Wave calmed down, and his pupils turned bright red.

"Uh... Wave? Are you okay?" asked Flurpy.

"Hmm... your name is Wave," said Gloc, "Alright then. Wave, attack the other fiery Noot."

Wave flew to the ground. He walked towards Flurpy.

"Uh Wave... your eyes look kind of red," said Flurpy.

Wave grabbed a cream pie and slammed it into Flurpy's face. Flurpy fell on his back.

"Oh no," said Professor Pete, "Wave is possessed!"

"WHAT!?!?!?!" yelled Flurpy.

Swimmy dropped an anvil on Flurpy. Flurpy rubbed his head and stood up.

"Wait a second," said Pete, "Throw gags don't work on other Toons or Noots. How come Wave's cream pie hurt Flurpy?"

"Hehehe," said Gloc, "When I possessed Wave, his gags also became possessed. They're as dangerous as goc attacks."

Flurpy began to retaliate with some of his gags. His throw and squirt gags had no effect. Wave slammed a birthday cake into Flurpy and pushed him back ten feet. Then, Wave dropped a grand piano on top of Flurpy, instantly pushing him deep into the ground. After the piano disappeared, the Noot Squad could see Flurpy lying unconsciously as the Mega Noot transformation faded.

"NOOO!!!!" yelled Flippy, "Flurpy!!!!"

"Oh my gosh," said Candy, "Our son is nearly dead."

"Finish him!" yelled Gloc.

Wave walked over with a button in his hand. He pressed it, and a grand piano that was ten times larger fell towards Flurpy.

"NOOO!!!" yelled Flippy.

At that moment, Flippy transformed into a Mega Noot and attacked Wave with a giant foghorn. Wave was launched backwards by the echoing sound waves.

"It's too late," said Gloc, "Nothing can stop that piano from landing now!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Gloc wins again!"

The piano suddenly bursted in half. There was a squirt of water in between the two halves. One half fell on Wave. The other half fell towards Gloc, although Gloc dodged it. The piano caused dust to rise up in the air. In the middle of the dust, The Noot Squad could faintly see a middle-aged cat in the form of a Mega Noot. Flippy squinted and transformed back to normal.

"It's... It's... Dad...." said Flippy.

"NO WAY!!!!!!!" yelled Dew.

Wave woke up from his possessed form. He looked at Fleppy.

"How in the world!?!?!?" yelled Wave.

"NOOO!!! He ruined everything!" yelled Gloc.

As the dust cleared, the Noot Squad stared in awe as they saw Fleppy walk over, glowing red with fire and holding a fire hose.

"Sorry guys," said Fleppy, "Am I late?"

Chapter 10: Fleppy Vs. WaveEdit

"How did... but... um... you..." stuttered Flippy.

"How I'm alive?" asked Fleppy.

"Yeah," said Dew.

"It was Swimmy," said Fleppy, "He gave his life to me."

"But we just saw Swimmy die," said Candy.

"That wasn't Swimmy. I saw that too. It was Swimmy's father. Splash, from this timeline."

"So the Swimmy from our timeline is still alive?" asked Candy.

Fleppy sighed.

"Not anymore," said Fleppy.

"Enough talk," said Gloc, "Wave, finish them off!"

"No," said Wave.

"WHAT!?!?!?" yelled Gloc, "He escaped my possession!"

"My fight is with Fleppy," said Wave, "My father was a great Noot. Why did he give his life to a clown like you?"

"I feel sad for Swimmy too," said Fleppy, "but this is no time for an argument between teammates."

"If you won't fight me," said Wave, "I'll kill all of you."

"What has gotten into him?" asked Professor Pete.

Wave jumped in front of Fleppy and slammed a birthday cake with such force that Fleppy flew over a hundred feet away. Fleppy stepped back up and walked towards Wave. Wave tried it again, but this time, Fleppy also slammed a birthday cake. The two cakes collided, and both Noots were trying as hard as they could to push the cakes into the other person.

"This isn't right," said Fleppy.

"You're not right," said Wave, "You're too weak to beat me. I will avenge my father."

Wave pushed harder, and the cake moved closer to Fleppy.

"Wave! You have to calm down!" yelled Fleppy.

"No," said Wave, "You have to die."

Wave pushed even harder. and the cake was right next to Fleppy's face.

"If you won't listen, I'm going to have to use my special power on you," said Fleppy.

"You're trying to scare me," said Wave, "I see through your bluff."

"Special power?" asked Flippy in a confused voice.

"I wonder what Fleppy is talking about," said Pete.

Wave pushed even harder, and Fleppy could practically taste the icing on the side of the tasty cake.

"I'm sorry that I have to do this," said Fleppy.

Instantly, Fleppy's fiery aura grew twice as large as Fleppy powered up his laff. His laff was so intense that Professor Pete, Candy, and Dew started laughing their head off, and Lil Oldman jumped up from his unconscious state and started doing a dance.

"WOAH! AWESOME!" yelled Flippy.

"I thought that the maximum laff was 1,370,000!" yelled Dew.

The cakes slowly moved back towards Wave.

"How is this possible!?!?!?" yelled Wave.

Dew took out Flower's old laff detector and pointed it at Fleppy. It flew up to 1,370,000 and then shattered.

"Oh my god! He really is above the maximum!" yelled Dew.

Professor Pete took out his improved laff detector and pointed it at Fleppy. It immediately flew up to three million.

"WOAH!" yelled Pete, "His laff is above three million!!! It's still rising!!!"

By now, Fleppy was laughing at the top of his lungs to power up. His red aura grew even larger. It turned orange. The cake was moving even closer to Wave. Pete was looking back at the laff detector, now reading five million.

"HIS LAFF IS INCREDIBLE!!!!" yelled Pete still laughing from Fleppy laff aura.

Wave backed up a step. The cake was inching even closer to Wave. Fleppy's aura grew even larger and brighter as he tried as hard as he could to continue powering up. The laff detector climbed up to eight million. The ground began to shake. Dust flew up into the air.

"Wow!!! Even the ground is laughing!" yelled Dew.

"My... laff... detector... can only... read... up to... ten... million," yelled Pete as he tried to cover himself from the sand.

Fleppy's aura began to turn a golden color. Wave nearly lost his balance as the cakes moved even closer to him. Fleppy's aura was so hot that it melted the icing off of the cakes. The Noot Squad was having a hard time standing up, as they were laughing too hard and the wind was intense.

"He's.... so... powerful!!!" yelled Wave.

Pete's laff detector started beeping. Pete looked down. The laff detector read ten million and then shattered.

"WOW!" yelled Pete, "Fleppy grew ten times stronger!!!"


Fleppy stopped laughing as he stopped powering up his laff. Instantly, he smashed the cakes into Wave. Wave launched back even farther than Fleppy. Wave crawled back to Fleppy.

"No..." said Wave, "This can't be happening. I'm the strongest Mega Noot in the world!"

"That's true," said Fleppy, "because I'm not a Mega Noot anymore. You can call this a Giga Noot."

Dew, Pete, Candy, Lil Oldman, and Flippy calmed down.

"Why do you think his aura is yellow?" asked Candy.

"Well," said Pete, "In the heat spectrum, yellow is hotter than red."

"I see," said Candy.

Wave trembled.

"A... Giga Noot!?!?!?" yelled Wave, "I can now see.... why Swimmy gave his life to you. I'm sorry."

"It's your turn to die now," said Fleppy as he looked at Gloc.

Gloc rose from the sand that buried him.

"Not so fast," said Gloc, "I'll need to power up too."

Gloc smiled.

"This doesn't look good," said Flippy.

Gloc opened his cartridge on his body and instantly absorbed Wave and Flurpy, who were still on the ground. Then he shot a rocket hand from his right arm and knocked Flippy out. Once Wave and Flurpy were absorbed, Gloc absorbed Flippy also, and his right hand came back.

"NO!!!!" yelled Fleppy.

Chapter 11: Giga PowerEdit

"What did you do to them!?!?!" yelled Fleppy.

"I simply absorbed them," said Gloc with a smirk on his face, "If you want to see them again, you'll have to beat me."

"I'm going to do more than beat you," said Fleppy angrily.

"Let's see you try. I have the power of three Mega Noots," said Gloc.

Gloc laughed and then charged at Fleppy with a tax bill. Fleppy grinned. He took out a birthday cake and held it out in front of him.

"Your cake won't work!" yelled Gloc.

"I think a cake is more than enough," said Fleppy, still grinning.

"What in the world is Fleppy doing?" asked Dew.

"He's insane," said Professor Pete.

Gloc started charging even faster. In a split second, Fleppy infused a small fraction of his laff into the cake. Gloc tried to stop, but the cake exploded and blasted him all the way to space with icing covering his metal circuits.

"You have the power of three Mega Noots," yelled Fleppy as Gloc was still flying, "but I have the power of ten."

After Gloc went out of sight, Flippy, Flurpy, and Wave fell from the sky and landed on the ground. They were all unconscious. Fleppy calmed down back to his normal form. Dew walked over to Fleppy and started slapping him. Candy put up a grin on her face.


"Geez," said Fleppy, "I'm sorry... hehe."

"Wait," said Professor Pete, "How did you get here? Did you have a time machine?"

"Yeah," said Fleppy, "Swimmy built one. He had a device that could copy anything and build it in some time."

"Yay!" exclaimed Candy, "We're going home!"

"Since when did Swimmy see a time machine?" asked Dew.

"He was spying on Flurpy," said Fleppy, "Atleast that's what he told me."

"He was?" asked Flurpy, now getting up from the dirt.

"Yeah," said Fleppy, "Welcome back."

"Thanks," said Flurpy, "We better hurry back. Professor Pete will need some time to build the Silly Meter."

In a few moments, Flippy and Wave woke up as well.

"Let's go," said Flurpy.

They geared up their hoses and flew in the direction that Fleppy stated. In a few minutes, they arrived.

"That wasn't very far," said Flippy.

"I never said it was far," said Fleppy.

They walked into the time machine, and Flurpy began to open up the controls.

"Wow, this looks exactly like my time machine," said Flurpy.

Flurpy was about to fly back to the present time when Flippy stopped him.

"Wait," said Flippy, "We're forgetting something."

"What?" asked Flurpy.

"DON'T TELL ME YOU FORGOT!?!?!?" yelled Flippy, "MY GRANDFATHER!!!"

"Woops," said Flurpy, "Hehe... forgot about Flappy."

"Flappy is here?" asked Fleppy.

"Didn't Swimmy tell you?" asked Dew.

"So..." said Flurpy, "Where is he?"

"He's at the original landing site," said Wave, "I saw him."

"I'm too old for this," said Lil Oldman.

Flurpy flipped the controls and flew towards the original landing site.

Chapter 12: Fluppy, the Ancestor of FlippyEdit

At the Floppy Residence...

"WHAT!?!?!" yelled Floppy, "Now Toontown has been invaded also!?!?!"

"We should rescue that Scrooge guy," said Floppy's wife, "He might be able to help."

"I'm not sure," said Floppy, "Splash was right, I'm too weak."

"We have to try. We can rally a squad to come with us."

"Fine. Let's go."

Floppy and his wife boarded the NootCopter.

"I hope Flappy is safe," said Floppy.

The tiny, toddler duck started waving at Floppy.

The NootCopter flew away in the direction of Toontown Central as little Flappy slowly watched them fly away.

"Oh no!" yelled old Flappy, "They're going to leave him... I mean me... all by myself? I don't want to change history, but I have to take care of him."

Flappy walked towards Flappy. Little Flappy looked up.

"Who are you?" asked little Flappy.

"Uh... uh... uh..." said Flappy, "I'm Flappy!"

"No you're not!" exclaimed little Flappy, "I'm Flappy!"

"Oh um... hmmm... right my name is..." Flappy thought hard, "You can call me Fluppy."

"Oooh!" exclaimed little Flappy, "I was told not to talk to strangers."

"Oh! You're parents told me to take care of you," said Flappy, "I'm your grandfather!"

What am I saying!?!?!

Flappy thought hard. He felt very confused.

Where is Grandfather Fluppy anyways? Isn't he supposed to be taking care of me? Maybe... I'm not changing history afterall. Maybe this is my destiny. Who's going to save Toontown in the present time then? Wait a second... I am Fluppy... This is what I was destined for. I'm not destined to save Toontown. That's... the job... for Flippy!

The time machine landed next to Floppy's house. The door opened.

"Hey Grandpa!" yelled Flippy, "Are you coming?"

"Actually," said Flappy, "I'm going to stay here."

"WHAT!?!?!" yelled Flurpy, "Then who is going to save Toontown in the present time!?!?!?"

"He's standing right next to you," said Flappy.

Flurpy looked beside him and saw Flippy.

"Me!?!?!?" exclaimed Flippy, "but Fleppy is so much better than I am."

"You are the President of Toontown," said Flappy, "It's your job to save it. Now.... turn into a Mega Noot."

Flippy and Flappy both turned into Mega Noots as their red auras grew.

"This feeling might make you laugh," said Flappy.

Flappy held out his hand and began to infuse his laff into Flippy. Flippy started laughing like crazy. After a while, Flippy's aura grew several times larger and turned yellow.

"Woah!" exclaimed Flippy, "I'm a Giga Noot!"

"What!?!?!?!?!" yelled Wave, "Grr... I must become stronger."

"Now go," said Flappy, "Go and be a hero."

"I will, Grandpa," said Flippy.

Everybody waved at Flappy and then went back into the time maching. Flurpy geared up the time machine and flew back to the present day.

"I'm so glad that we're back," said Dew, "I'm exhausted!"

"Me too!" exclaimed Candy.

"I think you're always exhausted," said Wave.

"Shut up!" exclaimed Candy and Dew.

"You're exhausted? We did all the fighting!" exclaimed Flippy.

"You better get started on that Silly Meter," said Flurpy, "I'll tell you how to build it so that you can build it faster."

"Right," said Pete, "Let's get started."

Chapter 13: It's Too EarlyEdit

After five years of continuous building, the Silly Meter is nearly complete. The Noots have been training to become even stronger, and they can all achieve the form of Giga Noot now.

"Yes!" exclaimed Professor Pete, "I see... hmm... we'll be finished in no time!"

"This is great!" exclaimed Flurpy, "We may be able to rescue ToonTown after all."

"Haha!" said Flippy, "Maybe grandpa was wrong. This silly meter looks like it can beat anything."

"Oh by the way, Dew," said Pete, "I'm sorry about Mr. Storm. He was a great man."

"Yeah," said Dew, "Thanks. I guess his time came."

Dew walked outside.

"HEY!!!" yelled Dew, "INCOMING!!!"

"Oh no!" yelled Candy.

"WHAT!?!?!?" yelled Flurpy, "Why are the gocs attacking right now?"

"Maybe they discovered how to build the Mega Gocs," said Fleppy.

"That can't be right!" said Flurpy, "That doesn't happen for ten more years!"

"Maybe they're early," said Lil Oldman.

"Hmm.. have I really changed history that much?" asked Flurpy.

Suddenly, the roof bursted open and four gocs flew inside the building. Instead of rusty metal, their parts were chrome instead.

"Uh oh..." said Flippy, "Something tells me that those are Mega Gocs."

"Yeah...." said Flurpy with a scared look on his face.

Fleppy, Flippy, Flurpy, and Wave powered up their laff and became Giga Noots. Pete tried to work as fast as he could. Each of them began fighting a Mega Goc. With some difficulty, they smashed the Mega Gocs to the point where three of them exploded. The last one was short-circuiting. Flurpy walked up to it.

"Tell me, goc!" yelled Flurpy, "How did you figure out how to build the Mega Gocs so quickly?"

"Ha... Ha!" said the goc blandly, "Our leader.... Doomsday Goc... spied on Noot from the future...he... will lead us... to victory!!!"

The Mega Goc exploded. Flurpy jumped back.

"Oh no..." said Flurpy, "This is my fault. They're attacking already. Sooner or later, several more will come."

"I don't like the sound of Doomsday Goc," said Flippy.

"Good thing we don't have to fight him. He's probably sitting in his chair right now while watching the progress of the Mega Gocs," said Flurpy

"Phew... we're safe," said Flippy.

"You guys are cowards," said Wave.


"Ugh!" yelled Pete, "I broke the glass. Great! We're under attack, and we don't have anymore glass."

Fleppy, Flippy, Flurpy, and Wave ran back inside.

"How's the Silly Meter going?" asked Fleppy?

"Not good," said Pete, "We need more glass."

"Where in the world can we get more glass?" asked Flurpy.

"Uh... we could go find some in Goc Nation," said Fleppy.

"Great!" said Flippy sarcastically, "We'll have to fight Doomsday Goc after all."

"In the meantime," said Flurpy, "finish building the rest of the Silly Meter."

"Right," said Pete, "Good luck!"

Chapter 14: Doomsday GocEdit

The four Noots flew over towards Goc Nation with their fire hoses while they transformed into Giga Noots.

"I just wanted to govern Toontown. I didn't expect to fight powerful robots that could make Toons go sad just by hearing their names," said Flippy.

"Isn't that your job?" asked Flurpy.

"I wish it wasn't," said Flippy.

"You're a coward," said Wave.

They burst into the building and immediately destroyed a few gocs. The alarm rang and several gocs ran into the room, only to be destroyed instantly. Three guards approached the Noots.

"You are not welcome here," said the guards, "You can choose to surrender or be instantly annihilated."

Flurpy punched one of them. It stood up again.

"Bad choice," said one of the guards. The guard smashed Flurpy into the ground.

"They must be Mega Gocs," said Fleppy.

Flurpy stood up and rubbed his head. Fleppy tried to destroy one with a cream pie. It injured the Mega Goc, but the guard just shrugged it off. Flippy was tangled up in his fire hose.

"You guys are terrible at cog fighting," said Wave, "It's not a bad thing to use strong gags."

Wave smashed all three guards with pianos. Fleppy backed up and stared at the pianos. Flippy pulled off his fire hose. Wave slammed the door to the Chairman open. Fleppy jumped inside and smashed all the windows. He put the glass into a large bag.

"Bring this back to Professor Pete," said Fleppy to Flippy.

"Don't you need my help?" asked Flippy.

"I'm sure you can come back in time to help us," said Fleppy.

Flippy ran back outside and blasted off.

A large goc with giant gears and a black suit flew into the room.

"WHAT THE!" bellowed the giant goc, "WHO DESTROYED MY MILLION DOLLAR WINDOWS!?!?!?!?!"

"We did," said Fleppy, whos voice sounded like a whisper compared to the giant goc.

"YOU WILL DIE!!!" yelled the giant goc.

"I didn't picture that Doomsday Goc would be so big..." said Flurpy.

The giant goc smashed his foot on the ground, causing the Noots to nearly fly out from the window frame.

"We're doomed," said Flurpy, "I guess that's why his name is Doomsday Goc."

Wave ran as fast as he could and tried to smash a cake into the goc. It had no effect. Wave was brushed back with Flurpy and Fleppy.

"Hey," said Flurpy, "I've got a plan."


"WAVE!" yelled Fleppy, "You know you can't beat him alone anyways."

"If you guys won't help me, what choice do I have," said Wave.

"JUST LISTEN TO MY PLAN!" yelled Flurpy.

"FINE!" yelled Wave.

"Clearly, the only way we can beat him is if we push him off the building," said Flurpy, "He's extremely heavy, and we're so high up the ground that I can see clouds from here."

"That's pointless," said Wave, "He can fly."

Flurpy cleared his throat, "Listen to the rest of the plan. I'll lure him over to the window with a hundred dollar bill. Once he is close enough, you and Fleppy smash his rocket thrusters with cakes, which should be enough power to push him off the edge."

"I like it," said Fleppy.

"Fine," said Wave, "Let's go."

Doomsday Goc was about to smash them. Wave and Fleppy jumped behind him while Flurpy threw out his money near the window frame. At the sight of the cash, Doomsday Goc ran towards it. Wave and Flurpy smashed their birthday cakes into Doomsday Gocs, and he fell off the edge yelling and trying to fly. After a minute, there was a loud clunk.

"Wow," said Fleppy, "That was fast."

"I bet Dad isn't even back at Toontown Central yet," said Flurpy.

"I hope that Doomsday Goc is really dead," said Fleppy.

"Of course he is," said Wave, "No one could survive that."

"Bravo!!!" exclaimed a voice from across the room.

The Noots turned around. There was a dark, small, cloaked goc that was walking across the room.

"I must admit, you have very creative ways to destroy gocs," said the goc, "He was one of my best minions!"

"Um..." said Flurpy, "Who are you?"

"I'm.... Doomsday Goc," said the goc.

"Uh oh," said Flurpy.

Chapter 15: Too MuchEdit

Fleppy, Flippy, and Flurpy cowered in fear. Doomsday Goc appeared to be really small, but looked very menacing. Wave stepped up to make the first move.

"You guys are such cowards," said Wave.

Wave tried throwing a birthday cake, but Doomsday Goc infused it with black smoke and knocked it backwards. It hit Wave, and Wave was tossed out of the building. He flew back in, rubbing his head. Doomsday Goc moved so quickly that it appeared as if he teleported. He ran forward at light speed and slammed a dictionary into Wave's face. Wave fell over.

"Arrrrgh... he's way too powerful... but I can't give up," said Wave.

He tried to step forward, but suddenly, a searing headache came up, and he transformed back into his normal form. He collapsed and fell unconscious.

"NO! WAVE!" yelled Flurpy.

"Ah... guys... we have to make a plan," said Fleppy.

"Any ideas?" asked Flippy.

Doomsday Goc chuckled.

"You Noots are so weak. Your laff levels are pathetic. I don't even need to use a quarter of my power to defeat you all. Prepare to start crying you filthy toons!" exclaimed Doomsday Goc.

The three Noots all stepped up to throw pies at Doomsday Goc. With their combined gag throwing powers, they were able to keep up with the boring attacks of Doomsday Goc. Eventually, one of the pies hit him in the face.

"YES!" exclaimed Flurpy.

Doomsday Goc wiped his face.

"Hehe... not bad guys. I guess I'll have to increase my power usage to 30%," said Doomsday Goc.

"WHAT!?!?!?" yelled Fleppy, "You must be bluffing. There's no way that can be possible. No cog or goc is that powerful."

"Oh I'm afraid you're wrong my friend," said Doomsday Goc.

After a short burst of electricity, Doomsday Goc ran forward and stamped all of them. They fell over and struggled to get up. Fleppy managed to stand up again. He threw his wedding cake at maximum force. Doomsday Goc fell over.

"Grr... That hurt!" yelled Doomsday Goc, "You're going to die."

Fleppy backed up.

"NO!" yelled Flippy, who was still trying to get up.

Doomsday Goc grabbed a massive tank of water, and Fleppy grabbed a fire hose. In a fraction of a second, two high-pressured blasts of water bursted out. Doomsday Goc appeared to be completely calm, while Fleppy was using all of his laff to push the water away from him. Eventually, he was overpowered, and the water pushed him into a wall. As a last resort, Fleppy tried dropping a grand piano on Doomsday Goc. It landed, but was instantly destroyed.

"Ouch!" said Doomsday Goc, "Just for that one, you die now."

Fleppy became to weak to fight. His aura fainted, and he fell back into his normal form.

"No... dad..." whispered Flippy.

Flippy was able to stand up, but it was too late. A quadruple laser beam shot straight through Fleppy's chest.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" yelled Flippy.

Fleppy fell down. Flippy slowly walked over to him.

"Heh... death all over again," whispered Fleppy.

"Don't joke around like that dad..." whispered Flippy.

Fleppy coughed and gasped.

"I'm... sorry... son..." said Fleppy, "but your grandfather was right. It's up to you to save Toontown... not me..."

"DAD I NEED YOU!" yelled Flippy.

"Good luck son..." said Fleppy quietly as he closed his eyes.

Flippy sobbed. Flurpy stood up.

"I'm sorry Flippy," said Flurpy, "but we have more important things to focus on."

"Oh boo hoo your dad is gone!" laughed Doomsday Goc, "Well he had it coming to him!"

Flippy was enraged. He ran over to Doomsday Goc and smashed a birthday cake straight into his face, pushing him to the very back of the room.

"Hmm... you are being powered by your anger. Nothing I can't handle. For my amusement, I guess I'll increase my power to 50%," said Doomsday Goc.

Another spark flew around Doomsday Goc.

"This guy... he's incredible!" yelled Flurpy.

Flippy became even more mad. He summoned a massive storm above Doomsday Goc.

"Ugh," said Doomsday Goc, "Now my cloak is wet. You seem very angry."


"HAHAHAHA!" laughed Doomsday Goc, "Well you'll be more angry once I'm finished with your friend over there."

Doomsday Goc shot another quadruple laser beam at Flurpy. Flurpy attempted to dodge it, but Doomsday Goc shocked him with electricity, causing him to be frozen stiff. The laser beam was inching closer and closer, and Flurpy knew that if he didn't do anything quick, he would be history.

"NOOOOOOO!" yelled Flippy.

At the last moment, Flurpy pulled out a hidden mirror. Unfortunately, Doomsday Goc saw this, so he twirled the laser around the mirror and struck Flurpy in the head. Flurpy immediately fell back to his normal state and fell down. Flippy looked down at his futuristic son.

"No..." whispered Flippy, "It can't be..."

"HAHA! Your friend is now dead, and you're next," said Doomsday Goc.

Flippy bursted in anger. The yellow aura of cupcakes around him increased dramatically and turned white.

"Haha... that's my dad... I'm glad... that I was able to help..." said Flurpy.

Slowly, Flurpy passed away.

"YOU KILLED MY SON!" yelled Flippy.

"Why do you care?" asked Doomsday Goc, "He wasn't even from this timeline."


The aura grew larger and larger and larger and was overwhelming to the point that it woke Wave up. Wave looked up.

"WOAH... THAT'S... SO POWERFUL... CAN'T... RESIST... LAUGHING..." said Wave.

Suddenly, Wave burst out in laughter, and the aura turned into a bluish color.

"Hah..." said Doomsday Goc, "This should be interesting."

Chapter 16: The Ultimate Laughing PowerEdit

"NO!" yelled Professor Pete, "THE SILLY METER IS IN DANGER."

"ARGH!" yelled Lil Oldman, "We're being overpowered."

"DANG!" yelled Professor Pete, "WE NEED THE GLASS NOW!"

Suddenly, several Mega Gocs broke into the building.

"Grr..." said Professor Pete, "When you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself."

Professor Pete transformed into a Mega Toon and started fighting the Mega Gocs by himself. He threw many pies and drenched them with water, but he was still overpowered.

"Ugh," said Professor Pete, "Hurry up guys, we really need the glass."


With a massive blue aura of cupcakes around him, Flippy walked over to Wave.

"Hey... Wave..." said Flippy, "Grab some glass and go back to Toontown Central. I'll take care of Doomsday Goc."

"Fine," said Wave, "Your gag powers... they're so intense. You better be careful."

"Don't worry," said Flippy, "I'll be fine. I'm guessing that I'm now even more powerful than a Giga Noot. Hmm... Tera Noot it is!"

"HAH!" blurted Doomsday Goc, "A Tera Noot? Even if that's true, you are still no match for me."

Wave grabbed some crates of glass and then flew back towards Toontown Central.

"You monster..." whispered Flippy.

Flippy took out a squirt gun and pointed it towards Doomsday Goc.

"HAHA!" yelled Doomsday Goc, "What's that going to do to me? Give me a bath?"

Flippy pulled the trigger, and a super powerful stream of water hit Doomsday Goc in the chest. He flung out of the building.

"GAH!" yelled Doomsday Goc, "HOW IS THE SQUIRT GUN SO POWERFUL?"

He hovered back into the room.

"How powerful is this guy anyways?" said Doomsday Goc as he turned on his laff detector.

Instantly, the laff detector shattered.

"WHAT!?!?!?" yelled Doomsday Goc, "THERE'S NO WAY!!!! My laff detector is programmed to detect laff levels up to a billion. That means...."

Flippy pulled out a fruit pie and threw it at Doomsday Goc. Doomsday Goc jumped and was barely able to dodge it.

"OH GEEZ," exclaimed Doomsday Goc, "He has over a billion laff! OH NO! HE'S MORE POWERFUL THAN I AM!"

Flippy started throwing cupcakes at Doomsday Goc while Doomsday Goc retaliated with envelopes. Doomsday Goc charged up to maximum power and tried shooting Flippy with a quintuple plasma laser cannon. Flippy deflected it using a squirting flower.

"WHAT!?!?!?" yelled Doomsday Goc, "IMPOSSIBLE!"

Flippy beat up Doomsday Goc with various gags. Eventually, Doomsday Goc was too weak to move.

"No... THIS CAN'T BE! THE GOCS MUST WIN!" yelled Doomsday Goc.

"You are such a horrible machine," said Flippy, "Your time is up. It's over Doomsday Goc."

"NO!" screamed Doomsday Goc.

"You are going to pay for each and every life that you have taken," said Flippy, "In the end, people like you will never succeed."


"You're finished."

Flippy pulled out a button. He pressed it, and a massive ship fell down. It crushed Doomsday Goc into a pancake. Flippy regressed back to his normal form and collapsed of exhaustion.

Chapter 17: The World is Silly Once AgainEdit

Wave arrived at the laboratory seeing Professor Pete being beaten up by various gocs. Wave destroys all of them and gives the glass to Professor Pete.

"Ugh... sorry Wave," said Professor Pete as he turned back into a normal Toon again, "but I'm too weak to finish the construction of the Silly Meter. You're going to have to do it."

"ME!?!?!?" exclaimed Wave in a surprised tone, "I couldn't build anything even if my life depended on it!"

"It's simple really," said Professor Pete, "Just melt the glass down in that furnace over there, and hook the glass onto the open hole over there."

Wave dumped the glass into the furnace, then waited. After about five minutes, he grabbed the box of molten glass and molded it into the correct shape. Then he placed it over the silly meter.

"Now what?" asked Wave.

"Push the start button," said Professor Pete.

Wave pushed the start button, and as soon as the button is pushed, the Silly Meter rises and begins to shake, and suddenly, gags flew all over Toontown. Wave looked out the window. The mega gocs were being showered by cream pies. There were explosions everywhere. Toons gathered up to watch the fireworks.

"IT WORKS!" exclaimed Professor Pete.

Every second, a mega goc would blow up and leave a huge trail of colors. The Toons watched with delight.

Flippy crawled up from Goc Nation and looked in the sky. Seeing all of the pretty colors, he flies back and watches the fireworks along with all of the Toons. Eventually, all of the mega gocs were gone and the colors faded.

"WOOHOO!" yelled Lil Oldman.

Everybody started dancing and celebrating. There were parties everywhere. Cannons were firing. Music was deafening. Professor Pete stood up.

"HEY GUYS! FLIPPY IS BACK!" exclaimed Professor Pete.

Lil Oldman, Candy, Dew, and Wave looked over. They all jumped in excitement, but Flippy told them about the death of Fleppy and Flurpy.

"Oh my," said Candy.

"That's terrible!" said Professor Pete.

"Fleppy.... he's dead?" whispered Dew.

Dew started crying.

"We're going to have a funeral for them," said Lil Oldman.

In a few days, all of the Toons gathered in the middle of Toontown Central to honor the death of Fleppy and Flurpy. Flippy began to speak.

"Hello citizens of Toontown. Thank you all for coming. We are here today to honor the proud Noots, Fleppy and Flurpy. Although most of you do not know, they helped save this world from depression. They died proudly in battle against the most dangerous villain of all time. Without them, we would not be here today. These brave Noots gave their lives so that we can live in a peaceful and fun world. We will forever be in debt of them. A moment of silence for Fleppy and Flurpy..."

Flippy began to shed tears.

"Dad, son, I won't ever forget you guys."


After this incident, Flippy continued his job as president of Toontown. Everyone was happy. Although there were still some cogs roaming the streets, it was no trouble for the Toons. Wave and Candy lived in a secluded area in the mountains where they took care of Flippy's child, Flurpy. Now you know the story of Toontown. It's your job to continue the generation of Toons and stop the cogs!

Meanwhile in an alternate timeline in a small cottage under the stars...

"So Flappy, what would you like to have for a bedtime story?"



Thank you all for reading this story. It has been a pleasure to write. I hope you have enjoyed it. Now go be a hero and save Toontown!

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